Can you hear…that?

Hah!  Knee good enough to test.  So, I am going back to work today.  On the edge of your seat, are ya?  I am excited to get back at it.

Sal-the-Intrepid tripped up and down the stream four or five times this week to sort out the water system.  It was not flowing.  But now it is.  Her chore included boating into the bay, hiking up and down the half-kilometer distance, cutting plastic pipe, attaching fittings under ice-cold water and clambering all over the hill checking for leaks and pressure.  The hike is steep and heavily overgrown.  Sal’s visiting sister, Mary, accompanied her once.  “It was an adventure!”  Sal carries a pack-sack full of tools and bits.   It’s hard work. So, she gets lots of points just for effort.  Results garners hugs and kisses and extra man-cooked-dinners (burnt, raw, weird). Mind you, her points balance reads like Bill Gate’s bank balance.  She’s got points up the wazoo.  I would have to cook and do dishes for 100 years.

My balance?  I am in the red (both types of accounts).  Oh well, one of us has to be the good guy.

Book 2 has – on the back cover – the exclamation: “Get out!  Get out now!!”  I am basically saying, “The cities are getting less and less livable all the time.  Some are positively dangerous.  Some are war-zones.  Why do it?  Why stay there?  Why live to work rather than work to live? Or, worse, have to work just to survive and barely accomplish that? Why not seek out an alternative?”

For those of you who live in Vancouver – look at Surrey.  Look at Fentanyl. Look at the cost of living. Look at the gangs.  Look at the despair.  And Vancouver is peaceful and safe compared to many.  For those of you who live in San Salvador, look through the barbed wire and barred windows of your home to the ten foot wall surrounding you.  You folks have waited too long. The rest of the world’s cities are somewhere between those two examples and they are all are too crazy for me.

If you choose NOT to look at the actual terror attacks in London, look instead at the massive and quick police response time.  Even tho one of the forces in play is the good guys, do you really want to be walking in some urban park with your kids as the police seek out and deliver a rapid fire response to knife wielding terrorists?  What if you chose to wear a colour that night that was the same as the terrorists?  What if you had a dark complexion?  What if the uniformed ‘roid-nut with the automatic rifle is just NOT that good at the job?

I was reminded of my own words (Get out!) reading about the latest London attack.  The police were yelling at the public and bystanders, “Get out!  Run like hell!”   I dunno about you, but I would be running without the need for instructions and further, I would run to the realtors the next day and put my Canary Row condo on the market with the heading, ‘OWNER MOTIVATED’.

I am not the only one who hears the deep, indistinct rumble in the background.  Am I?

13 thoughts on “Can you hear…that?

  1. Yep.
    The insanity of the traffic, the people, the prices, the noise…..I cant do it right now but……5 more years and I’m gladly done with “the best place on earth” and all its annoyances.
    Hopefully the “Big One” will wait until I’m gone before wreaking havoc on the latte sipping, politically correct crowd that must have meetings about meetings to reach a majority consensus on everything about everything.
    It accomplishes little but makes everyone feel so much better about themselves….
    God forbid you just go out and fix siomething like Sal. You need permission and permits in the big city.


    • Well, I did give her MY permission to go and fix the system……?
      Additional note: seems the armed and uniformed roids did, in fact, kill an innocent bystander. I am NOT being critical. That comes with the territory. That is a perfect example of collateral damage. I just don’t want to be one of those examples.
      Just so you know: you do not need as much money as you think you do. Jus’ sayin’………….


      • Dammit! You’re still encouraging them. Do you realize just how much money some of them have after selling their downtown redisence? Enuff to disrupt your OTG way of life, that’s for sure. When you see what they’ve got, or bring with them, will you still be satisfied with your Honda and Pathfinder?
        Are you going to get a Kelly Leitch to vet them and ensure they have your ‘community’ values? You saw how far that got her.
        By the way, do those 250 square miles include the maritime square miles or are they land based. Are you sure you’re not just lonely?


        • Once again, JA, you make a lot of sense. Maybe I should just shut up? Or start complaining about what a hell-hole it is out here? “Damn squirrels! We are not trying to protect Paris or Pittsburg. We are protecting our own backyard!“….I could go all Trumpian on ya…
          But – on a mildly contrary note – I am even MORE satisfied with my stuff when I see some nut-bar tooling around in a 60-month-payment plan, shiny gizmo that eats his life and spits out misery and depression in exchange. Honestly, the richer they are, the sillier they look to me now. Can you imagine steeping in that stinking, dangerous cauldron of excess one minute extra when you do not HAVE to? Poor saps!
          As for the population density….250 (people or square miles) is just a good visual. The shape of our OTG community is not square…more like a dog-leg. If you travel by boat up the outside of the dog leg it is likely close to 50 miles. If you go up the inside, it is likely 30 miles. The width of the leg is as narrow as five and as fat as 15. Like a stretched out leg-of-lamb shape. And that area would include the water. I think….this is just me doing a Carlos Castenada mind-flight and imagining what I might be seeing from up there. And guessing about distances.
          I don’t think my words mean much of anything, really. No one is too influenced, if at all. No one is changed. It is just me being me being pensive, being briefly observant of me – the unexamined life is not worth living – SOCRATES.
          I like Carlos:
          “The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same.”


          • Spidey…? Well, I think Clark will trot out lots of treats daring the Green/NDP to topple her. Unless they are really good and sane, the G/NDP will do the deed. If they are good and sane, they’d be stupid to do it. But she can’t remain sane for long so it will happen. Then they will take over. When they take over, they will do everything they can to ‘rule and govern’ without incurring a budget/confidence vote…and that could go on a long time. IF they need to incur such a vote, they will ensure 100% attendance, slam it through and try to carry on again without any more of those kinds of votes. Can they? Yes. Trouble is, they will need a few of those votes in the beginning to alter budgets. But, once they have a budget they can live with, not too many votes will be confidence-testing votes. And here’s the crazy thing: NOT ALL LIBERALS are corrupt. Some of them (a precious few) will be compelled to vote for good decisions especially if the main benefits are felt in their jurisdictions. I know, I know, they will turn like rats in a blink but, when it doesn’t matter or even benefits them, they will vote with the Greens/NDP. NOT ALL VOTES will be 44/43. I see a two year government skating on thin ice. And I see Clark gone by then. Only possible wrinkle: if she uses her noggin and volunteers to be Speaker, then she is in for a few extra years.


  2. Oh no you don’t! “Get out! Get out now!!” We don’t need the city crowd out here. They don’t know how to act. Can you imagine the mayhem as they endeavor to become self sufficient? Besides, they’re apt to attract the terrorists.
    Vancouver used to be a bucolic place; a hundred years ago. And then they said “Get out! Go to the colonies!” And look what happened. Vancouver.
    No, I’d rather they stay there and I’ll stay here, thank you very much.


    • I understand. And I even agree to a large extent. Certainly don’t want a crowd. Most of my neighbours want me to ‘not refer’ directly to where we are because “This is paradise, Dave. And we have it. No sharing!”
      But there is a contingent – small and eccentric – that are just like us, crazy and not addicted to the money treadmill. They’d be OK. In small numbers. Maybe. I suppose the new people could ALL be lawyers……yech! In our ‘community’ (spread over 250 square miles) there are NOT 250 people. We could easily absorb 50 more and not ever notice (well, maybe the post office would run out of post boxes). The nice thing about newbies is that they (just like I did) contribute like hell for the first few years. And, sadly, of the 250 we have sprinkled all over, 75% are 60 plus.


  3. If my water stops flowing it usually means I need a new seal in the hand pump or to send Wayne under the deck to pull up the pipe and clean the filter ball on the bottom. – Margy


    • In effect, the cleaning of the filter ball on your system is the closest description to what usually ails us. Typically, we just have to clean the leaves from the pick-up. But, because the line runs for almost a mile, trees fall, rodents chew and rocks somehow tumble down screwing us up. Plus connectors and valves freeze and crack in the winter. So Sal became the ‘lineman’ for us. She’s good. Plus, she’s limber and you have to be to climb that hill through underbrush.


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