Accidents happen

But, as far as accidents go, pouring water over your computer is one of the lesser ones available to us down here.  Old people can really SCREW UP down here.  SO MANY WAYS to choose from. This is the land of surprises and accidents. So far, we have have been lucky.  All of our surprises have been lucky or benign so far. Well, except for the keyboard drenching this morning.  That was interrupting.

Long story short: the wetted keyboard simply ran on and on placing ‘equal signs’ all in a row.  If you tried to type, the keys indicated ‘dead’ and the equal signs just went on and on.  Bummer.

So, we jumped on the scooter and presented at the local computer shop and – long story short – went home with a cheap ($15.00) Thai-based keyboard.  Well, it is QWERTY-based but every key has several Thai squiggles so it is confusing as hell.  I am still of the hunt and peck style.  I look at the keys.  Right now, I am looking at squiggles with English letters on the upper left side.  Weird.

= =+O=o=o=o=p=s=.=.=.=.=.=i=t=s= =b=a=c=k=.=.=.=.=.=.=

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