Duh, duh, doofus………or collector’s item?

Doofus!  That is us.  We are stupid.  We wrote the book, pored over it and read it so many times looking for typos and errors, I almost memorized it.  Sal being the editor read it three times more than I did.  THEN we published.

A friend called a few days later to comment: “I like it.  Would make a good screenplay.  By the way, read page 169 and 170 again.  And, congratulations.”

I immediately went to page 169 and read.  It was fine.  I then went to page 170 and, lo and behold!  Page 170 was a total REPEAT of page 169!!!  We had inadvertently repeated about five or so paragraphs.

How is that possible?  I read it.  Sal read it.  Beta readers read it.  The printer didn’t read it but sent a proof and we read that, found a few errors and they fixed them and sent another proof.  We read that, too.  AND signed off on it.  (For the record: the beta reader version DID NOT have it, we somehow added it after they were so engaged.  They are blameless.)

Page 169…….twice……OMG, what doofuses!

“Sal!  YOU screwed up!”  Sal looked at the offending section, “How is that possible and YOU SCREWED UP, TOO!”  We each thought for a nano second how we could put more blame on the other, immediately saw the futility of that and so then focused on the money.   “I think we are out $1500.  That’s a bit harsh but we can’t use the 200 copies we got printed.  Not now!  Aaaaargh!!!!”  (we handle these things so well, don’t you think?) 

“Hmmmmm….let me think……hmmmmmmm, maybe……”

Sal came up with a solution:  Included with the first 200 misprinted books will be a slip of paper tucked in at page 169 and addressed to: DEAR READER,

‘Postage stamps printed and coins minted with errors can be worth immense amounts of money to collectors.  According to The Independent, five hundred hardback copies of the first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone contain a rare error – just a typo – and those books can fetch as much as $26,000 at auction.

We inadvertently repeated a whole page of text in this book on pages 169 and 170. We fully expect that this glaring error will make your first edition extremely valuable’.

David and Sally

So: LIMITED EDITION!!  Get ’em while they’re hot!  Rare investment opportunity!  

Marketing, eh?

13 thoughts on “Duh, duh, doofus………or collector’s item?

  1. Happens all the time. That’s how collectors will know it is a collector’s item. The true first edition will have a duplicate pages. Do not destroy.


  2. Put me down for one, …. 100 years from now people will gasp in delight at the historical significance of David and Sals first (but not last) foray into fiction…….1st edition …. and with typos no less……


    • Pagios. Paragraphos……the equivalent of a hundred typos. We don’t screw up by half, Sal and I. We make a statement!
      Having said that, every person so far has demanded the additional slip of paper citing the need for ‘collectors criteria.’
      Coming to an overpriced hell hole near you in September. Want me to bring you one?


  3. Editing and self publishing nightmares. We had a book where a two letter combination was replaced by the printer with a different single letter. I can’t remember the details other than that. We didn’t give the proof copy a close enough read and approved the book for publishing. Like you, a reader immediately caught the error. And like you, we couldn’t get a refund even though it was the printer’s machine that caused the problem. Oh well, live and learn. I’m sure you book will become a hit. – Margy


    • Thanks, ML, but I am NOT SO SURE it will…….I mean; we are chuffed. Wrote a book, had fun and it has it’s moments in the reading. That’s all good. But the magic (if there is any) in that book is that we accidentally anticipated all that has happened since we wrote it six months ago. Our book is no longer fiction! In Portland yesterday, the extreme right-wingers, wearing masks clashed with the anti-fascists in what they are calling a riot. We had Jefferson Staters in our book – a real also-right wing group – acting that same way. AND WE PICKED OREGON!!! It’s NOT a great book but I think it is a good read……..kinda odd endorsement. But WITHOUT AMAZON REVIEWS, it will flounder, dormant on the shelves, a dead Polly.
      Put more succinctly: I am on pins and needles…..


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