Been awhile.  Kinda miss ya…. but, well, not much to say, really….not much news.

I am busy….busy as hell, actually, but not really working hard…..chopping wood, entertaining….making crude benches and tables….plumbing….pretty ordinary stuff….the stuff of living OTG to be sure but, on the other hand, OTG is not like it USED to be….nowadays, OTG is pretty cushy.  Let’s be honest: any doofus can do this.  I am living proof.

But, if my presence here is not sufficient to prove it can be done, get this: I bought an air conditioner AND a microwave!

I know, I know…“Dave!  That is not breaking news.  In fact, it might be FAKE NEWS!”

And, you’d be right.  Appliances newly acquired are not news.  Not in the ordinary sense, anyway.  But, but, but….on the heels of that non-news is the accompanying equally as-non-news that I have not run my gensets since May (yes, I start them all the time but that’s because the nature of carburetors is constipation and they need cleaning out or ‘using’ to keep them functional).  I have NOT used the gensets because the sun has kept us going and that includes the air-con, the microwave and all the other mod-cons we spoiled doofuses now employ while trying to pretend we are wild and crazy OTG’ers.  AND we have an electric freezer coming (the old propane gave up the ghost).

Bottom line: Sal’s going soft on me.

Still, there is some news.

We do NOT have a grocery store.  Not yet.  Maybe never.  But that’s OK because we now have an organized ‘tele-shop’ where the store is given a list of maybe 6 different OTG customers requirements.  They fill the list and deliver the ‘shop’ to the water taxi.  The water taxi delivers them to the community dock and we divvy it all up at that time.  Having $100.00 worth of food delivered to the dock costs me say, $115.00 (give or take a dollar).  To go to town and do it myself would cost me out-of-pocket easily $35.00 and the REAL math is that it would cost me $100.00 (gas, ferry, wear and tear, insurance and then add something for 4 hours at least of line-ups).

If I go to town at all, I stock up and the grocery shop would be at least $300-400 dollars (more if you count wine) so we can’t do a direct cost analysis but what I have done says the tele-shop is cheaper and way, way easier on me.  This way, I can ‘shop’ once every two weeks from the comfort of the living room and pay $15.00 twice ($30.00) and save all the aggravation.  Plus some produce and dairy remain fresher.

Bonus: Everything Wine flies in a few cases every once in awhile and the delivery is free.

And the doctor comes to the island once every two weeks.

Costco flies in prescriptions free.

The barge delivers lumber, gasoline and propane (NOT free but cheaper than me going to get it myself).

We now have a ‘home-care- person on the island who ‘lends a hand’ to the elderly and infirm.

Seriously…..this ain’t hard.

……that’s probably why I have no news.  I am living the life of Riley.

14 thoughts on “Unh…..hello…..?

  1. Good to hear from Dave. I check your blog a couple of time a day in expectation of a new post. All your planning and hard work continues to pay benefits. Clean energy has benefits and you are reaping them. Have you considered getting blender?


    • Got blender, rice cooker and all sorts of cushy aids but didnt list them all. Tools are big users! I was remarking with another OTG friend the other day and he has been OTG longer and more basic the whole time…..until the past decade as he added more panels and got better batteries. Solar changed everything. Amazon added to it. And wine delivery is the cherry on top. As soon as they get good cheap batteries, people will quit BCH or grid tie in at a nominal swap rate. You could net neutral pretty quick..


  2. Well, it’s a function of solar panel power (we have 2100 watts) plus batteries (we have 400 amp hours) and of course use. Our usage is getting up there….I will guesstimate 5kw hours a day on average?..maybe 6 or seven on a laundry day. But we are getting (on average) easily 1 kw per hour for more than 5 hours in the summertime. We are maxed out but balanced with our maxing in. The system is jus right. Your’s sounds like old batteries or not enough panels. Most likely it’s the batteries.
    The water taxi departs from CR. They will deliver 200 pounds for $55.00. Our bi-weekly order is around 50 pounds or about $15.00. If no one else orders, I pay the whole $55 – minimum charge. But since delivery #1 we have had enough neighbours to share it. And more are joining in.
    When you think about it, everyone going in separately to get much the same stuff isn’t efficient, green or fun. If I never go to town again I’ll be OK.
    Tell me your electrical system components…..


    • No question. And it’s as much a mindset change for us as it is a societal one. E-com has been around and, of course, everyone got a gee gaw from Alibaba or Amazon but it really started with books and now we not only more comfortable with it, we LOOK for that service firgas
      I still chop, carry, lift, fix, make, make-do and schlep more than an urban guy my age but e-com is helping me do that, too, because I now have more time.


    • The phrase is an old, old one from before WW1. It means living ‘the good life’. My recollection is from the mid-fifties TV sitcom of the same name.
      My own life is pretty bloody good. I live ‘like Riley’. My cauliflower runneth over.


  3. You guys are sounding positively ‘soft’.
    Ha ha…. great that you are enjoying the good life.
    Trev and Judy from traffic grid xxx to xxxz x 6 hrs x omg


  4. O…M…G
    Valhalla has arrived.
    AC and Microwaved popcorn… OTG?
    Say it aint so.
    Mind you.
    If you can live like an Urbanista and still be OTG…..
    You’ve won.


    • Thankyou, Noncon, that’s how I feel about it. I have refrigerration. I drive a good (old) car, watch Netflix and still enjoy a nice glass of wine. We eat like kings, sleep in a comfortable bed and contribute to the nonsense of the internet. Life is good. One can GET OUT and still bring a few comforts with ’em. We did.
      But it is NOT about what goodies you can bring with you, it’s really about all the poison and madness you get to leave behind. This is the good life….positive stuff? YES. Negative stuff? Much, much less. The ‘balance’ is better.
      WAY better!


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