Bounty sustained

We’re home.  Time to refresh the larder.  A big shopping trip is due but, after the long schlep home, we decided to put it off for a week or so.  Logistics.  However, we had plenty to do to get the house back in order and so we have been pretty busy.

Our neighbour helped us re-provision somewhat by leaving his prawn traps out before he went back to the city.  “You pull ’em.  Git yerself a few prawns.  Maybe put the traps down a day before I return but I have no set plans.”  

So, we went out and pulled the traps.  Fifteen pounds!

That is our expected annual haul!  One day!  (we might have prawns once a month and use a bit extra when we have guests).  Fifteen pounds is plenty.  We spent the latter part of the day cleaning, bagging and freezing the catch.  We are now good til next year.

Just as the government can print money as they need to, Sal can bake.  Another bachelor neighbour way further north sorta hinted at a crabs-for-cheesecake trade. Sal will do that.  We’ll have fresh crab again this year.

When we go to town to replenish stocks, we’ll take the trailer and fill it it with topsoil, fertilizer, mulch and steer manure.  The garden is soon-to-be started (as soon as the snow quits).  I can see fresh salads already.  Sal sees flowers.  We are still working out the flowers-to-food planting ratio.  I want NO flowers and all food.  She wants flowers and herbs and is happy to buy lettuce and tomatoes at the store.  Talks will continue throughout the year.  One thing I am sure of: we’ll have plenty of flowers and herbs. Lettuce?  Not so sure.

Saw my doctor the other day.  She was pleased that I had lost a bit of weight.  But not pleased enough.  “Maybe you should do a bit more exercise?  Go for a nice walk?  Do you and Sally walk?”  

I showed her the chocolate cookies that Sal had baked for her.  “No.  I do not walk. Not for no reason, anyway.  I walk when I have to go somewhere.  And I’m often carrying 20 to 50 pounds when I do.  Usually uphill.  But no, I do not hike for fun. Hiking for no purpose is not fun for me.”

“Maybe you should try hiking.  It’s good for you.  Go for a nice long walk, wear headphones, listen to music.  It’s lovely.”

“If I walk two hundred feet in any one direction, I will fall into the sea.  Plus I’ll have gained and lost another hundred feet in elevation.  How ’bout we forgo the walk and I will just carry boulders up the hill when I come?”

“Really?  You’ll fall into the sea?  What about a nice park or something?  Can’t you go to a nice park somewhere and walk around it a few times?”

“No.  That would be stupid.  Boulder carrying makes more sense and, to be honest, boulder carrying makes no sense at all.  I appreciate the advice but I’m not walking around for exercise.  Ain’t gonna happen.  I will just have to lose weight the way I am doing it now. Slowly.”

“Well, I attended a conference in which they described patients like you so let me apply the lesson they taught me.  If you wanted to lose more weight how do you see yourself doing that?”

“Eat less fruit?  Carry more boulders?”

“Don’t be silly!”

“Well, I seem to get a lot of exercise when I build crap and I do need a new haul-out deck for the boat repairs…so I guess, I’ll just get on it…..?”

“But, is ‘building crap’ a sustainable exercise regime?”

“Well, I am not very good at it and so I have to rebuild the stuff again and again….so, yes, I think it is a sustainable exercise regime.”

“Good!  We have an exercise plan.  I am glad we had this little talk.  Pass the cookies.”   




10 thoughts on “Bounty sustained

  1. I like your Dr. she must have read Dr. David Agus quote “walking is the fountain of youth”. Got to put rock bolts in your cliff so you can walk over to the guest house in the small cove that will get you to flatter land. What do you think.


  2. Doctors have a mental script that addresses the ills of joe average but you are not the average bear. Doctors are often uninformed about many aspects of health and measures of health. If you were some weight pull off some insurance actuarial chart you might not be as healthy as you currently are. I know no one with capacity to do what you and Sally do.


    • Well, thanks for that, but Sal and I do not feel at all exceptional out here. Seriously, all the folks do all the stuff and some are older, some are a smidge younger and some are doing much more. We simply ‘keep up’ with our own lifestyle and add aids (levers and wheels) to assist us. My closest neighbour is some kind of Superman to my Jimmy Olsen. OK, Ned Beatty.


    • Nice to see you. We DO disagree on the political situation but not the motives or the goals, just the means. Anyway, I expect we’ll agree in 3 years and ten months. One of us will be proven wrong and we’re both big enough to admit it.


      • Dave, I agree with you but let’s hope that before three and one half years elapses some branch of government, perhaps the Supreme Court, reins in carrot top before more grave things happen in the USA that hurts a lot of people.


        • I suppose if Trump were to push the establishment and it pushed back, some good would come of that. Yin and Yang. My fear is they don’t push back but simply go along to get along. Mind you, if old carrot-top continues to entertain and play golf in Mar a Lago, not too much bad can happen? Give a pit bull a bone….


  3. Wish someone around here would make a trade for prawns and crab! I make some good sourdough bread. I go for my annual physical this month. I’m sure I’ll hear the exercise pitch. Hard to walk very far around a 40×40 foot float unless you do a gazillion laps. – Margy


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