Interesting dilemma…..a first world problem

As regular readers know, we often go away in the winter.  Not long.  Two months, tops.  Try to get outa Dodge for the bleakest time….January, February.  Once in a while we just stay put.  It’s OK. Not great.  But OK.  Mostly.  But, by February you really NEED some sun and so inevitably we commit to ‘not staying‘ the next year when we feel that way.


‘Course after traveling for the next two winters and all that that entails (passports, insurance, expense, airports, etc), we usually pledge to ‘try again stayin’ at home the next year and so our pattern has become two or three away, one stay…….two away…one more stay….

…..kinda wishy washy.  We don’t really know WHAT we want……(poor babies)

But travel has become worse as everyone knows.  Or, maybe I have gotten worse.  Whatever.  The airports are a horror show and the cost of it all is increasing as is the risk, the paperwork, medical insurance goes up as I get older and blah, blah, blah…

So, this year I’m back to contemplating sticking in the mud.  “I don’t think I want to travel this winter, Sal.  Lost the bug.  Lost my patience for it all.  Waddya say to staying home this year?”

“I’ll go buggy.  OK, buggie-ER.  Unless I can get in a lot of quilting……entertain….shop frequently….maybe if you move into the workshop….maybe it could work.”

“OK.  But let’s not fly, OK?  I am real sick of flying……”

Fine.  So, we drive to Arizona then?”

“That’s MAGA central.  I dunno…. I mean, the people are generally OK and all that but…..geez…I kinda feel like never going to the USA ever again, ya know?  Kinda..  I mean, that’s crazy, right?  But I wanna write off the whole country.  It is now too expensive.  A bit too violent at times.  Pretty bloody police-state-like, has a polarized population and a few too many government horror stores don’t you think?  I just think we should avoid the whole damn place for awhile.  And other friends are saying the same thing.”

“OK.  No flying.  Flying is out.  NO USA.  USA is out.  Where are you suggesting for next January, Nunavut?”

“Well, that’s an option but not if sunshine, warmth and beaches are on the agenda.  You are gonna have to get more creative.”

“Sail to Hawaii?”

“Now you’re talking!  But open ocean sailing isn’t our thing anymore and doing it across the Pacific in the winter is not advised for the sane or the elderly.”

“It’s a dilemma, alright.  What are we gonna do?  Quilting or Arizona?  You sleeping in the workshop on in a cheap hotel in Peru?  I’d love entertaining all through the winter if you’ll do all the prep, the drinks and the dishes.”

“You’re good at narrowing the options.  I’ll give you that.”

Guatemala 1970’s


12 thoughts on “Interesting dilemma…..a first world problem

    • Mexico kinda works but, but, but it’s a failed state falling still. The country ain’t safe. To be fair, it’s never been safe but then again, I was more dangerous then myself. But today, I am simply not a danger to anyone but myself and the number of criminals has increased. Exponentially. So, despite tourists generally faring better, Mexico is out as a rough camping, go-anywhere, live like a local vacation spot. And, if I’m flying, I may as well go to Argentina, know waddya mean?


  1. I couldn’t get my comment to work sorry.

    But I agree. I am not going to the states! At the end of the day the introvert wins and I stay home……




    • I suppose a cruise is inevitable. I was kinda hoping to be in my 80’s but… should have an open mind. Or be sufficiently demented, I guess. The latter looming more likely. Hmmmmm Charlie and Nancy on a cruise…..? Could work out great!


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