You asked – part 4

I will continue to reprint Howard until the Trump Deplorables topic is exorcised. Then we will return to regular programming.  Howard is likely to do two or three more on this subject.  Maybe more.  Just be glad you didn’t get hooked on Middle East politics or some weirded out philosopher……that kind of thing is his passion.  This? This is just casual writing….

Deplorables IIIb – Birtherism and Bruce LeVell

by Howard Adelman

In mid-August in the aftermath of the Democratic election that had been so devastating to his campaign, Donald Trump did a reset and appointed the media bomb-thrower, Stephen Bannon, executive chair of Breibert News, as his campaign CEO. In 2012, a year after Barack Obama released his long form birth certificate, Breibert promoted a book claiming that Barack Obama had been born in Kenya. Breibert News was dedicated to usurping and destroying the liberal narrative that Barack Obama had so clearly articulated at the Congressional Black Congress meeting. Breibert News was rooted in blogger journalism which offered an outlet for rage against government, politicians, journalists and Democrats.

These bloggers were not bounded by norms of truth, coherence, consistency or any other recognized norm for protecting the values of truth and integrity. They form the basis for Trump expressing birthism by stating, “Many believe…Instead, conspiracy theories abounded and Breibert News promoted rage rather than reason as a foundation for politics. These people of passion rather than reason constituted the solid core and base of the Trump campaign. This explains in part why Donald Trump kept his link with the birthers and lent support to their position for more than four years after Barack Obama released his long form birth certificate on 27 April 2011 and lent his brand to the belief that Barack Obama was born in Kenya and was an illegitimate president. 23% of Republicans continued to express this view well after Obama tried to put to rest this effort at degitimation.

How can a Trump surrogate defend such blatant untruths as those constituting the birthism movement? In Trump’s version: Hillary started the birther movement. “I stopped it when I forced Obama to release his birth certificate. The people should be grateful”. How can a pencil-mustached Black apologist for Donald Trump, Bruce LeVell, an African-American Georgia businessman and Trump’s executive director of his National Diversity Coalition (NDC), deal with this flagrant violation of integrity and sensitivity? By engaging in flim flam. First the name of the organization.

The National Diversity Coalition (NDC) includes: The African American Economic Justice Organization (AAEJO), Asian Journal, The Chinese American Institute for Empowerment (CAIE), Cornerstone Church of San Diego (6,500), the Ecumenical Center for Black Church Studies at Laverne University, the Jesse Miranda Center for Hispanic Leadership at Vanguard University, The Los Angeles Latino Chamber of Commerce, MAAC Project, The National Asian American Coalition, and the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference. One only needs to read this list and wonder how such an organization that engages in advocacy on behalf of charitable service organizations and educational units in universities dealing with minority issues can have as its Executive Director a surrogate for Trump. The answer, to put it simply, as a representative of one of the above organizations in Daly City told me, is that Donald Trump stole their name.

The name of Bruce LeVell’s organization is really the National Diversity Coalition for Trump financed by the Trump campaign and consisting of a variety of individuals from different ethnic groups. It was organized in April. Bruce LeVell is the Executive Director of an organization that employs two other members of his family. While predominantly Black, the members include individual supporters for Trump from various minority communities and from all across the country: Michael Cohen, Eve Stieglitz and Michael Abramson, Jewish; Sonya Elizabeth, Arab; Narender Redy, Indian; Jo-Ann Chase, Puerto Rican; Kevin Do, Vietnamese; Rabia Kazan and Albert Sirazi, Turkish; Sajid Tarar, Muslim; Joe Perez, Cuban; Lovilla Santiago, Filipino; Dahlys Espriella, Hispanic; Chandhok Singh, Sikh; Carlos Limon, Chris Garcia, Debe Campos-Fleenor, Gloria De Mummey, Mexicans (apparently the largest number of individual members other than Blacks); Lisa Shin and Kun Kim, Korean; Quinn Nii andDavid Tian Wang,  Chinese; Zoya Conover, Russian; Francisco Semiao, Portugese; Christos Marafatsos, Greek; and Angel Boey, Bulgarian.

All, or almost all, are there in an individual capacity. Almost all were flown to Trump Tower in April to form the organization in Trump’s efforts to create a visual impression of wide, even if shallow, support among ethnic minorities in the US. Bruce LeVell is the individual face of an organization that is not a coalition of minority organizations. It is not a coalition in that sense at all. Its member are individuals, not groups. It is an organization conceived and created by Donald Trump this year by recruiting individuals from across the country who come from minority communities and support Donald Trump. As Trump has learned over the years as a crackerjack salesman, one does not need substance; one only needs the wrap and the correct brand.

LeVell told Hallie Jackson of MSNBC in an interview that the “Hillary campaign surrogates, whoever you call it, started this nasty whisper campaign. Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton started this. And unfortunately it perpetuated into this.” When Jackson stopped him and pointed out that the statement was a blatant lie, instead of defending himself when proven to be a liar, he tried deflection and referred to Obama in his Senate campaign in 2004 questioning Alan Keyes right to run in Illinois because he had not been a resident in Illinois, but had just recently moved from Maryland to take up the candidacy of Jack Ryan over a scandal. But whatever the details of that issue, it had nothing to do with birtherism. As Jackson pointed out, birtherism is not a matter of vetting a candidate.

LeVell then shifted ground again and insisted that Trump’s raising the issue of Obama’s birthplace had nothing to do with Obama’s race. When Jackson asked why Trump did not raise the issue of the birthplace of Bill Clinton or George W. Bush, LeVell went back to his starting position and insisted the colour issue came from the Clinton campaign. Finally, in that 16 September interview, LeVell committed the ultimate Trump sin, confessing ignorance and owning up to having made an error. LeVell collapsed intellectually and said that he didn’t know “what was going on when Trump was running or thought about running” for President.

Why are Trump surrogates so determined to lie and obfuscate when defending Trump against charges of racism that focus on the birther issue? The answer is that Trump Two-Two is in a very difficult corner. If he admits the birther issue was wrong, never mind even apologize for it, he would be crucified by a significant part of his core voter support. On the other hand, the birther issue is a front for racism just as the National Diversity Coalition for Trump is a front for multiculturalism. Though 23% of Trump’s supporters may be hard core racists, 53% of Republicans are soft core racists who deny race is relevant, showing in that figure alone how relevant it is. 21% of Democrats say race is no longer relevant as well. That is the group which Trump must enlist in his campaign to marry hard core and soft core racists. Trump strategists have determined that it is better to lie and bully oneself out of the corner than have to do battle on the issue of racism. The birther issue had to be abandoned, not through admission and apology let alone compensation, but by declaring victory.

It does not seem to matter that the issue has provided steam, energy and motivation to the Clinton campaign. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie might declare after Trump Two-Two’s statement that Obama was born in the US, period, that, “The birther issue is a done issue.” But you have to be suffering from mind-blindnesss to fail to recognize that, without Trump accepting responsibility, without acknowledging his leadership role in perpetuating a lie, without apologizing, and without being sensitive to the feelings of the vast majority of Black voters, the issue will not go away. Why doesn’t Trump really care?

Clinton has never explicitly branded Trump a racist. Her supporters have..

Val Deming, former Orlando police chief running for Congress in Florida: “He’s a hater. He’s a bigot and he’s racist.”

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Tex.): “We will not elect a chief bigot of the United States of America.”

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.): “Donald Trump is nothing more than a two-bit racial arsonist.”

As Bernie Sanders said in appealing to young voters, “You cannot elect a president of the United States whose campaign is based on bigotry. What they were trying to do, led by Donald Trump, was delegitimize the presidency of the first black president we’ve ever had.” Given this anger, even an apology, assuming that Trump was capable of offering one, would not suffice. Even if it were heartfelt. Even if there was some expression of a desire to make restitution. But that would give lie to his posing as the strong unapologetic leader who holds the fort at all costs.

And the reason, quite aside from Trump Two-Two’s personality and unapologetic bullying and lying, if you examine an important battleground state like Florida where Clinton is only leading Trump by 1% in one recent poll, Trump’s path to victory is not through increasing his support among minority voters. His gestures towards them are just to soften his image in the eyes of white voters. For Hillary has been bleeding white supporters with a college education to Trump so that she now only has the support of a minority of those male voters in Florida. And Trump needs to increase his support among such voters to win. A softer more presidential tone combined with his take-no-prisoners hard stance is the source of his appeal to those voters – not his policies and certainly not his integrity.

“Among Republicans and Republican leaners, 52% said the nation had made the changes needed to give blacks equal rights, while 39% said it had not. On this question, there were only modest differences in the views of white Republican college graduates (60% of whom said the nation has made needed changes) and white non-college Republicans (53%). “

Why? Because of race. Because there is some explicit and a great deal of latent racism among such voters.  That group has become increasingly enlightened towards women. So Trump’s misogyny, now suppressed, used to turn them off. But the fact that he led a birther campaign riddled with racism does not turn away a majority of them. A majority of Republican male voters believe that the country has made enough gestures towards Blacks and wish to end that period of American history. Though the proportion of non-college voters on this issue is higher, the differences are not that significant; both groups get turned off the Democratic campaign when using birthism to charge Trump with racism.

That means that if Trump is to both hold and increase his vote among this group, a real prospect, he merely needs to become a clutch boxer in the racial corner, conceding little, offering few opportunities to strike back, while not coming across as a brutal hockey player on the issue of race. So while it appears that on this issue, Trump has been cornered, it really is the Hillary Clinton Democratic campaign. For Hillary needs the racial issue to mobilize Black voters. But in using the birther issue to do so, she turns off more and more white male voters, including 23% of Democrats who want to remove racism staring in their faces. She is the one in the no-win situation.

That is because this presidential race is at heart about race. Other than LeVell and a few others like Ben Carson, Trump’s minions are overwhelmingly white, quite aside from the unrepresentative faces of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump. Though there are a number of white hosts who have taken on Trump or his surrogates, all the analysts and commentators that I have cited are Black. Further, it is they who occupy the high ground of morality and dogged adherence to truth and reason. The surrogates are defenders and users of irrationality. The old stereotypes have been inverted. Those driven by passion at the cost of reason have been overwhelmingly white. Those most upholding enlightenment values have been disproportionately Black.

So America now faces a choice, not simply in having a Black president, but in adopting liberal and enlightenment values and conceding that the leadership in this area is largely coming from the Black community. But Hillary already has them in her pocket. The Clinton campaign is stymied on how to counterpunch to win back more of these college-educated white males without alienating Black voters who she needs to mobilize to turn out and vote. That is why she, like the Republican contenders who ran against Donald Trump, have been put off their game. The Tea Party Conservatives succeeded in their purism in making the Republican Party ripe for a takeover as the party lost all disciplinary power. The Tea Party Conservatives thrived on protest and made room for the most protestant candidate of all protesting against the whole edifice of Washington built on order and institutions. The Tea Party constituted the shock troops that prepared the Republican Part for a takeover based on a strong self-interested individualist who used the defeat of the ruling whites to lead a campaign to take back the country in their name. Parochialism had to be his trump card rather than universalism. Hence the birther issue as the main initial highway to accomplishing his takeover first of the Republican Party and then of America.



8 thoughts on “You asked – part 4

    • Thanks, John, but I am just a Joe-the-plumber writer. Howard actually knows stuff. There have been times in conversation with Howard that I was completely silent for hours. It was like watching and listening to Einstein except Howard talks in ‘normal’ language so I could understand what he was saying IF I could keep up. And the only way for me to keep up was to shut up. VERY unusual behaviour for me. I still remember the first time (about thirty years ago) I said something and he stopped, thought it over and said, “Yeah, I agree with that!” It was like winning Olympic gold!
      But ‘enjoyment’? I get your point. Sometimes there is too much ‘education’ to digest and that isn’t enjoyable. I’ll get back to my personal disasters and surprises, my learning to hammer nails and glue wood type stories. I just hosted Howard because some readers THOUGHT they wanted this. They, too, may have had enough. That being said: HA is a colossal mainframe of knowledge and it is ACTUALLY much more enjoyable in conversation…because he is funny, too.


  1. I agree with ‘John’s Aghast’.
    I’ll be back when you stop when you stop republishing this Howard guy’s diatribes.
    I can’t believe that anyone would think the USA and the world would be better off with Clinton as President.


    • Well, I am not so sure that there are a lot of Hillary ‘fans’. Most people don’t like her. I don’t. But I dislike her less than I dislike Trump. I really feel ‘Mericans have given themselves too little in the way of choice. The two-party system sucks. And we, in Canada, are almost as guilty. We have three main parties and two splinter parties but we seem to choose one of the three and never mix it up to make them more ‘cooperative’ with each other. One party leader gets to hold the reins of power and the rest of them just sit there like dipsticks. Democracy works best when all the representatives from all the parties are involved. Frankly, I would ‘outlaw’ parties and everyone would have to be an independent (fat chance).
      As for Howard: you are missing the point. He is NOT touting Hillary. He is lamenting the coarse, lying, vulgar aspects of Trump and his supporters. He is lamenting the devolution of the ‘Merican voter into pro-bigot, anti-bigot. He is mourning the loss of debate, intelligence, facts, truth and logic. Howard’s main interest in life is debate, discussion and knowledge. He’s an egghead (a good egg, tho). And Trump’s gibberish is simply overwhelmingly repulsive and stupid except for a point here and there (America DOES have to get GREAT again and politicians DO have to speak their mind more openly. Prerequisite: you have to HAVE a sane mind first!). But pointing that out is NOT promoting Hillary except by default.


    • The good news is that Howard is off traveling for awhile so I will be able to report on stupid-Dave stuff. Yesterday, I squeezed my gargantuan self through a space a naked, anorexic ballerina covered in Vaseline couldn’t get through and then jumped down from a height that surprised even me (no choice). My wife clasped her hands to her bosom and exclaimed, “Oh, honey! That was so manly. I didn’t think you could do it!”
      An insult wrapped in a complement. Fem-speak.


  2. Howard is protected by the First Amendment and is entitled to his opinions on any topic except DT. Thou must not be critical of the Donald! Thus saith the know nothings. The very well informed Noam Chomsky on Trump says, “… there are some pretty stable elements of his ideology, if you can even grant him that concept. One of them is: “Climate change is not taking place.” As…[Trump]… puts it: “Forget it.” And that’s almost a death knell for the species – not tomorrow, but the decisions we take now are going to affect things in a couple of decades, and in a couple of generations it could be catastrophic.” Chomsky, an American professor get little press in the USA but his ideas are well covered around the world. Ironic isn’t it. Naomi Klein’s book “This Changes Everything” tells the truth about climate change and Donald ought to read it!


    • Politics is a hot topic. It’s why I like it. Like Howard, I have the debate gene. But John is OK. We’ve talked about lots of other stuff and he’s sane in most everything else. I like him. But I have noticed that people ‘ identify’ with a party as if it represented them. Some people do that with sports teams. Others with brand names. States. Colleges. Ford vs Chev. Some think their city is better. It’s odd but human. Truth is every party changes with time and circumstance. So do the cars and the teams. Ford has made lemons. So has Chev. And they have both made classics. Hell, even Chrysler has made a good vehicle now and again. Staying loyal to a brand regardless of the truth is stupid. But human. Staying loyal to your party – unless it is doing an excellent job representing you ,- is also stupid. Look, listen, think…..THEN vote. If you do that you will find your vote ‘swings’.


      • Noam Chomsky said in an interview, “This year’s presidential primaries, he said, were interesting — but not for any substantive reasons, pointing to Trump as a prime example.”

        “He’s a clown — literally, he could be in the circus,” Chomsky said. “He’s getting huge support from people who are angry at everything. Mostly white males. Working-class, middle-class, poor white males. And their wives and traditional families. They are furious about everything.”

        “What Trump has done was tap into a longstanding nativism within the US. Whereas past generations feared being “replaced” by Germans or Irish, the current political climate has placed Muslims and Mexican immigrants in the scapegoat role.”


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