Leaving…on a jet plane…..don’t think I’ll be back again..

It’s been a good trip.  ‘Cept for the flu-from-Hell to start off.  Lots of friends.  Even some family (Sal’s nephew lives in Bangkok).  All good.

Amazing, actually.  Hong Kong is incredible.  Totally mind-boggling.  They started with a bare rock and, two hundred years later, they have a city-state that is a complex hive of EVERYTHING on top of another thing  It’s like five deep of everything and soon to be ten deep in everything.  We attended top restaurants that were on the 8th floor of a building that was all restaurants!

But my view, my grasp, my interests are small.  I have tiny visions now.  Sal and I got on the MTR the other day, rode it to the end where it terminated in a clothing district and we then ferreted out a little T-shirt maker.  Tim Lau.  Tim’s pretty good.  We like him.  I can get a good 100% cotton-shirt from him, printed/embroidered with some OTG type logo and drop-shipped to a customer for about C$23.95 (depends a bit on how many XXXXXL’s the shirt is) and that means my ‘gifting’ and maybe small web-sales can be satisfied rather easily.  Tim promised to ‘source’ other products from China if we want but OTG’ers, as a rule, aren’t big shoppers.  As soon as we have some artwork, I am gonna give ol’ Tim a try with a few sample orders.

I am going to bury in this blog something nice about Trump.  Saying anything nice about Trump under most circumstances, is never required but it would seem that the old apricot dickhead was amusing and gracious at the Gridiron dinner (a media/Whitehouse tradition) and ended the evening by thanking the media for keeping Democracy vital.  I intend to crucify this guy on most every occasion but, if he warrants praise, I am forced to express it. So far, this is the only time.  I don’t expect to have to make a habit of it.

This trip had a streak of nostalgia running through it.  Re-connected with an old friend from 40 years ago (we canoed through jungle rivers in Guatemala together) …..and, of course, my great friends here in Hong Kong.  Plus the relatively new ones (the Chinese kids and now their kids).  Lots of emotions on this venture.  Lots of memories made or rekindled.  Shades of getting old….

This blog is all self indulgence.  So, I’ll keep it short.





7 thoughts on “Leaving…on a jet plane…..don’t think I’ll be back again..

  1. You’ll be back…. Sorry, I couldn’t resist that.

    Trump was probably required by some Republican swamp dweller to stick to his speech, especially as he has been so un-Republican by wacking a tariff on steel and aluminium. I’m not sure whether our steel mills export to the US, but they are certainly complaining so I guess they must. But hey, at least America will be great again (except all those American companies that rely on imported steel to flog things).

    Happy bottom cleaning.


    • Odd phrase that…’happy bottom cleaning’. I can’t really imagine that ever being likely except in weird perv-clubs in Berlin. Cleaning bottoms from the get-go is the very definition of not-being-happy – even as a new parent. Certainly my next bottom cleaning is lacking completely any promise of appeal. Still, you are more than welcome to join us. No, honestly. We’ll let you do it all…..

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  2. Well as Reflections notes Trump is putting tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum. The price of beer will go up as will the price of cars. Trump suggested today that if Canada gives concessions under NAFTA, he will remove these tariffs. Tariffs will severely damage the Canadian economy but he told a joke so props to him. He is blackmailing Canada so let’s all sing, “For he is a jolly good fellow.” One of his jokes was making him president for life. Big belly laugh. Fascism on the rise will anyone notice? He also joked about divorcing his wife. What a card. More cruelty.


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