Who’s the crazy one….?

Kids and spouses here.  That’s nice.  They all get along.  Sal cooks.  We talk.  Dog gets walked.  Maybe do a small chore or something.  Summer days.

The weather is pretty hot, mostly windy (thank God) but occasionally the wind drops.  It can get warm then.  We’ve hit high 80″s.  27/28C.  The local town 30 or so miles away (as the crow flies) hit record temps last week + 33C.  Hottest in 120 years.  And some cruise ship (Crystal Serenity) is catering to 481 tourists plying the Northwest Passage through a relatively new no-ice zone from Alaska to New York City.

Note to Republicans/Conservatives: I am guessing maybe climate change is real.

But here’s something whacked (and it takes an especially secure person to say something this stupid.  Or especially stupid, I suppose?).  The sun seemed higher in the sky to me – as if the earth was tilted more than usual towards it.  If that were the case, the earth is deviating from it’s axis and we are all gonna die!

Or move further north at the very least.

The sun is at it’s apogee on June 21.  I built my solar array to capture that position and made it movable from that angle to a steeper one as the sun moves lower in the sky during other seasons.  On June 21, I have the panels almost flat horizontal. December 21st, my array is significantly more vertical in it’s angle.  But I was not precise. Not overly particular.  Close was good enough.  I am NOT NASA.  I am NOT even an avid sky watcher, astronomer or even a keen weather watcher.  But, for reasons just explained, I kinda know where the sun is when it is at it’s highest (June 21) and it’s lowest (December 21).

I also know that the north side of my house roof never got direct sunshine when the southside got less.  That could never happen.

So, imagine my surprise the other day (almost two months from the apogee) when I see the Sun rising so much higher in the latitudes and subsequently arching over my house from what seemed like a higher angle simply because the north side was illuminated and the south was still in shadow!  The solar array was being hit but at an angle indicating a more northerly source.

Well, that’s just plumb loco, isn’t it?  Loco dementi?  So, seeking some support for my sudden squall of weather related dementia, I told my family what I observed. They just laughed. “Dad, you are getting crazier and crazier alla time!  Hahahahahahahah”.

This dilemma is summed up nicely in the latin phrase……’Adversus solem ne loquitor’ – literally – do not argue against the sun but meaning: do not deny the obvious!

I am obviously a nut.

So, I looked it up.  Seems melting ice is creating the earth’s axis to change.  Seems Inuit elders told NASA that the earth’s axis has changed.  Seems some ‘scientists’ are making statements to that effect, anyway.  But, if you read what they are saying, the difference is not enough to illuminate the north side of my roof.

So, apparently, I am still a nut.

And 481 tourists cruise by the previously frozen graveyards of dozens of history’s Arctic explorers while drinking Margaritas (with ice made aboard the ship) and eating bon bons.

PS: The more I read, the more proven crazy I seem to be.  All sorts of people are asking the same question on the net and they are all regarded as nut-bars by the scientists. Astronomers are ROTFLAO’ing all over the place by such stupid questions and I, of course, am embarrassed all to hell. So, mea culpa, baby.  

Still….it did seem that way…jus’ sayin’….

I’ll move on to something I know a lot more about…like, well…….hmmmmmm…..? 


7 thoughts on “Who’s the crazy one….?

  1. Interesting. I thought this summer was bass ackwards. I noticed about a month ago that trees were changing their leaves….in July….not sept…..weird.

    Now its starting to rain and the temps have dropped at least 10 degrees…..
    Summer ( all 3 weeks of it) is over.


  2. “For a long time, the belief was that the Earth’s tilt would change only insignificantly in the next century. However, recent research is suggesting that the effects of global warming—particularly the oceans—could cause a change in the Earth’s axial tilt.” Scientists from NAS reported


    • Basically, the scientists are saying ‘change, yes! Significant Change, no!’. Me? Well, I can say whatever I want and I say it’s different. But I’m a nut, it seems.


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