Where’s the sturm und drang?

A reader sent me an article wherein Trump was quoted as lamenting the recent loss of due process and pointing out that lives and reputations are being ruined on heresay.  The tongue-in-cheek implication from my reader was ‘do you find yourself agreeing with Trump?’

Short answer: Yes.  I am opposed to Kangaroo courts and judging-by-social media.  In that, Trump and I agree.  A minor but important observation:  I agree with a broken clock twice a day.

On the other hand, Trump went a step further and supported the alleged abuser and opined that he was likely innocent.  Declarations of innocence without due process are exactly the same as judging someone prematurely guilty.  The due process requirement cuts both ways.  Porter (the alleged wife abuser) may be guilty.  Maybe not.  File your charges, arrest the perp, do the diligence and then, and only then, bring down a verdict.  It’s NOT a complicated process.

FYI: I do not agree with Trump even twice a day as a rule  So far, this is the only time.

I have tried to stay off the Trump topic for several reasons; one, anyone who reads me likely despises Trump as I do so I am preaching to the converted.  Boring.  Secondly, the guy is in the tent peeing inwards (Roosevelt?) and so my distaste for the pig is greatly exceeded by the feelings of millions of others including the idiots that have camped out with him (Republicans).  They don’t need my advice.  Or my opinion.  In fact, few of anybody ever does.

So let’s go to someone else.

Prayut Chan-o-cha.  He is the ‘interim leader’ of the Thai government after mounting a successful coup in 2014.  PC is a military dictator who has promoted his personally drafted 12 virtues to school children and suppressed democracy and dissent in Thailand.  PC is an oppressive dictator.  He is fashioning himself after Mao.

So, raise your hands out there if any of you knew that.  Ever heard of PC?

Our waitress at the local canteen is politically knowledgeable.  In her opinion, PC is just emulating the Chinese.  “Dictatorships are becoming more common.  It’s happening all over the world.  Trump is acting like a dictator but there are too many checks and balances on his power.  But PC has none.  Neither does Xi Jinping. All the democracies are being divided.  All the dictatorships are getting stronger.  I think democracy is dead.”

So, a 26-year old Thai waitress has a strong political opinion on global politics.  Admittedly, she studied in the States for a few years but still, she is up to date and opinionated.  She can talk Syria, India, China and USA.  I did not test her regarding Canada.

“You afraid for the future of Thailand?”

“Not really.  Short term maybe.  But the Thai people are already standing up to him even though protesting is now punishable with jail terms.  That won’t stop them.  Thousands protested in Bangkok last weekend.  Thousands were likely arrested.  Or will be. Thai people will die for their freedom. We’ve done it before.”

I thought about that…..

“Not me.  I’d move for my freedom but dying seems a bit extreme, ya know?  Maybe go to Panama or Argentina.  I like New Zealand.  But give me liberty or give me death?  Not bloody likely.”



6 thoughts on “Where’s the sturm und drang?

  1. The strongman theory of ruling, presumes dictators get stuff done. A style of ruling that tears down the institutions of a country premised on the world view that ‘Joe Average’ or Jane Goodperson’ has not a clue. A ruling philosophy that keeps the majority of the people too poor to care who holds power.


  2. I agree with the waitress.
    Dictatorships are on the rise world wide.
    Putin and his sham “elections” Trump and his bullying. on and on and on.
    I noticed that another odd occurance seems to be happening world wide in elections.
    Minority, coalition govts.
    Voters everywhere are not electing the status quo. ,
    Fed up with the BS I suppose

    Interesting conversation in a Thai restaurant
    Just the fact that she would “open up” and voice her opion to a total stranger speaks volumes about freedom of speech in a country.
    Its when people stop talking politics ……………


  3. Human Rights Watch claims that under Duterte’s rule 12,000 people involved in crime have been killed. The summary roadside execution. Sometimes practised in some states for driving while black.


  4. Hi nonconfidencevote, Just wanted to let you know that our waitress is likely more courageous than most Thais. She knows speaking to farangs isn’t going to land her in trouble. We also spoke with her about a Thai teenager who recently fled Thailand because she shared an on-line British news article about the king’s son and his three marriages. Another teenager who had done the same is serving many years in prison. So, unfortunately, free speech is not alive and well in Thailand. Have a good day and enjoy saying anything you damn well please!


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