Trump will be impeached…

….but you didn’t hear it here first.  I heard it first, of course, on the day he was elected and I have heard it almost every time I have looked deeply into a Trump subject. The latest clarion on the topic was from the author and former Secretary of Labour to three different presidents, Robert Reich.

Mind you, there are several competing reasons for impeachment and none of them are yet proven altho, on the face of it, one or two are unofficially proved in the court of common sense.

  • Trump violated his pledge to “faithfully” execute the laws and the Constitution when he accused his predecessor, President Obama, of illegally wiretapping him;  TOUGHEST IMPEACHMENT CHARGE TO PULL OFF, I think…..
  • Trump violate the Emolulent clause of the Constitution, which prohibits public officials from accepting money or gifts from foreign governments;  SHOULD BE THE EASIEST ONE TO ‘SELL’.  All ‘Mericans understand money.  
  • Trump violated the First Amendment’s freedom of religion provision by instituting a travel ban on residents of seven Muslim-majority countries; and
  • Trump violated the First Amendment’s free speech provision by calling the press the “enemy of the American people” and declining critical news outlets access to certain White House events.

Reich also asserts that if Trump colluded with the Russians – in any way – to help his election, that would constitute a fifth reason.  Already two close aides have had to resign over private ‘discussions’ with the Russians.

In my opinion, Trump should be impeached simply because of the Emoluments clause in the US Constitution that prohibits a president from profiting from the office. Or receiving gifts.  Trump is clearly doing so and, additionally, Melania launched and won a lawsuit that claimed allegations against her limited her ‘brand’s value and her ability to profit from being a ‘first lady’ (a contradiction in terms if ever there was one).

While the first lady making money over her position is not Trump, it suggests an insensitivity to the ‘visuals.’

But we are NOT talking visuals with TRUMP.  He got his ‘brand’ protected by the Chinese government a few days after he won the election. They had refused until then.  So, clearly, his presidency is now making him more profitable.  He is also making money ‘as the president’ because he insists on staying at his golf resort, Mar-a-lago, in Florida. A lot. He charges the Secret Service for staying there while they protect him.  His son’s get SS service when they open a new hotel in Vancouver!  That makes it extra profitable.

And there are other examples form golf courses to massage parlors.  Trump has his fingers in so many pies that profiting from the office is almost inevitable and unavoidable.  Think about it….advance notice decisions of the president….insider trading?  Spell it T-R-U-M-P.

But, frankly, I do not care.  Not really.  I expect nothing different.  He is a greedy, narcissistic bully and that’s what they do.  They get rich and they die like everyone else but with a large bank account….big whoop!  The point is: it is against the Constitution to do it.  100%.  No wriggle room.  See Jimmy Carter’s dilemma with his peanut farm.  That Trump ignores that rule has nothing to do with it – it’s a CONSTITUTIONAL rule and that means Congress.

That the House majority Republicans ignore it, however, is another matter.  If they choose to continue to ignore their profiteering president, wife and family, their majority in Congress means that he will never experience the ‘rule of law’ as it applies to presidents.  That makes the GOP accomplices.  That makes them complicit in a crime.  That makes them criminals, too.  So, we may not only see Trump impeached, we may see the end of the Republican Party.  It will be a major setback at the very least.

That sounds a tad mad but the Judiciary is the major check and balance in the US government and they cannot ignore the law. If they do, they are effectively ignoring their own role in government.  Somewhere along the line, this HUGE/YUGE conflict of interest will play out.

When that happens, the Republicans will throw Trump under the bus.  It’s what they do.

22 thoughts on “Trump will be impeached…

  1. A further issue is the failure to disclose his tax returns. What were his financial dealings with the Russians and others? His ties to the leaking of confidential materials which undermines the security of America. All your points are to the issue of his competency are excellent. For any of this to proceed the present psychology of the ‘ends justifys the means’ must be dispatched for the good of the country not the goals of the freedom caucus which are anathema to progress.


    • Well, it would seem that he is ‘allowed’ NOT to publish his tax returns. So, they can’t get him impeached for that. And his competency or incompetency is open to debate with Trump supporters. But his obligation to follow the law as it is written as well as to adhere to the principles of the Constitution are cast in concrete. He has to do that. He swore an oath to do that. THAT is the job.
      The Judiciary will hold him to that. I hope.
      I have long suspected that Trump has used ‘laundered’ money. When in NY a long time ago doing a real estate deal, I learned that the Mafia takes a ‘piece’ of every deal. I have no idea how true that is but my source was highly placed in the industry. So, Trump has to have dealt with them, I guess. Plus he allegedly hired illegal Polish workers for the Trump Tower project, so he is perhaps more than comfortable skirting the law. But you can’t lose money on such a sure-thing as a casino and go bankrupt so many other times and still accumulate more riches without a pretty deep set of pockets. When does the ‘house’ (casino) ever lose? When Donald Trump owns the ‘house.’ So, how does he keep getting and having money? I suspected that he was a conduit for the Russian Mafia…basically a money launderer. But, let’s be clear: I have no idea for sure. I know nothing. It just smells like that kinda thing to me. Maybe I should write for Brietbart?


  2. Your Trumpaphobia is getting tiresome. We have major problems with the liberals in Victoria. We should clean up the mess here first. That is something we have the power to do. Leave the US to take care of their own country. Oh yes, don’t forget the disaster we have for a PM. I am much more worried about the future of Canada than the country to the south. Note: I have daughters and grandchildren in both countries. I am more worried about the future of the ones living in BC.


    • You make a good point. It’s just that the guy is SUCH a trainwreck….but I agree…..I can’t keep it up for four years, anyway. But I hope THEY do.
      As for Clark’s Libs…OMG! What a horrific nightmare of almost biblical proportions. The list* just gets longer. I am very upset at what I see as a blatant bribe to seniors. Just another empty promise she doesn’t have to deliver. After we all get rich from LPG and get free hydro from the Peace River Dam, she’ll then dole out the free Metamucil and prunes and reduce the BC Med charges?!
      Interesting how all the teacher’s demands on class sizes just got met…?
      What an incredible chutzpah! What an affront to our intelligence!
      *The list: is Laila Yuile’s list of a gazillion reasons the Libs must go.


    • Just a minor quibble Premier Clark leads a coalition consisting of Conservatives who are left with no other viable choice for their vote. The Conservative party is dead provincially in BC. The last election the Conservative provincial leader drove around the province in a pick-up truck campaigning. The NDP does not seem to be a good fit either. So where to place your vote?


      • My quibble is with your quibble. I do NOT believe that Clark leads a coalition of Conservatives/Socreds. She does, however, claim the C-name. She sure as hell does not lead a coalition of small-c (the only real) conservatives. A real conservative would NOT wholesale our resources and spend like a fool on over-priced ego monuments. She leads a cabal of double-dipping, sycophantic, palm greasers who’s faces are always found slopping at the trough. They do not represent any group of citizens politically or philosophically; they are just crooks. My real quibble is with real-conservative people who are so easily fooled by someone ‘grabbing’ the name. It was pure marketing genius to grab both the Liberal and the Conservative ‘name’, however. And that was Campbell.
        The NDP are NOT a viable option. No cajones. No smarts. No plan. So disappointing in so many ways.
        I really think the populace has to ‘think’ and NOT vote by brand-name anymore. Do you think the NDP are new and democratic? Really? Do you think the Liberals are liberal and progressive? The names they all hide (and market) behind are as stupid as the Mighty Ducks or the Cubs. I would consider voting for the local Democratic Kleptocrats if I were you. They might be more honest.


        • I’d be a Prpgressive Conservative like John Diefenbacker who gave Canada, The Charter of Rights, who expanded suffersge, stood up to the USA, revitalized Western Canada by selling wheat to the People’s Republice of China and he was interested in individual rights and freedoms of all Canadians. The PC morph into the party of no and as the mean spirited party made perfect bedfellows to the BC Any One but the other guy party. The party of smear made perfect handmaidens for hoards at the gates. I’d love to vote for a principled party. I’m on the same page as you but with no one to vote for.


          • Me, too. I may be a smidge more bleeding heart but basically just want a dedicated, committed, truth-telling servant of the people with a green conscience and a tight fist on the public’s purse. No poli-babble would be enough at first.


  3. A note worth pondering: a list of the top ten socialist countries starts with the People’s Republic of China at the top and further down the list of ten is Canada. Russia does not make the top ten socialist countries list but Canada does? Canada is some sort of socialist hell worse than Putan’s Russia?


    • No. Canada is on the slope but higher up.
      But vilifying socialism is silly. The very essence of socialism is society, cooperation and the like. SOME sharing. What we (as a rule) dislike is any system that removes the rights of the individual to pursue their happiness (as enshrined in the US Constitution). Communism restricts personal choice. Socialism, by comparison, does not. Admittedly, they both seem to be portrayed as kissing cousins but they are not. That’s a misperception perpetrated by those who might be more Libertarian or Capitalist and are afraid of the ‘slope’ that Canada is on. But they are stupid. Real humanity – in any society – does not always put the individual first. Sometimes we all decide to do or give for the greater good. Some even make major sacrifices. So, in whatever political philosophy you think you live, it is a degree more or less of socialism. Am I a socialist? NOT for a system-by-law society but as a personal practice, I am (as in the Golden Rule). I would like us all to help one another and not put priority on the almighty dollar. But, by saying that, I am also advocating for personal choice. So I stand up high on that slope, too. Typical Canuck, really.


    • I will. Thanks. But you gotta cut me some slack. He’s hard NOT to watch…..c’mon, you gotta admit it? Anyway, as I told Aaron, I agree that I have to stop. Well, cut back significantly, anyway. I cut back writing about Harper, Trudeau and Clark so I can wean myself off of Trump. I am sure. At my age, they are now all like Victoria’s Secret models – all the same but you gotta look!
      But, John, you are showing your optimistic side…you keep coming back hoping I have reformed. That’s nice. I hope I do. Truly. I need something else more OTG. But, just as a parting observation, do you not think it disrespectful and narcissistic to host the Chinese President at Mar a Lago? I mean….NOT the White House….? What’s that say? The WH is NOT good enough?
      Honest question: Maybe Camp David but Mar a Lago?


      • Was it not the Japanese president? Not sure. Also, Note that Trudeau ‘lite’ only got a short visit in DC, not even Camp David. That must tell us something!


        • “I make you think I’m delicious
          With the stuff that I say
          I’m the best you can get
          Have you guessed me yet?
          I’m the slime oozing out from your TV set.”

          Kellyann said she was, “Not Inspector Gadget” or “in the job of having evidence” when quizzed on television about wiretapping claims.


          • Kellyanne Conway (KAC) is a counselor to the president close enough to remain sitting with her legs tucked up on the couch while dignitaries enter the office. She’s got status and power in the Oval Office. She DOES have the job of ‘having evidence’. Without evidence, what possible good can come from her counsel?


  4. Discredited FBI agency lays four charges against those alleged to be involved in the 2014 Yahoo hacking crime. Toronto policed arrest one of the accused yesterday.


    • Yeah. That’s good but the feelings of the Alt-right will likely remain unadressed. And they should be addressed. There is something legitimate in that bizarre movement…..It needs a light.


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