“You can’t make this stuff up!”


The new book is out (of course. And I already announced that.  Sorry).  But it is not enough to post a blog with no more than fifty (tops) readers and expect that the ‘word’ will get out.  Ya need ‘buzz’, they say.  You have to promote it more fully somehow and we have some difficulty doing that so we basically have NOT done any trumpeting of our own horn, so to speak.

Still, the word ‘trumpeting’ works as a nice segue for this short item:

To those we have told about the book, we find that we are repeatedly saying, “Generally speaking you can’t make this *%$#@! up.  But we did!  We made up a story about Trumpian excess, bullying and tyranny involving Mexican children separated from their parents.  It WAS fiction when written.  But much to our surprise, it HAS come to pass.  IT SEEMS WE DIDN’T MAKE IT UP, HE DID!”

TRUMP and us think alike….?  I dunno……..

Still, Melania put the whole fiction thing back into play – this is truly UNBELIEVABLE – she went to visit the incarcerated Mexican children wearing a coat on which was written in large graffiti-style lettering, “I really don’t care!  Do u?”

To be fair, she didn’t wear it into the detention centre.  She just left home wearing it and traveled wearing it. The coat was not her typical $5000 designer coat.  This was from a local chain and cost $39.00.  She or someone bought it.  It was in her closet.  SHE PUT IT ON!

How does that happen?  What White House Aid let her leave the building on any psuedo first lady venture (photo ops with injured puppies, wounded soldiers, flower shows…whatever…) wearing something that telegraphs either that she really doesn’t care or that she really can’t read?

White house spokeswoman, “I really wish you people (journalists) would focus on the good work the First Lady does rather than her fashion style.”   I can honestly say that I have NEVER cared a whit about fashion on me or anyone.  BUT THIS ONE CAUGHT MY EYE.  If ever there was a time to comment on what someone was wearing, this has to be it.

Back at the ranch, we are beat.  People, chores, volunteer work, family visits, socializing, replenishing stores, cleaning up, prepping for the next group…it’s one long, madcap whirlwind when you include naps and wine drinking as well.  Sheesh.

On other political fronts Doug-the-frump Ford is cancelling electric car subsidies, promising cheap beer and gas (doesn’t that combination kinda say it all?) and is on the phone to the Donald to see what other Luddite thinking he can employ, Notley has gone all quiet on the western oil front but she and Trudeau are still 100% behind pumping tar into the Gulf of Georgia while, at the same time Trudeau is up the BC coast (without a paddle) announcing ocean protection plans for the North coast.  Is it just me?  Or are there some very basic contradictions there?

We are all in for a summer respite now, tho.  The legislature and parliament are closing their doors for the season.  We won’t hear a lot of major-crazy for awhile now except from Trump.  Or his new BFFs, Kim, Erdogan, Duterte and Putin just to name a few.  His new ‘enemies’ are May, Macron, Trudeau and Abe, just to name a few.

Anger your friends, suck-hole to your enemies and polarize your family, friends and neighbours.  And people thought the flipping of the magnetic poles was hard to believe.



26 thoughts on ““You can’t make this stuff up!”

  1. The Summer.
    A politicians favorite time. Recess, …. media is sleepy, not much going on until….. a man bites a dog……and then the media will start circling like vultures over road kill.
    Because…..its the Summer and there’s nothing else to report…..

    What political “roadkill” will show up first?
    BC ?

    (Trump is in a league of his own until they take his Tweeting away from him)


    • I have yet to see any real Trump resistance…..from anyone but John McCain. To his mealy mouthed credit, our dewy-eyed drama queen has, at least, mouthed the words, “We will not be pushed around”. NOT loudly. NOT directly. NOT leadership. NOT great. But, at least not ‘yes, sir, yes sir, three bags full’. I’ll give him that.
      What I want to hear from Trudeau is, “Emperor Trump has no clothes. And, frankly speaking, he has no balls. And I can’t see Mexico lending him any cajones any time soon. If that orange clown wants a fight, we’ll give him one. Bring it on. If we stand alone or if we stand with the G6, it makes no difference. We are standing up to this imbecile. We are not with Trump, we are against Trump. He can eat sh** and die. Like Melania said, “I don’t really care, do u?”

      Will that work out for us?

      Doing the right thing ALWAYS works out but there may be a little hardship to endure in the meantime. Bullies are not pussies, after all.

      I really don’t care about the hardship. I really don’t care what Trump does. Do u? Put another way: stand up now or stand up later. It’s always that way. You really have no choice except in the timing. I would choose now.


      • I dont think Canada wants to go “toe to toe” in a full blown trade war with Dotard Trump.
        Our economy is already starting to spiral due to real estate slow down and all the associated industries that are connected to THAT house of cards.
        No. Patience. Trumps been in power for 500 days and he has about 500 more before the next Presidential election.
        Not to mention mid term election this Fall and is the Democrats get the House and the Senate…….Ooooooo Baby….can you say endless Special Investigations to impeach El Presidente?

        His next two years wont be as easy as the first two……and lets not forget he’s in his 70’s and the White House goes 24/7…..most Presidents age 10 years in a 4 year term.
        He’s already showing signs on mental instability…..lets see what impeachment proceedings do to his deMEANor.
        Personally, I think he’s going to have a “jammer” screaming at some reporter for a minor question about his tweets.


      • You are right, of course. Patience is more than a virtue in this case, it’s a strategy and likely the best one. It’s just that I empathize with Robt. DeNiro. I’d like to punch Trump in the face. I’d like to take out the weasels that are McConnell and Sessions, too. To be honest, I think I’d have no hesitation coaching Sal on Huckabee Sanders, too. Not that she’d need it.


  2. The next federal election will be run on whether big polluters get a free pass from carbon pricing. So far the Conservative Party of Canada has no plan reign in big polluters. The Conservative arguement for promoting pollution is that the People’s Republic pollutes therefore why can’t Canada pollute too. A common infantile arguement from a group of climate denigraters.


    • Conservative party thinking is FORD thinking, “More beer! Cheaper gas! Cancel solar! More pipelines! Burn coal! Lock em up! Let’s get RE tarded!”


      • Sadly, the “me first” voters react positively to idiotic promises made by sociopaths running for office.
        Lets change the rules for Prime Ministers to be payed 1 dollar per year, one 5 year term limit, 1 foriegn trip per year(choose wisely) and the budget must balance every year…….
        Thats all I want .
        An honest, hard working leader that isnt in the “game” for fame or profit.
        Selfie Trudeau, Doug Ford, Trump….


      • Lets change the rules, find the best candidate to lead Canada by using solid proven methods and sequester him/her into power with the promise to let them out of office after 4 years if they have done a good job


  3. Maybe the reason you maybe have fifty? readers is that many don’t like all the ‘non off the grid’ trash you continue to spew. Civilized debate by parties of differing views is good until one of them degrades himself by swearing and speaking in scatiological ways.
    I follow several other blogs where the authors present their points of view that may differ from mine, but the comments and debate are intelligent and thought provoking.
    As it stands now, I will not be checking in to ‘off the grid’. My online time can be spent more productively.


    • Sorry to see you go, John. You were fun. Come back anytime. So it was the criticizing Melania’s coat that tipped you over the edge, eh? Man, you REALLY CAN’T make this stuff up. Still, you are right, I suppose…..there are nicer writers out there more polite and balanced than I am. I am NOT trying for middle ground with Trump. I think that would be an error. Evil is evil. Maybe write if you change your mind?


      • Sorry us commenters couldnt measure up to your exacting standards Albertan John.
        Please educate us on the “trash” you find so offensive….or dont.
        Go back to your pro Trump cocoon somewhere in Alberta.
        I’m sure you’ll be much happier “nesting” with people that think like you.
        Trump is the most divisive, dangerous demogog the world has ever seen outside of possibly dictators and fascists from WWII.
        He is an embarrassment to his office, his country and the democratic process.
        His suprise victory was desperate, disgusted voter repudiation of the corrupt lobbyist led politicians infesting every level of democratic govt everywhere. Nothing more.
        He has squandered every opportunity to actually make change for the better in American politics by being a nasty, venal, vindictive, petulant , child.
        The mid term elections this Fall will be the true test of Mr Trump.
        Either way, I suspect by the way he talks, acts and tweets ….he has no intention of running for a second term( if he isnt hounded out before his first term is over).
        Unfortunately the Vice President is even loonier than Trump with his fantasies of armageddon and “End of Days” religious zeal….yeah, lets give HIM the nuclear codes…….idiots all that have squandered possibly the only chance this century to enact real change in govt and the way it is run.
        Trump is a wrecking ball smashing the good with the bad
        One can only hope his adult children will be able to visit him in prison every day because they’ll be sharing a cellblock with him.
        Either way.
        Dont let the door hit you on the way out.


  4. The trip up from Central America though Mexico with little children is describe as “A walk in the park” by the POTUS. The apprehended children have been flown to sites all over the USA. These sites are essentially ‘dark sites’ with no media access. Cry the little children.


    • And all that in aid of what, exactly? Getting rid of MS-13? How does restricting cheap, docile labour make America Great or safe again? Trumps Oxycontin making friends in the billionaires club gonna quit selling addictive drugs cheap?Melania gonna clean her own bathroom? Paul Manafirt gonna invest big in the heartland?
      The best thing Trump could do to make America Great again is resign.


  5. Scatalogical? Swearing? The blog is innocent of that accusation, Mr Alberta. Unless, if course, you count exclamation marks?


  6. ‘’The means justifies the ends,” as the POTUS claims as he cracks down and incarcerates children. They are vermin according to Trump. Dehumanizations leads to enhanced victimization of innocents. Including an infant 18 moths of age.


  7. What an absolute, total nincompoop. He has it backwards, like his hair, his brain and his humanity. The quote is, “the end justifies the means”.
    OMG! POTUS is an idiot!


    • That is one version, to be sure but, as it was quoted, it was backwards. The means can’t justify the end but the end CAN justify the means.


  8. You keep up with US politics and news than I do. And it will only get worse. We had to take our satellite dish down to remover our shore structures. Don’t know how long it will take to get a pole installed that starts below the water line. And even then we don’t know if any potential inspectors will let it stay. Now we have to come to town to do any real Internet because our cell coverage is so marginal. But I’m still out here checking in when I can. – Margy


    • I know how I would deal with that…..I’d wait til the bureaucrats were gone and put it back up. If they ever came back, I’d say, “We need it for safety reasons. We live remote on a legally leased site and can’t be without communication. Please charge me. Please arrest me. I want to go to court and fight it on safety reasons. If I win, everyone will have access to what they need. Either that or leave me be.”


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