Between acts….

Hauled Sal’s non-running boat today.  Out of the water, up the marine ways and onto the lower deck.  Removed engine.  Hauled that little sucker further up the hill to the shop.  Sal’s adamant, “We can do this thing!  I do not want to take it into some dishonest mechanic and pay $1,000 for them to blow out the carburetor or something.  We have fuel.  We have spark.  We have at least half a brain between us (?) and a shop full of tools.  We can do this!” 

“OK.  I’m in.  Can you carry it to the shop?”

“No!  And don’t be a smart-alec.  YOU have to do the heavy lifting!”

“Fair enough.  You gonna search You-tube to ferret out the glitch?”

“Nope.  YOU have to do You-tube, too.”

“Fine.  No problem.  But you realize that, if I do the research, you are then just the silent, cooperative, helpful assistant and I am the main mechanic.  Mechanic #1.”

“No way!  It is MY engine.  We are co-mechanics!”

And……..such is life amongst the blind leading the blind deep off the grid and eventually off the edge of a cliff.  Incompetent, but equally so.

I would admit to ‘not having a clue’ as to what is wrong with the motor but, after all this time, we actually DO HAVE clues (but just because Colonel Mustard was in the library does not mean he used the lead pipe…you know what I mean?).  WE JUST have clues.  NO REAL KNOWLEDGE!

Tomorrow, we haul my boat.  Service it.  Tie it down.  Then I service all the engines we own.  Oil, filters, top-ups, etc.  Then we check it all and make a mental note of what we did.  As long as I do EVERYTHING it is just a mental note and I will remember.  But, if I can’t get it all done, I have to write it down which chore was left undone otherwise I am re-doing more than one thing when we get back.

Never had to do that kind of crap before.  Now I do.

Excess food gets gifted to the needy (read: conveniently nearby) and anything vulnerable to the weather will be stored under something.  WE will check.  WE will prepare.  WE will pack and we will worry….for about a day and then put it out of our minds.  Have to – NOTHING can be done when you are a day (or more) away.

AND short term memory is at a premium nowadays.

Book #4 is being talked about a bit.  Not much.  No story in mind.  No clue of a story, really…  I have all sorts of great stories from ghettos, to bouncing in pubs, from sailing boats to working on Skid Row.  I could do travel stuff.  I could do a tome on mediations.  A really thick one JUST on separation agreements.

Stuff?  I got stuff.  I got stuff up the yin yang.  But a writer has to write what a writer feels like writing and cares about and all of that was then.  This is NOW!  So, we will likely do something with Charlie and Nancy in the now.

I have suggested we try a soft porn romance but Sal has ruled that out.

“Why, sweetie?  It’s just fiction.  It’s classed as fiction, presented as fiction and everyone knows it’s fiction.”

“I don’t care!  People already accidentally call me Nancy!”  

“Hmmmm… one has accidentally called me ‘Charlie’…..?

“Well, obviously!  Duh!”




4 thoughts on “Between acts….

  1. $1000 to blow out the carb”

    I have a large work truck at the shop.
    It “runs” maybe 3 weeks out of the year. We start it up once a month and run it for 10 minutes just to keep things “running”.
    No problems.
    Last month….truck… no go.
    Lots of juice in the battery, but it wouldnt even turn over.
    I’m thinking “starter motor”. Its the original starter from 1992..
    I walk half a block to the garage. Tell them the issues and what I think the problem is.
    The reply, ” You have to give us a $250 deposit for us to even LOOK at it.
    WE will determine what the problem is and give you an estimate on the repairs.
    IF it is the starter we will put the $250 deposit on the bill…probably $850.”


    I had it towed to another shop. They checked.. It was the starter. $450. Done.

    I’m thinking you guys will figure it out. It just might take a bit longer.


  2. As a former Air Force maintenance officer, Wayne has lists for everything. We may not be able to maintain exact scheduling for boat and other maintenance tasks, but at least we know when they “should” be done. Just did leg oil (way out of date) on our barge and tin boat. John help by building us a skid to pull them up on shore in the small bay across the way. That way we didn’t have to use the trailer and pull them out in town. Plus, it was a unique experience. – Margy


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