I’ve strayed from my original writing roots.  I have not written much on OTG, per se.  Nothing about wood, fish, ravens, whales and small construction projects for awhile.  So, I might get back to it.  There is some interesting stuff going on.  Or, will be going on, Inshallah.  Plus I have any number of chores and projects to get through starting pretty damn soon.

So, I thought I might first offer up an index-of-sorts to measure interest.  See what piques your curiosity.

Chore #1 is ‘getting ready to go home, getting home, settling in and getting started again’.  On the face of that, ‘what’s the big deal?’

Well, it starts with contacting the barge to stop at our place BEFORE we are there to get up the fuel and such.  No biggy.  They can do it without us.

C#2: Then I have to buy some throw-away tools, get some special paints and prepare the bottom of the boat currently parked in Victoria.  That’s gonna be a chore.  Sanding and crap.  Likely in the rain.  Then getting that same boat up the coast and launched when we get there.  That’s no biggy but we have two boats that need launching and one car that needs driving so there are some logistics involved.  But – no biggy – we’ll do it.  Just two days of moving them all about rather than one is all.

C#3: Then we have to re-stock.  When we leave for any length of time, we plan on ‘running out of food’ before departure so that there is no waste.  But we never plan right and so we end up giving away a bunch of food, staples, stuff and bother.  Again – no biggy- but, when you return, you need all that stuff again and much, much more.  And it comes in the hundreds of pounds if not half-tons.  We re-stock BIG-TIME (if we can)….tho, no biggy – just work, time and logistics and money.  This time we will likely re-stock over three separate trips.  The BIG SHOP is a tiresome chore now.

But getting re-booted doesn’t end there.  Oh, no.  C#4: Being in paradise is a life of chores and projects.  They are all enjoyable and learning and requiring planning and, more to the point, materials.  I love it but it ain’t easy.  I will soon need a three-lift barge delivery on the first of April (apt timing) for deck rebuilding, bathroom completion, gardening start-up and various maintenance and systems upgrades.  Maybe two-times the barge-three-lift exercise, another one happening on May 1.

C#5: launching book 3.  That’s a process.  Fiddly work.  Goes on and on.

C#6: finishing last years projects:  We have the third boat to finish.  I can’t even think about that right now but it is on the top ten list.  Plus making the old boat #1 – Wasabi – getting running.  That will get done on another island with schlepped tools and crap.

C#7: the funicular malfunctioned before we left and so that is listed as #7 but may be given a higher priority as soon as reality sets in.

C#8.  A bit odd, I must admit but #8 is doing some earthquake bracing.  I just have a hunch about that.  The whole of the Pacific Rim has been shifting.  We may be due.  It may be silly.  It may not.  Regardless, I have some shoring up to do on the list.

C#9, 10, 11……building projects, equipment rebuilds and some infrastructure relocation.

C#12: adding three more solar panels.

C#13….through C#20…….everything from getting in the wood to getting in the garden to renovating the boat shed, from re-insulating to some added waterworks, from another wood shed to ….well, you get the point……lots to do…..where to start…..

Focus, Dave! Focus:  Step one, get home.  Get truck.  Say Hi to those we love and miss……


13 thoughts on “OTG

  1. Being gone so long makes it more difficult to return in many ways. We are usually gone no more than two weeks at a time, so we burn the extra propane to leave our fridge running. We also leave our non-perishables on the shelves ready to fill in as needed. That way we can arrive in Powell River and head straight up the lake on the same day without a big grocery stop. Another advantage is that we usually bring stuff with us from the States that has to be schlepped up the lake. Waiting to shop makes our first boat load less onerous. We are on day three here at home and don’t need to go to town for a few more days. Good thing. The States gave us both colds so we are sequestered (quarantined?) out here with our germs until we are again presentable in society. – Margy


    • Two week sojourns may make more sense. Something to consider…especially since I never want to fly again. Ever. The trouble is: two weeks and not flying means visiting Burnaby…..


  2. Ahh! The joys of Spring. Isn’t ‘Spring’ synonymous with ‘rain’? Sorta like ‘snow’ but warmer and more resistant to shovelling. Enjoy, and remember, I still owe you a cauliflower lunch.


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