Re-wheeled and Fancy Free II — MORE PICS!

This is Sally writing:

So, to satisfy David’s clamoring readership, we went back to ‘the bridge’ to take some photos.

First we had to go through the seafood market to get there.

And wait for foot traffic to cross.

And bicycle traffic.

In the meantime I took a photo of the machinery used on both ends to raise the bridge, like a double drawbridge, for boats going farther into the harbor.

Finally the bridge is clear of people, dogs, bicycles, what have you, and David starts across.

In the photo above you can see the groove in the middle of the planks worn by bicycles and motorcycles.

This last picture is a little blurred because I had to jump out of the way at the last second!  David was coming quickly and my camera operates slowly. We sure know how to have fun.

5 thoughts on “Re-wheeled and Fancy Free II — MORE PICS!

    • Hi ROAUM! Yes, please call me Sal. David’s friends all do. My friends call me Sally. And if they’re friends of both of us it’s a crap shoot.
      Yes, you definitely want to ‘get into the groove’. If you ride off-center even a bit one of your handle bars will hit the railing and you’ll get thrown for sure.

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