Rain! Blessed rain!

Last two days have been overcast, cooler, with light rain punctuated by the odd downpour.  It has been great!  Went out on the scooter and the roads were EMPTY!  Some stores shuttered up!  It was just light rain!  But activity had ground to a halt.

At the local restaurant last night, we pulled in just as two scooters passed by with both drivers and passengers clad in fully enveloping, thin, clear plastic jumpsuits.  Only their faces could get wet.  And, at the time, it was just misting.   They had the grim hardy look of tough adventurers on their damp faces.  Even when pouring, the rain was warm.

There was no adventure there.  There was no hardy.

The whole scene reminded me of Belize one winter when we were down there.  All the local guys working the docks were wearing ski jackets and toques.  It was 20+.  Sal and I were in light shorts and sandals.  “Hey, mon!  Why you be wearing the heavy clothing, mon?” 

“It be freezing me ears off, mon.  Winter bad here now.  Get yourself some clothes on before you die of cold, whitey!”

We all know that we humans can adapt.  I remember seeing native guys in jeans and sneakers up in Whitehorse on January 3rd a few years ago.  It was -40.  But doesn’t that strike you as extreme adjustment?  The Belizean was wearing more in his winter than the Yukon native in his and the temperature difference was 60 degrees C?

Anyway…it has rained here.  It was needed.  It was refreshing.  It was wonderful.  As I write this, it is cool and misty with a light breeze.  I like it.

More Thai villa news:  Sally’s current record is 2 and 2.  Two dead.  Two rescued.

Seems there are a lot of frogs in the area and they like the pool.  They go in at night.  But they do not know it is chlorinated and, over an evening of frolicking about, they get poisoned.  When poisoned, they lose their energy and sink to the bottom of the pool.  Sal’s first task every morning is to grab the pool-scoop and rescue any frogs.  So far, she has saved two and lost two. The first dead frog was a shock but she has hardened up lately.  This morning, “Eh…ya win some, ya lose some.” 

Heart of flint.



10 thoughts on “Rain! Blessed rain!

  1. It’s a matter of what one is used to. Today we had the heavy rains of the Pineapple Express dumping over 100mm of rain on the North Shore. Momentous to some and but to others not so much.


    • That’s my point, really (if there was one), “It’s a matter of what you are used to.” Our Restless Mind in Oz is likely more used to heat than I will ever be. My ‘Merican friends are more used to ‘heavy police tactics’ and everything having a price tag. My Mexican friends don’t seem fazed by the occasional rash of murders. And, most insidious of all, most of us are accepting more and more destruction of the planet by industry. We may all die peacefully in our sleep someday – simply accidentally gassed to death.


  2. I live in a fairly cool part of Oz. Still Summers are hot and getting hotter. We hardly ever had hot and humid where I live, but that’s changing too. We put on a misting fan for the bees to try and keep them alive in the heat. When bee colonies collapse, people are going to get one helluva shock.

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  3. I’m with Island Time. Rain may be blessed, but we’ve been overly blessed. I went out to an event today at the marina on Powell Lake. They were launching one of the canoes carved over the summer. I stood next to a new Powell Riverite who was all bundled and with an umbrella. The umbrella was a dead give away she hasn’t been here very long. – Margy


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