Attitude is everything

A summer cold conceived in Hell has befallen me.  I’m a drooling, leaking, coughing idiot – and still with a list of chores to challenge the Army Corps of Engineers.  And, of course, I blame Sal for this ridiculous circumstance.  She contracted the cold and then, drawn to my alluring charms, kissed me full on the lips and the die (both meanings of the word) was cast. Our current mucous levels are like the forest fire danger board – EXTREME.

“So, waddya wanna do today?  We’ve accomplished next-to-nothing this past week.  We gotta get on it.”

“Whatever, sweetie.  Whatever you want, I’m in.  Just don’t count on me being quick.  Don’t count on me for long.  And don’t count on me thinking, either.  I can’t seem to focus well.”

“Well, that leaves out plumbing.  Right now, plumbing seems like brain surgery.  Let’s just drag logs to the storage rack.  Like oxen.”

“Sounds good.”

I mention that because Sal has always maintained that ‘attitude is everything’.  She truly has the best attitude of anyone I know.  And I have always preached ‘moderation in all things’.  Log hauling today is the result of those values.

According to a book I read decades ago, we all remember only one clear thing our parents ever taught us.  Since I didn’t recall anything, I made up, ‘moderation in all things’ and repeated that phrase a lot to my kids.

They don’t seem to recall.

Turns out, they do remember a few things and most of them are not what I intended.  “I remember you used to pay us a dime for every dead mosquito we brought you!”  Oh well, Sal’s mantra helps with all that.

Actually I do remember my father giving me ‘street-fighting’ advice that paid off handsomely.  “If you find yourself in a situation that feels threatening and ugly and is looking like it may come down to a fight, it already is one.  Know that early and you have a chance.” 

That advice was repeated in marine terms in the books I read on sailing, “If you are thinking about putting a reef in the main, if the idea that the wind might be too much crosses your mind, you are already a few minutes late.  Get on it!”

I know those are just musings but, except for politics, I got nothing. Been laid low by germs, don’t you know?

But here’s something: There is a book review organization in the USA.  They seem to aim for the ‘senior’ market.  Sal wrote them and suggested they review our book.  Initially, they liked the idea.  But, when they understood that the book had two Canadians and some Mexicans running from Trump’s immigration policies, they backed away.  “We don’t want to recommend partisan books.”

It’s their call, of course.  They can do as they please.  But we kept MAGA TRUMP crap to a minimum and, basically, made ‘bad mindset and prejudice’ the villain.  Our most-liked character was a Trump voter.  Our really bad guys were REAL criminals.  But, they judged the book by it’s cover and chose to ‘play it safe’.

Seems one of the first casualties of war is truth.  A second is ‘free speech’ and a third is ‘hiding and being in fear and denial’.  I want to write back to her and say, “If you think your freedom to speak your mind is threatened, if you are afraid to say what you want, if you fear the neighbours beside you, you have already begun an internal civil war and you are already losing!” 

Not exactly a successful marketing technique.


3 thoughts on “Attitude is everything

  1. The forth maxim must be: do not countenance behaviour in an individual that you would never countenance in any other individual. The Trump mulligan.


    • I know. Trumpism is insidious. It just seems kinda crazy, kinda nutty, almost comedic, definitely insane but, in many ways, shallow, temporary and toothless. But it’s not. His hatred is having an effect. His bullying is cowing many. His divisiveness is actually disrupting everyday life. Even people in Canada are watching their words when there are ‘mericans within earshot. That’s crazy!
      Thanks for reading it.

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