Happy New Year!

PUTIN is coming to a neighbourhood near you! 

Seems Vlad feels emboldened enough to attempt to re-establish military bases in Cuba.  Great!  I assume Trump’s diplomacy is working out as planned (by Vlad).  His friends want to be nearer to Mar-a-Lago.  Easier to ‘drop in’.  They’ll have a blast!

Maybe an A-blast.

No, but SERIOUSLY folks, Happy New Year.  What?  Me worry?  No way.  I don’t worry.  Why should I?  I’m cursed with a terminal condition that has no real place in the modern world.  I know that.  Worse, I have complications derived therefrom.  I suffer from chronic common sense and suffer expectations of logic and reason.  Trust me…it’s a somewhat rare combination and it inevitably leads to a frustrating existence and ends in death after 7 or 8 decades.

But do not weep for me.  My case is mild.  I have almost enough stupidity to get by, almost enough dull to plod along without bleating and absolutely no power with which to inflict my condition on others.  Save for you, of course…my seven faithful readers.  Poor babies! God bless you, tho.  Bad news: you are likely also so inflicted.  Do you expect goodness, logic, reason and the environment to prevail?  If so, take two bottles of scotch and call no one the next morning.  You are doomed!

Here we go…..

A young woman recently pressed charges against her rapist and he is going to jail.  And, rightly so.  Seems she drank herself black in the face (a weekly routine in her group) and went back to a party house where everyone slept higgledy-piggledy wherever they fell over.  Our boy, drunk-as-a-lord, did the same.  He ended up beside her, like others in the house were beside others.  But he had enough testosterone to victimize her.  She woke up half way and protested but then blacked out again.  The next morning she went to the hospital and secured the evidence.

Good on her!  She should do that.  I am, so far, on her side.

But logic and reason, common sense and personal responsibility are left wondering….“What was she thinking?  Drink to pass out and then go to an orgy house?” 

Back up a bit, Dave! ….drink to pass out on a regular basis?  REPEATEDLY DO THAT AND PLAN TO GO BACK  EACH TIME TO AN ORGY HOUSE!? 

ALL ugly.  IN so many ways.  But the guy is still the evil-doer and WRONG, wrong, wrong.  Go-to-jail wrong.

But, really..?..drink to pass out at an orgy house and then wonder why something bad happened?  I dunno……

Scott Peck in his book,  PEOPLE OF THE LIE, wrote that evil fills the vacuum left by unconsciousness.  We ‘get’ unconscious and then evil slips in.  Or, put another way, you have to remain conscious to keep evil at bay.  In other words again: if you check out of your responsibility, evil will step up.

“Dave!  You nuts?  What the hell are you talking about?” 

I use the two incidents above to illustrate a point – Scott Peck’s point.  It’s obviously a dangerous world.  There ARE dangers we all live with.  We live in darkness and in light.  Yin and yang.

And Trump is an UNCONSCIOUS president.  Stupid.  Unthinking.  He may BE evil but let us just leave the observation at him being incredibly stupid.  AND SO ARE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE for allowing him to preside!  So…there is a VOID……

Trump’s behaviour emboldened Putin.  Maybe even ENABLED him….. IT WAS HIS behaviour that invited Putin back into Cuba.  No good can come from that.  NO GOOD at all.

Our gal ‘Laura’ (name inaccurate to protect her stupidity) did the same.  And she was invaded.  No good came from that.  We are seeing a ‘dumbing down’ incident on both a macro and micro scale here.

Mind you, our bad boy was convicted and will go to jail.  He was drunk too, but that was NO defense.  She was drunk and that was HER defense!  In the case of WW3, there will be no judge to ‘determine’ right or wrong.  History will write that story.  But the cause of both violations is the same: unconsciousness will result in great evil.


19 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Had not heard of a new Russian base being proposed for Cuba. Sounds like a Black Flag operation. Not sure what Russia would do in this new hypothetical Cuban base. It is worth remembering that the Americans continue to have a base at Guantanamo Cuba where America houses its political prisoners. Does Russia need more places to house its political prisoners? Isn’t their system of gulags in Siberia sufficient? On your other topic of choosing to be in the ‘wrong place at wrong time’…enough said. Canadian Justice Thomas R. Berger’s findings in a Royal Commission on the various types of abuse cites poverty and alcohol as just two of many contributing factors. How much has changed since Justice Berger wrote this in the early 1970s?


    • Black flag operation,??? cannot find those first two words used together in a google search,
      communism has been abandoned everywhere these days, this demonizing of Cuba is sickening.
      For you and your six other followers, I regret to advise that at both junior hockey tournament games I attended, they brought out so called armed force brass with their fruit salad chest décor, aren’t we great, carrying on in this idiotic fashion. Pretty well every one stood in ovation, really the only thing I do not like about this city is the defense BS and the qazillion dollars given to employ the feeble minded, that now seem to consider warriorism a virtue, lol did someone say it is 2019?? we are cooked anyway you look at it.


      • False/black flag operations are rife in history. Plenty to find. The burning down of the German Parliament is one of the best examples. Gulf of Tonkin incident in Vietnam? Some say ‘Pear Harbour’. Many, many say 911. The list is extensive. All self-inflicted wounds so that a country can ‘go to war’ with cause.
        Aldo, it is NOT as bad as that. IT IS REALLY BAD but not THAT bad. There are caves to hide in. There are cabins in the bush. You can run and you can hide. Think Cave-chickens.


  2. Newsweek spins a story in mid November, 2018 about the return of the Cold War. Did the Cold War ever end? China builds airbases on coral islands in the Pacific, Putin protects his naval bases in Syria and on the disputed Crimean peninsula. A Canadian submarine is part of a blockade of shipping to prevent embargoed materials going to North Korea. Canadian troops are in Mall. NATO is in the Middle East. The Cold War never ended. False Flag stories spin.


  3. If WWIII breaks out,it’s all for the good of human being, we all get wipe out, which in a sense is a good thing. So that civilization can start over again, and the earth end up a better place for all living things.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all.


      • Well Dave, I admire you and Sal and all the brave souls who is currently living this lifestyle. I often fantasize myself doing the same. The thing is, I don’t think I can do it alone so the critical part is convincing my partner to join me. I am working on it, just like you did ten years ago. First step might be bringing her to Read for a taste of what is all about.


    • Well, you know the answer to that….so make it happen. But first believe me when I say we were not ‘brave souls’. We were a bit adventuresome (maybe) but bravery was never a requirement. It was occasionally ‘called upon’ when we found ourselves in unexpected situations but it is NOT a requirement. Curiosity is, tho. Learning is. An independence ‘attitude’, if NOT independent abilities is a need, too. Attitude is everything. Tools are also essential (it is amazing what the RIGHT tool can do). And, the older you are, the more money you need.
      How much? A 55 year old couple, debt free with some semi-marketable skills or revenue source (there is NO market out here) that can make a $10,000 – 15,000 bill every year or so, can ‘do this thing’ for well under $500K as a nest egg. You gotta buy land. You gotta buy tools. You need a hardware store of materials. You gotta hire a tiny bit of labour and you gotta ‘live’ while you build (think 3 years). And then? Well, you have a place worth at least $300-400,000 and so, if you don’t like it, you sell and consider the lost $100K living expenses or the cost of a three year adventure. Life goes on.


  4. As a means of social control the Roman Empire of some 2000 years ago provided ‘bread and circuses,’ but this failed to deal with the major problem of inequality rampant in Rome. In modern times inequality remains a dire issue. Ignorance and poverty are one of the prime issues of today. The Romans had an emperor who allegedly ‘fiddled while Rome burned.’ We have elected officials who think that building a wall will some how inoculate the nation from the have nots.


    • Agreed. I have a deep respect for the late Rafe Mair who first pointed out ‘beware the experts’ and, by extension, ‘do not trust the so-called leaders’. I sure as hell don’t trust those who are so privileged, rich, connected and corporate to do right by the general population. THEY should NOT be the elected ones! They DO NOT have a clue what it is like to live paycheque-to-paycheque, live under the burden of debt, the daily pressures of living only to exist and NOT have good prospects let alone dealing with addiction, crime-ridden neighbourhoods and chronic depression.
      Don’t get me wrong: I am NOT suggesting an indebted drug addict is a better applicant for high office but an educated working class hero who has kept the ship afloat (honestly and morally) for his or her family for thirty years DEFINITELY IS. NO question.
      More bluntly put: inequality is the problem and the privileged elite is not the path to solution. In fact, it SEEMS that becoming part of the privileged elite creates social, environmental or moral crisis.


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