Hard to keep it (the madness) up!

Side note: COVFEVE theory: Trump can’t spell properly at the best of times. And he has no best of times.  Plus, when you use a phone to TWEET, many people use their thumbs to hit the keys.  So, imagine that the word he WANTED was ‘coverage’ – which works with the thought he might have been trying to express – and imagine that he doesn’t know how to spell it and, further, he was using his famously small thumbs rather quickly in the wee hours and look where the letters V, F and R are on the keyboard….Result: COVFEVE

What a whirlwind of recent events, eh?  In our provincial politics, Clark vows to ‘carry on’ despite Horgan and Weaver joining up.  THAT should be fun!  She’ll make a throne speech, promise the moon, free lunch, rainbow-lollies and tangerine skies for the sole purpose of blaming the ‘new’ guys for saying no to all that and ‘depriving’ the people.  It is all a waste of time, space and oxygen and will only serve to add to her litany of lies and broken promises.

Why do it?  Simple: she likes being Premier.  She likes the spotlight.  She wants to be at the podium. Clark is a cheerleader.  She’s a prom queen.  Can’t get enough photo ops.

Have I mentioned how much I hate the politics we practice?

And, speaking of that, could Trump GET any stupider?  That’s rhetorical, of course.  He gets stupider every day.  So getting stupider is inevitable.  The thing that is surprising me is that the ‘checks and balances’ haven’t made any real, concrete moves to remove that septic cyst from the oval office.  Not yet.

I mean, really? Alienating NATO, exiting the Paris Climate Accord, attacking free trade and NAFTA, fomenting madness and hate crimes domestically (make no mistake, he has) and offending all the friends-of-the-US internationally including the pope?  What does it take? Do they really need to find more Russians in the closet?  Isn’t it enough to know a train wreck when you see one?

But, let’s bring this blog back to where it really belongs: me.  Me, me, me.  And Sal of course. Me and Sal.  And the ravens.

Well, first off, we are less than 100% right now.  I have a surgically reconstructed knee from mishaps of my youth and, though it has been behaving for the last few years, I have given it a nasty turn.  So, I am somewhat hobbled.  That puts delay on the schedule. Sal, the heroic, little trouper, was gonna pick up the slack but, while doing so, wrenched her back.  So that has put even more delay onto our calendar.  And there is Soooooo much to do.

We sat down to have a talk about it and, in the process of talking, noted that we could NOT get back up.  Well, we DID get back up eventually but were also more than content to sit and talk a bit longer.  Seems our to-do list is now so out of control, that the list is not even current.  “Why not get the list over here and we’ll update it?”  “I don’t wanna get up.”

You can see the problem.

But I HAVE progressed on one front: I am NOT moving on that one front.

I mean this: I have decided NOT to move forward with the monetizing of the blog. Deciding NOT to change the format is a decision of sorts.  Ergo: progress.  Kinda.  The reason? Well, if you are curious, re-read the preamble to my posing of the question in the first place; I have problems with money and greed and all that.  And so it makes me want to avoid that crap. Monetizing is NOT avoiding, it is collaborating.  It is embracing.  So, to be true to myself, I am not going there.  The best part? I can still rant and rave about all that is wrong with ‘the system’ without feeling the least bit compromised.  That does not bode well for you, but I am happy.

Thanks to all for the support while I went through this exercise.  The deciding factor: a capitalist friend of mine who blindly believes the propaganda of Capitalism as currently practiced called me out on it.  And, he laughed and smiled while doing so. He may be wrong in placing his allegiance with the money-lovers but he knows integrity when he sees it (and when he doesn’t).  He was right.  Even thinking about selling out is embarrassing.  My only excuse: I am a sap for flattery and my young, computer friend touched my flattery button.

So, no advertising, no hyperlinks, no monetization, no selling out.  Mind you, the news is not all good.  A lot of friends and family will get penis enlargers for Christmas.

4 thoughts on “Hard to keep it (the madness) up!

  1. I hear ponytail scrunches work sometimes but I digress. Blew out my knee while playing rugby and have the scar tissue but never had surgery. Had to hobble for quite awhile but it healed. Let me metaphorically and figuratively pull on your boot straps. Keep doing what you are doing! Many are living your dream vicariously but you are literally enabling dreams for others.


    • THAT’s hilarious. Wouldn’t a brightly-coloured ponytail scrunch alter the mood?
      Thanks for that….I can’t imagine how one could keep one’s dignity wearing a scrunch…..
      And thanks for the encouragement. I will continue to continue but it would a lot easier if Sal would just hurry up and heal.
      My knee has no ligaments. They were torn and the doctor misdiagnosed and so were never repaired. Seems your body will ‘digest’ that kind of tissue if not reattached. So, I ate ’em. Then the surgeon took a hunk o’ hamstring out of the back, stretched it to the shin bone, stapled it there and then pulled it back up to the right side of the thighbone and re-stapled it again. Works. But muscles tire. Ligaments do not. After awhile working the knee gets ‘tired’ and weak. When that happens, all hell can happen. This time it did. I’ll be fine. Just takes time.


  2. Congratulations on your decision to not monetize your blog. Good to make a decision, I find, though it usually takes me forever and a day, with lots of stress in between, to finally make one of those. Decisions, I mean.
    I was toying with the idea of writing my next post about the “too many things to do” thing that always seems to happen at this time of the year. How can it be that all winter long, nothing, if not much, happens, and then suddenly, this overwhelming madness sets in, when the better (somewhat better) weather arrives, and the to-do list lengthens along with the daylight hours. It’s a freakin’ nightmare!! One of these years I am going to plant the garden in a cover crop and go foraging instead. Or something. And yes, regarding aches and pain; none of us are getting any younger or stronger as far as I can see, so my big question remains, how long can we do this? OTG living, I mean. As long as we have to I guess, because last time I checked, while housing prices everywhere else seem to be skyrocketing, our very own (according to the most recent property tax assessment) seem to be plummeting. So, at the rate we are going, we will never be able to afford to live anywhere else anyway. Not that I really want to anyway, just saying. Back to the money thing again which seems to be inevitable. I am planning to say bye-bye to the big bank; going to put my hard-earned savings in a jar somewhere out back where they will earn about the same amount of interest and where I can be sure they are not being used to support all the things I detest about the so-called civilization out there in the so-called real world. Cheers!


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