As the World Turns

The newbies are still cranking it out.  Getting up and started is a big job.  Takes awhile, too. Yesterday was spent assembling some sort of floating rig from poly pipes to haul their runabout out of the water, a chore I am more than familiar with.

But I use logs to do that.  I dragged two long logs up the beach, attached them to run parallel and, when the tide is high enough, I pull my boat up the log ‘runners’ using a handwinch (now rusted useless).  But, I am OK. As you know, I HAVE winches!  I’ll just get another.  The ramp is a Micky Mouse affair and requires re-cobbling and fussing every time but it does the job – so far.  I really need to readdress that issue but, all in good time. I have asked for pictures of their creation…………so, we’ll see.  Maybe I convert.

B & K are at: and in the Port Neville area forty or so miles north of us.  Permission to ‘tell’ was given.  Their journal is good.  Being that far north gives them completely different seasons and a whole foreign climate compare to our area. Our climate is moderated by that big giant sea of warm water called the Gulf of Georgia or Salish Sea.  Their weather is a smidge colder. Mind you, with climate change and our own tendency to wander, we have contemplated going further out and the considered location was even further north than B&K.  Sointula seems to have some appeal especially for the fishing.

Sal went down to the boat-shed yesterday to do a little carpentry and some electrical work ahead of the arrival of some August guests.  So, I did the dishes, made dinner, tidied up.  I was gonna change into something nice and comely for dinner but it started to feel weird, ya know?  But I did greet her at the door with a glass of wine and a fetching smile. She grumped her way inside, fell heavily into a chair, gulped down the wine and described her vexing trials and tribulations at remodeling the shed.  I said, “Oh, sweetie.  It’ll be fine, I am sure.” And followed that up with more wine and more smiles.

We may need to get out more…………..

You may have noticed a waning of political rants and a dearth of disasters being reported on the blog lately.  Shingles cut into some of my thoughts, activities and work output for a long while.  It still is somewhat present and attention getting now and then.  It really took a lot more energy than I expected until I noticed the summer half over and none of the major chores progressing.  Something is going to have to change.

We may need to stay home more……………

So, using that opposing logic; we are planning to stay home til it is winter (try and get something done) and then snowbird out of here for a bit.

And that is a nice segue into revealing what the second book title is likely going to be…

“Should I Go or Should I Stay?” – answering the off the grid question.

Or something like that.  I have come to terms with the nature of this book, it is just not funny.  It is not about adventure, injury, or danger either.  It is not even too much about our new way of life.  It is, instead, a re-hash of questions and answers that every OTG’er asks themselves usually without getting any real answers.  We hope to change that a bit.

And then get this book monkey off our back.

I wanna write something different already.  And Sal, of course, just wants to quilt more. So, we have to get this puppy up and running even if it can’t run with the big dogs.  It just has to go.  We’ll likely fuss more with it til January and then, ready or not, let it out.

Well, that’s the plan but you know plans….best laid or not…..?


7 thoughts on “As the World Turns

  1. I enjoyed reading about your new friends up north. They don’t have a way to leave comments, so if they read your blog post responses, maybe they will see this. I have added it to my list of favourites to keep in touch with their progress and activities. I know what living in a 20×20 cabin is like. There’s a lot more room than it sounds if you don’t clutter. You are doing much better with your book than I am. I haven’t opened the folder of chapters for months. Maybe winter will have more down time to think about it again. I’ve never been a fast writer, it took me 13 (lucky) years to finish my dissertation. – Margy


    • Hi Margy:
      The layout for our journal page does not allow for comments to be posted, but I’ve added a link to our email at the top of the page. Please email us with comments and questions.
      Barb from Port Neville


  2. I can write fast but it may turn out ‘crap’ and, when that happens, I struggle to do a re-do. I am a one-shot blunder. Sal can sometimes fix it but sometimes not and then there is a just a 1000 sheets of 8 x 11 sitting in a box. This one has to get done and out. It just has to. It’s like your first room-mate and it is no longer working….ya know?
    Book 2 started out to be more helpful than the first one but help-books are just not fun. So, the puppy has to go.


    • Every once in a while you write about a challenge faced OTG that includes an allegory or a fable revealing the potential for ‘blood in the water.’ Not long ago a seal was hiding behind a rock as the resident pod swam by. Or Sally risking life and limb on the wind generator tower. It’s the latent precarious nature of these snap shots, these freeze frames caught in time that are compelling. Giving some local flavour.


      • Thanks. I may see if I can insert some of that………..but the main point was to answer some basic questions….still, one of them is ‘what about the dangers?’


  3. “until I noticed the summer half over “.

    This summer has been one of the worst in a while. It feels like Oct in the morning these days and I notice maple trees are changing their leaves arealy!?!?!?!
    Give me a winning lotto ticket and get me the Hell outta here!


    • The winning ticket is the one that gets you OUT. Seriously. LY got out. Your only real currency is time. Think where you are spending it.


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