The slime is out of the bag….and it is what we thought.

Deutsche Bank used to be a rather small and conservative German bank.  But it has NOT been that way for some time.  Likely since the 80’s.  When Trump had gone bankrupt a number of (6) times and had been linked to organized crime and other swamp-creatures, no reputable bank in the US would loan him money.  His ‘paper’ empire was headed for the drain.

So…he went to Russia.  Ostensibly he went to promote beauty contests and feel up young women who didn’t mind because he was rich.  But, in the background, in a back room, he made a pact with Putin.  The devil made the introductions.

Here is the plan they hatched: Putin has billions but it was somewhat land-locked.  He wanted his money OUT of his own country.  He also controls the VTB (the Russian Trade Bank, formerly the Vneshtorgbank).  Putin would have the VTB guarantee any loans the Deutsche Bank made to Trump thus eliminating any risk to Deutsche.  And the VTB would infuse Deutsche with all the Russian money they needed to do that.  In this way, Deutsche had no risk.  They were just a transfer agent.  With fees.

Trump now had a source of funds (Deutsche) that were all-too-easy to access and Putin and Russia would have ‘money’ in the West, not to mention ‘hooks’ in Trump. By ‘the Donald’ borrowing from Deutsche, Putin owned Trump.

For appearances, and likely for their own personal reasons, Russian oligarchs also bought units and condos and memberships in Trump properties.  It looked, to the outside world, that Trump was successfully marketing his Trump-branded crap to rich folks, some of whom were Russians.

And no one looked dirty.

But the end result is that Trump is doing what Putin wanted him to do.  Bottom line: Potus is a Putin puppet.

“How do you know?”

Well………….if it walks like the Russian Mafia and quacks like the Russian Mafia……it is likely a Putin-duck.  But that is NOT enough to form a conclusion.  So a swarm of investigative reporters have been all over Deutsche Bank and Trump’s relationship with them.  That relationship, it seems, defies normal banking relationships, defies normal banking procedures, defies normal banking risks and defies normal banking requirements.  In one sorry example of that, one part of Deutsche paid off a loan for Trump that was in default .  The bank that was owed the money from Trump’s default was a different department of Deutsche!  They bought up their own debt!

Go try that at the Imperial Bank of Commerce.

Do I KNOW all this to be true?  Hmmmmm……………Vanity Fair is ferreting out Deutsche Bank stuff and can confirm a lot of it.  Rachel Maddow has exposed some of it as well.  It fits with what has transpired and there is a new book out that pretty much paints that same picture.  It is called Dark Towers.  And – just today – Julian Assange has filled in a few more gaps…….

“Will it ‘come out?” 

I do not know.  But an (ex) Fox reporter has stated that Trump is filling the swamp, NOT draining it… maybe the timing is right for the ‘truth will out’ as Shakespeare said.



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