How the heck….

….can I dry my neck if it don’t ever stop rainin’ ’round here!

More rain in October than ever before.  More rain in the first ten days of November than ever before.  Higher temperatures in those last two months than ever before. Vancouver hit Celsius 19.4 degrees the other day.  That’s 67 degrees Fahrenheit…in November!  Prince George (inland and up north) is usually under a foot of snow by now.  They hit 18.0 C.  Seems the bees in the lower mainland are confused….still going out looking for flowers…..

….so is Sal.

Trump wants to opt out of the Paris Accords and make coal great again. Some Canadians are happy because oil pumping (into the sea) is OK again. Go Keystone XL.  Go Kinder Morgan.  Christy Clark announced a gas poison producer in Howe Sound and the site C dam is steaming along like the Titanic it is.

The stock market reveals that alternative energy stocks have tanked.  Stocks of companies that make rifles and ammo have soared.  David Duke and the KKK are marching in celebration. And cities around America are hosting riots of protest against democracy…..

.…and that’s all just crazy.   

The results of the last US election were known November 9th…I am writing this on November 13th.  5 days.  Trump is not even president yet and the earth has already moved off it’s axis.  

I am sure this time.

Why?  Because attitude is everything.  If the people are ‘up’, so is the economy.  If the people are down and lacking confidence in their future, then the economy is down.  The world does NOT run on love, oil or money, it runs on mood.  We are emotional, not rational beings.  And Trump represents an attitudinal shift on the scale of a sea change.

And therein lies the point of this blog: what is our mood?  And ‘confused’ is NOT an answer you can cling to for long.    

Seriously, what is your mood?

Me?  Well, the rain is kinda getting me down………..but I am OK with NOT freezing my butt off……….so, let’s call that a ‘wash’.  Literally.  But odd weather is not good in the long run.  So, put a small check in the ‘down column’ for my mood on the weather.

And, if I was a bettin’ man, I’d be seriously looking at picking up a bunch of good alternative energy stocks cheap ’cause this climate change ain’t quittin’ anytime soon, Trump, coal or Enbridge notwithstanding.  But, I am NOT a bettin’ man so that little ray of sunshine won’t help me…, there is another tick in my down column.

I must admit that discovering that gun-maker stocks rising is a smidge unsettling but most carnage by firearms is carried out between consenting stupid adults so I am not too disturbed.  So what if Billy-Bob blows away Bubba and friends?  Just Darwin working his magic is all it really is………….so, cynically, a tick in the ‘up’ column…..

And so I go on reviewing my own mood……(the unexamined life is not worth living- Socrates) and I am strangely slightly still ‘up’ .  My cup runneth over.  My wife will still occasionally runneth to get tools and/or dinner. And the ravens and eagles still flyeth and poopeth over my head. My own runneth days are over but I am still walking and talking and thinking and writing.  Armageddon may be just over the next hill but I can’t see it yet.

So I am going to keep a happy thought…………..

………………that’s my mood and I am sticking with it….for as long as me and my medications can…..

12 thoughts on “How the heck….

  1. Yeah. The rain is pretty damn annoying.
    I’ve lived out here 35 years and dont remember a Spring, Summer, Fall with as much consistanly crappy, wet weather.
    Its REALLY annoying when my friends back East are constantly emailing me pictures of their unseasonably sunny, warm weather….bastards.
    As for climate change….You know the world has turned upside down when China announces it may have to become more involved because Trump is a “denier”…crazy.
    I think alt-energy stocks will rollercoaster along from govt subsidy to govt subsidy….but they are they way of the future.


    • Im also wondering if we’ll have a Hope -Princton type( weeks of torrential rain preceeded that little goo fest) slide or a New Zealand type earthquake to really get the mud moving……


      • We are OVERDUE for a BIG ONE!!! But they also say we have little ‘ones’ all the time. So, I dunno.
        But the Peace River dam site is always slipping and sliding and there has been no big one there…and look at the mine at Mt. Polley…. a major ‘slide’ just from human negligence. The bottom line is: UNDERSTANDING is the booby prize. The ‘prize’ is what you get. You are gonna get what you get and that’s what you get. Deal with it. And we just got Trump. We’re gonna have to deal with that, deal with an earthquake, deal with price increases, taxes, death and everything else life throws at us. Life is a shambles…….
        Having said that, I would counsel living happy in the meantime. Between disasters should be pleasant. Lots of happy makes the occasional bad medicine go down.
        Sorry……….. a few too many Prozacs this morning……


          • Thanks for that………happy news….who knew there was such a thing? I won’t ask what powers the pump nor how the C02 is captured…..don’t wanna know. If they can do it, that’s great.


  2. So much to comment on. Florida and Nevada utilities oppose clean energy on roof tops in their states. Such innovations of green energy face opposition. And increasing taxes. WTF!


    • Simple, dawg…………they WANT you dependent. Always have. Seriously….the Matrix (movie) was only hyperbole but our social structure is the same. How many people do you know that are strong, healthy, free-thinking and mostly independent? How many could last even three weeks without Save-On and piped water and drugs? How many could grow a garden, catch a fish or build a cabin? 1 out of a 100?


  3. Innovation is much needed but I fear the greed to tap the resources will over power. Lots of folks do not believe in climate change. Which is odd because as recently as 15,000 years ago many areas were under ice sheets a mile or so in thickness. Greenland in parts still is and that is melting and the oceans are rising.


  4. Why is it now “climate change”…………..Is it now not PC to say “global warming”
    I believe in climate change, but don’t know about global warming.


    • “In the Northern Hemisphere, where most of Earth’s land mass is located, the three decades from 1983 to 2012 were likely the warmest 30-year period of the last 1,400 years, according to the IPCC.”
      Climate data from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Assessment Reports.


    • JDC (from my Kobo). “I don’t know……’? Is that ‘speak’ for: I do not believe? Or “I deny…..”?
      Here’s the thing: climate change, like God, death and taxes, does not require your belief. They are. Or they are not. Opinion is not in play on this one. If you go by science…’s pretty much a proven fact but I’ll admit that science is only a truism until the next breakthrough, finding or major contrary event. So far events and science are saying the same thing. Only Rush and Sean and Donald say otherwise.
      If you go by personal observation, it is more subjective and less convincing but, for me, my observations are in sync with science and more official observations. Why not let the mass migration of millions heading north convince you…?
      I think you are saying you don’t believe climate change is man made…? But climate change and global warming is ONLY happening because of more CO2. Where do you think that stuff is coming from?


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