Change in a different way….

The Kurds want independence.  So do the Catalonians in Spain.  Now the Italians up in the north want to separate.  Sheesh.

Brexit was also a form of separation.  Admittedly not in a conventional way but close.  The Brits were part of a united economic organization (the EU) and they opted out on an entirely visceral basis.  No real logic.  Just gut feel.  And they weren’t even first.  First there was Greece.  Maybe the failed EU partners of Ireland, Iceland and Portugal a few years back….now they are all called the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain) but it means the same, “We want out!’

The division in the US is, of course, mostly along party lines but, to some extent, they describe it as Red versus Blue states…’s division of some kind.  Trump rides on division and separation.  He is a divisive force in everything he says and stands for.  Doesn’t like the UN.  NAFTA.  Anything. Wants rid of foreigners.  Wants rid of NATO.  Fires his staff.  Doesn’t like his neighbours.

Then there’s North Korea.  NOT content to sit in the back row any longer, it is now asserting it’s independence in a nuclear way.  Hong Kong is trying to reassert it’s independence from totalitarian China (good luck).  And on and on it goes.  Even the Phillipines is raising it’s ugly little Duterte head as being MORE independent than ever.

Ooooohhhhh and the battle of the sexes is also heating up.  It’s like Aetna…always warm, sometimes hot.  And sometimes verging on eruption.  Feels a bit like that right now.

There are other divisions, too.  The economic haves and the have-nots.  The Black Lives Matter.  Occupy.  First Nations.  White Supremacy (an oxymoron if ever there was one).  It’s getting more divided out there folks.  Branding.  Labelling.  Prejudice.  Discrimination.  We seem more focused on what separates rather than what unites.  I dunno…..that seems to be the message I am hearing.

Sheeeeesh……even the planet is doing it.  HUGE chunk of Antartica left the building.  The Artic melting into a cool lagoon every summer.  Flooding.  Earthquakes.  Alternative energy moving out coal and oil…..

If you were not willing to ‘feel’ change as described in the last blog, maybe you SEE change in the form of ‘separatism’ as it is being manifest in the world today…?

No?  Well, that’s good.  GOOD for you!  If you feel that we are all in this together and we have to work it out as we go with respect and recognition for one another then I urge you to run for office or, at the very least, seek counselling.  That is NOT the current prevailing view, I think.  NOT in the least.

Some dickheads have even moved away!


5 thoughts on “Change in a different way….

  1. … The whole world is festering with unhappy souls
    The french hate the Germans, the Germans hate the Poles
    Italians hate Yugoslavs, South Africans hate the Dutch
    And I don’t like anybody very much!!…

    Kingston Trio, I believe.

    Isn’t going OTG a way of separating?


    • Yep. “Some dickheads have even moved away!” Me, too. No question I am part of the ‘change’ and the one I am ‘feeling’.


  2. I was shocked a few years ago when an Italian friend of mine said, ” Italy is younger than Canada…”

    It’s true. Even though they had Rome and Christians fed to lions and The Catholic Headquarters……modern Italy wasnt formed until 1871….
    And if you talk to Northern Italians….they consider Southern Italians country bumpkins….I’m sure the Sicilian Mafia doesnt help either …..
    Anywho. The Industrial north has always looked at the agricultural , sleepy south as a tax drain…….hence the seperatist mumblings.
    As for the rest of Europe and the EU?
    Give it another 1 million refugees from the middle east to really get things worked up……


    • I agree…..more change coming…people migrating, climate changing, politics turning upside down, economic power shifting to China……and much more. Much more. Someone said, “Get out! Get out NOW!!”


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