I feel compelled………….

………..to double down on my previous position regarding the current witch hunt for sexual harassment perps.  But, there is no point.  To cry ‘due process’ while the guy is being strung up from the nearest tree is to deny the reality of the situation.  Shut up, Dave!  Guys are gonna hang………..and the mob is huge and getting bigger…..

To be fair, I am not deluding myself into thinking completely INNOCENT GUYS are gonna hang.  Some of them will be guilty as charged.  Some of them will be half-as-guilty as charged and even the most innocent (criminally speaking) will still likely have been piggy a few times and so I guess they should all burn in hell.  I mean, why not?  Women have been mistreated for centuries and, if a few not-so-guilty’s have to pay for all of our sins, I say, let ’em burn.  T’is only fair, right?

So, despite the compulsion to speak up and defend the rights of the accused, I am no fool (well, not a complete fool, anyway).  I am done with talking due process to social media – a form of futility if ever there was one.  Ben Affleck touched a boob, GHW Bush prodded a bum, Dustin Hoffman made a pass…..and Weinstein may have raped a few….so what!  They are all the same!  PIGS!  BBQ them all!

And to think…………..I worried about Trump being unfair…………………

Seguay(sic) segue (not sic) nicely off to the next windmill that needs tilting at:

The Russia-American Election Collusion Scandal.  Oooooooh, ooooh, what’s NOT to like about that litany of implied, whispered and now formally accused by indictment allegations of wrong-doing by Trump and Friends. At least there are formal charges now and more supposedly pending.  That’s kinda good.  Kinda……but, really….to what end…?  Impeachment?  Not likely.  Not enough time.  Not enough will in Congress.  Not enough integrity and ethics to even make a dint in that Sargasso sea-sized swamp that is the ‘Merican government right now.  Methinks Trump goes all the way to 2020 but goes limping and tweeting like the castrated lame duck president he is the whole way.  I hope I am wrong.  I hope they have enough rope left over from Weinstein to hang the duck.



18 thoughts on “I feel compelled………….

  1. Glad you have changed the subject, though for days I have been trying to compose a sensible, and not hysterical, remark with which to comment on your last post. I am not surprised that you did not have many comments to begin with, and that in the end there were possibly none from your female readers….I am not sorry, but in my wholehearted female opinion (hard to have one of another gender as I am undeniably a female person) any form of unwanted sexual touching by anyone of anyone else, even if the body part in question is covered in cloth or some other form of armour, is a form of sexual assault. Furthermore, if the “touching” is not physical, but say mental or emotional, it is a form of sexual harassment.
    This applies to all genders by the way, not just the poor old white, male, hetero ones. Though I did hear a few violins whining off in the distance; this particular group still does have rather a lot to answer for in the history of the human race and how we have come to be who, what and where we are today. This is not meant to be a personal attack, hope you don’t take it as such, as you are one of my fave O.W.M.H. pals!
    Even if the perp is a 93 year old ex-pres, or whatever; NO means NO. Simple. Period. End of story. Dang ’em and hang ’em all, I say.


  2. Good on ya. Albeit somewhat expected. You being female and all…..independent and strong….smart…..(no, I am NOT suck-holing nor am I being patronizing). I mean that. AND you are still the ONLY ONE!!!!
    And that is what you think. I know that. I respect it. And, I even support the bulk of it. Not all. But the bulk of it, tho. And, don’t forget the original response was a defence of ‘due process’. We can go to the mats on that one (no, that was not a sexual innuendo). A mob of kangaroos does not for justice make. As for the No/No-thing….100% full agreement (almost)…but they didn’t say SAY NO. THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT. THEY DIDN”T SAY NO. NOW they are saying, “I should have said NO. But I didn’t want to risk my career”. Not good. Easy to say NO two years later.
    No means no. I get that. Even tho, I must admit that Sal said no a few times on dates we shared early. But I continued to harass and I just laid on the charm and kinda persisted…. after a few years…and the rest is 47 years of blissful history….so, in that case, no DID NOT mean no…it meant: ‘wait’.


  3. I wrote a long reply…disappeared in ether…..but the gist: good on ya. Ya spoke up. I will still argue ‘due process’ and a few other minor issues but I basically agree. I do. Mind you, Sal said no for a long time. Had to lay on the charm a lot….finally….after years…..and the result is 47 years of bliss (for me). So no ACTUALLY meant ‘wait until later’. Jus sayin’.

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  4. No means no is firmly established in Canadian legal cases and jurisprudence. Legal remedies are established in law for assaults and harassment. Lay charges if there is a case which is what occurred in the Jian Ghomeshi allegations. Gian was not convicted but he was convicted on social media. He lost his career with the CBC and his reputation. Without a conviction what legal penalties can be applied? Jian’s case was not appealed. What further remedies are there?


    • I never liked him but he was found not guilty. But was be restored? Was he made whole again? Is he still paying the price for a crime NOT committed? Is he the REAL victim? I dunno…..I never liked him publicly or privately but, face it, for an innocent man his sentence is harsh.


  5. I find it interesting that the “Weinstein” outing has started a rash of other famous people being “revealed”.
    Kevin Spacey for instance.
    Rich, famous and protected for years….now revealed for the self entitled pigs they are.
    Should have happened sooner.
    As for the male species having a monopoly on piggish, unwanted behaviour, try standing outside a bar and hail a cab at closing time when there is a “stag-ette” of Gals leaving….. drunk, loud, obnoxious and groping.
    If it were men doing the same things to women they would be arrested.
    A double standard?
    A friend of mine who is a high priced divorce lawyer with a great many nasty divorce cases under his belt…..once commented at a party.
    “Imagine if all women were physically stronger than men……
    Spousal assaults would be many times what they are now.”

    I wonder when the first rich famous female will be accused of sexual harrassment…..oh, right, men should “man up” and keep quiet about it.


  6. 60 million ‘mericans still believe in President Trump and his mission to ‘drain the swamp’. I think we will see President Trump re-elected in 2020, especially after all lthe revelations of the past several days about the Democrats.
    I you look at his record for the last nine months, it isn’t so bad. The leftie media just doesn’t let us peons know the truth.


    • Nice to see you, John. You know I disagree but so what? We’re allowed to disagree. Part of the fun. I suppose you could conceivably have maybe one small point this time. Everything is filtered. So, if Trump healed the sick, fed the poor and made the blind see again, we might not hear that from such a biased source. That could happen, I suppose. But I tend to think otherwise especially since he keeps throwing the rabble into the swamp to feed the rich alligators. The tax cuts benefit only the rich, you know. Sessions lied. Monafort lied. Trump lies all the live long day. Hard to keep the faith with liars, don’t you think?


  7. Dave! Relax a bit I can feel your high BP from here! Il be back in the area saterday but going out sunday back mid next week. Will drop in for cocktails and soothing.😊


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