Little victories

Sal was, at first, disappointed.  The physio said she couldn’t graduate to using the cane.  And then Alyson-the-physio kindly adjusted the walker’s wheels to the outside of the frame rather than the inside so as to aid Sal’s use of it.  As a consequence of the new wheel placement, Sal can’t use the walker in the just-too-narrow moho.  I naturally offered to turn the wheels back in. “No.  I think that is a good enough reason to ignore the physio and use the cane.”  And so all last night and today, Sal is using the cane.  Walked 100 feet last night and ironed her new cloth at our friend’s place.  Then walked back.  Chalk one up for Sal. (You might as well fill in the chalkboard for Sal.  She just quietly wins.  It’s her style.  I go down kickin’ and screaming.  That’s my style.  Her’s works better).

Mind you, I am not without my own strong points. I am manipulative in the extreme.  Almost charming, they say, if it wasn’t so creepy and annoying.

I was at the store getting the makings for dinner.  Went to the bakery section.  “It’s my wife’s birthday and I was looking for a small cake but these are all way too huge.  Could you cut that one in half?”  “Sorry, love, they don’t like it if I do anything in their section.  I am in bread.  Especially serving their customers.  Even more especially if I cut their things in half.  They have to do it.”  “OK, fine.  So, where are THEY?”  “Well, dear, they all went home.”  “Hmmm….did I mention that my wife JUST had knee replacement surgery and is currently trapped in a small motorhome being cared for only by me?  On her birthday?”

“How big a piece do you want?”

“Thanks.  I appreciate it.  What’s your name?”  “Donna.”   “OK, then I will tell anyone who asks me that Sharon cut the cake.”  “Unh, we don’t have a Sharon working here.”

“Even better.  Then no one can get blamed.”

News from the moho ward, eh?  Scintillating.  Today?  Probably not so exciting.  We are getting on in years and can’t keep up the pace….



5 thoughts on “Little victories

    • Absolutely NOT! 100% true. Even the ‘Donna’ and the ‘made-up Sharon’ part. Now, to be fair, I will lie at the drop of a hat to any woman to get what I want (it comes with the male gender) but I did not have to this time.

      This is my ‘new day’, having fun with clerks.

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      • OK. Cad fits. As in Canadian? Or as in ‘a vulgar seducer of women’? Or, as a pig-dog? YOU tell me.
        I am a Canadian (altho they may wish to retract my citizenship) and I am kinda pig-doggy-ish…..but I am NOT a vulgar seducer of women. Let us be clear on that. OK, I tried that but……my lying to them got me nowhere. I seduced unsuccessfully until Sal and she ‘fell to my charms’ not by seduction but because she is attracted to guys that are built like fridges, have a sense of humour and refuse to conform. She may even be inclined to writers…..who knows what worked there….?

        I got myself a rebel.


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