Where ya goin’, Billy?

So, where would you go?  Vancouver is now too much for you.  The outer burbs are not enough and the commute between them too long and irritating.  You think that it is no longer much fun in Vancouver.  You decide; “It’s time to go!”

Where would you go?

Within the last 100 years we have altered the temperature of our normal environment to the extent that we are setting records for heat, altering migration patterns of wildlife and have turned the arctic into a cruise-ship route.  Lots of things are on the move, so where would you go?

Going north ‘up’ Canada by any definition is flirting with being off the grid so maybe you not only commit to moving but you commit to moving off the grid as well?  Does seem a bit radical, don’t you think?  Or is it?  Lesser beings have done it.  You even know of a few. They weren’t special, wealthy or skilled and they are happy.  They did it.  So, it can be done.  “If Dave and Sally can do it, any doofus and dickhead can do it and I definitely qualify for that!” 

So, where would you go?

I’ve been thinking about it…….of course, the BC coast is a good place,  Been good to us. Strongly recommended.  But you have to be good with boats and such.  And we are on the firing line between the US and China.  And we are right under the faulty, unreliable ICBM missile trajectory of North Korea.  It truly is great here but we are in the right place to suffer some collateral damage should there be an armed conflict amongst those belligerents. Something to consider.  Plus, if Trump’s America prevails, there may be more than a few American migrants heading north. Could get crowded up here.

And everyone desires waterfront because Zombies can’t swim.  Jus’ sayin’………..

I think New Zealand is the best bet.  I’d consider Argentina, too.  Maybe Tasmania. Overall, I think the southern hemisphere will suffer the least.  And, it seems, all Hell could break loose in Campbell River…..what with all the ‘mericans, zombies and errant missiles.

But most people would not leave their own country.  I know that so here’s a selection of other places worth considering:  PEI,  Nova Scotia and, especially Newfoundland.  All three are beautiful and all three will be more like the Bahamas within the next few years. Build out of concrete in case the hurricanes get stronger but, other than that, if you are gonna become extinct sooner rather than later, there is no better group to go out with than Newfies.  They know how to party and have a good time in all circumstances!

To some extent, this post is tongue-in-cheek but who amongst you has not considered moving?  And who has NOT considered moving off the grid (given the topic I sometimes write about)?  And, given that the world is changing fairly drastically these days, who wouldn’t look at their options?

Where would you go?


9 thoughts on “Where ya goin’, Billy?

  1. It’s hard to imagine a place better than where you now reside. The locations you cite fall into the ‘nice to visit’ category. But vast and empty, wind-swept and barren, Patagonia seems ideal for OTG.


    • And you, Red? Where would you run to? Imagine zombies everywhere, EMT attacks, grids collapsing….there’s your bug-out buggy all prepped and ready to go. You run across the lawn, hurdle the hood of your ‘lifted’ beastie and slide into the driver’s side cranking the throaty turbo-diesel into a song and, with a quick check for wallet, ammo, AK, spectacles and testicles, you launch yourself in a hail of gravel and a mighty Hi Ho, Silver!
      North? South? East or west?
      Don’t forget Tonto.


      • No zombies here just the usual cast of the self medicating and the self delusional …are we having fun yet? According to polling this is the third best place in the world to live(environs of the Salish Sea.) Canadians willingly take the bronze at every opportunity. Too modest to think of the gold. We have the same old problem of being attached to the ideal of the perfectability of those experiencing life’s challenges. It is an ideal met with some success and will hopefully meet greater success in the future but society’s limited success in raising the capacity of all is a reflection of a society with conflicting goals not a precursor of an impending collapse.


  2. Well, I agree. This is great. But I might be biased. AND…with climate change, maybe Nfld or Tasmania gets balmy?
    Interestingly, I also hope to visit just north of Patagonia sometime. Around Mendoza. Thought I’d land in Santiago and make my way across the Andes. A burro would be a nice touch…a sombrero, maybe a sack of coffee beans….si?


  3. I had a cottage in PEI on an acre of land a few years back and when Hurricane Juan slammed into Charlottetown my place was literally in the eye of the storm…. Lost my “welcome” mat at the front door( but since Im a miserable cuss that was just God letting everyone else know).
    Anywho, the only damage. I had a 4ft x 8ft roadsign from about 3 miles away impaled in my backyard grass….And no power for about a week.
    PEI has beautiful beaches but the relentless erosion and sea rise mean in 50 -100 years it may be a memory.
    Nova Scotia has some awesome scenery and affordable properties but the weather isnt as nice as PEI
    Newfoundland has nice scenery, so so weather and moose….LOTS of moose. Careful driving at night. Usually about 5 fatalities a year from plowing into moose.
    I still plan on moving east in a few years or so a toss up between PEI (beautiful weather, beaches, etc. but the people arent very friendly) and N.S.(ok weather, great scenery, lousy beaches and Freeeeezing water).
    Nfld? Awesome people. same scenery as NS. Same freezing water…….

    My dilemma ……..


  4. Well, these two ‘mericans decided fifteen years ago to move to Coastal BC. After many years of visiting and finding our float cabin, we knew this was our forever home. My grandparents were Canadians, so I sort of feel like I’ve come home after a generation of madness in the States. Now that I’ve found home, I don’t plan on going anywhere else. We just keep making our place better and safer (or bridge to shore just got a new support log this week). I’ve been to Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. Also all of the other provinces and territories except for PEI. They all have there pluses and minuses, but my heart lives in Coastal BC. – Margy


    • Me, too. I just wonder what others are thinking…..
      The exodus from the city has picked up. I think CCs tax will prompt a few more to sell out while the selling is good, too. All VI small towns are seeing an in-migration. I doubt that many will seek remoteness but lots will go small town hunting.
      I think…..


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