C-19 is not the only disease….

Trump has a 15% Covid-19 response approval rating in Canada according to Ipsos Reid.  85% disapproval.  But that number is skewed by Alberta which has close to a 40% approval of Trump’s buffoonery during the crisis.  Most provinces disapprove more than 85%.  Trump barely gets a 40% approval even in Bubbaville, Tennessee or Cretin, Kentucky.  Turns out we have even dumber Bubbas in Canada. 

The picture attached to the article I read shows a man sitting in crowd with his wife and one of them has a MAGA hat (sitting on a lap).  This is a crowd (presumably listening to a Covid-19 lecture) with no masks, no social distancing and no brain matter.  And they are the smartest ones.  At least they went to the lecture. 

Oh, I know that Trump supporters have a point.  Only one, mind you.  The swamp SHOULD be drained.  The old institutions needed shaking up.  ‘Merica is slipping behind in oh-so-many ways.  The world’s leading nation needed a fresh mind, an irreverent spirit, a revolutionary-of-sorts.  But, sad to say, they got a mean-spirited, incompetent idiot whose only obvious natural skill is massive narcissism, self congratulations over cheating and going bankrupt and criticisms of others with an education.  Guy can’t read or talk properly, either.  And we have had three years of him proving it.  And the swamp keeps getting bigger.

The guy is a HUGE loser!

But you know all that.  My question is: how can a man who intimidated us (NAFTA),  ‘stole’ from us (3M false masks) and discriminated against us on the world stage get any approval whatsoever from any true Canadian?  Trump wanted to keep honestly ordered face masks from Canadians during a pandemic!  How does anyone reconcile that?  Do Albertans subscribe so much to the Bubba doctrine that they admire even those who renege on legal contracts and, in doing so, harm fellow Canadians?  How do they wear the hat of a ‘movement’ that spews hate and bigotry and NOW also includes cheating and discriminating against their closest neighbour and ally?

But, again, you know the answers to those rhetorical questions.  The point of today’s blog is this: Trump will go.  If not in November, then four years later.  I am hoping a Secret Service guy snaps.  But the legacy Trump will leave will be one of a divided nation hated and despised by virtually all other countries in the world.  Trump came, he saw and he divided.  He accomplished nothing of any value and destroyed decades, if not centuries, of American relationships around the world and in North America.

But he didn’t stop there.  He has further fractured our own country like a spy-within.

We have always had an uneasy national family.  Quebec usually acting like the misunderstood black sheep, wanting more, threatening more, controlling more of the economy and the government (most Prime Ministers come from Quebec).  Quebec has been a smidge hard to live with at times.  And Alberta has always been what they call CONSERVATIVE but which is anything but conservative.  They spell conservative, S-T-U-P-I-D.  They relate to Texas more than their own neighbouring provinces and ‘drill baby, drill’ is like their motto.  They are clearly on a different path than BC, the land of tree-huggers, whale-savers and lotus-eaters.  They are the uneducated rednecks and we are the la-la-land hippies.

Of course, everyone loathes Ontario.  We shouldn’t, really.  Ontario is hated mainly because it and the Federal Government are so Ontario-centric.  Neither the feds, the MAIN media nor the Ontario government cares much for Eastern or Western Canada.  They really just like themselves. A lot!

So, it was not a difficult demolition for Trump to undertake.  Canada is a bit of a modern and divided family that rarely dances or plays well together.  But we have hung in there and, when the chips were down, Canadians have previously rallied and pulled together.  But Trump is a test.  A REAL test!  How can we accept our dumb-but-adjacent sister, Alberta, knowing that she is on the side of the person who cheated the family?  How do we continue to tolerate the idiocy of someone who prefers Texas non-culture over BC eco-culture?  How do we live with a province hell-bent on embracing environmental destruction, bigotry and corruption?  How do we look a MAGA hat wearer in the eye?

It will be difficult in future for our country to heal our own internal wounds.  Having said that, MOST Albertans aren’t idiots.  Most Albertans are good people.  Most Albertans are good Canadians.  But, sheesh, they have a high number of numb-nuts.  Jus’ sayin’…..


8 thoughts on “C-19 is not the only disease….

  1. Just as the American coal miners clutched at hope when Trump said “We will bring back coal jobs” many Albertans heard hope when Trump reopened work on a pipeline to the oil refineries on the Gulf of Mexico. I assume that many Albertans think that Trump will prove that Global Warming is a myth which will help to unlock Alberta’s economy. Which is magical thinking and wishful thinking on steroids.


    • I honestly do not think that they are thinking at all – mystically, magically or hopefully. This phenomena is populism…..it’s group-think at best, reactionary bigotry most of the time and ignorance of facts all of the time. I have lost patience with those who cement their heads into the ground. We all take short cuts in our deliberations. We are all swayed by ‘personality’ from friends to weirdos. We are all hopeful for simple answers to complicated problems. But we all do NOT PERSIST in our delusion when three years of proof is hitting us in the face like a fish! Trumpeters have to pull their heads out of their butts and see if they still work. I doubt they will.


  2. It is the meme of the low information types (LITs) to deny, deny & deny. They do the Bart, “No it isn’t!” Don’t have cow, Snowflakes!


  3. Of that, I am guilty. In all my previous mentions of Trump I have tried to be and sound reasonable. Of course, anyone who knows me and can read between the lines knows ‘Dave hates the guy’. But the words, such as they were, were couched somewhat. I tried to hold back. But…why?
    I guess the answer is/was that I did not want to give opponents to my views the old easy-way-out by being able to say that “Dave is over the top, off his nut and suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome”.
    But….well…..I think I am now.
    I am completely primal right now. If I could, I would punch Trump in the face repeatedly. Like, over an entire long weekend. Robert De Niro and I could spell each other off but, if Bob was busy, I would do it till my hands broke.
    Since I am now an officially and outed nut, let me tell you and Kev a theory: Trump is/was a Russian mole. No one has done more harm to the United States than has Trump in the last three years. The guy has brought the US to it’s knees, destroyed the economy, divided the nation, alienated all friends and allies and done so for personal gain and corruption. Trump has waged a war on America and he is winning it. He is a liar, a cheat, a scoundrel and a mental case. His is Russian money. Who woulda thunk that the so-called most powerful nation on earth could be defeated so easily by an orange-haired Ronald McDonald wannabe?
    Putin, maybe?


  4. I have the sense that you are holding back. Could you be more direct you know tell it like it is! Dave I appreciate you wearing the figurative “ ironic mask.” I do not think you are a “low information type” spreading lies. But there is a great deal disinformation out there and I fear the Russian Bots are gaining ground. I heard today a number crazy attacks without an iota of evidence told by Mr Average man in the street types.


    • I agree….you are right. I do not really believe that this was a conspiracy to elect an ass even if that is how it turned out. But, do I believe Trump’s money is Russian? Yes, I do. You only have to follow the money from the Russian bank (VTB) to Deutschebank and then to Trump. The guy cannot DO legitimate business…and he lost staggering sums back in the 80’s….and yet…he has money today, lots of Russians in his clubs and condos and has had illegal dealings with Russian operatives. Conspiracy theory? Or fact? It may be ‘fake news’ but it touches all the hairs on the back of my neck. Right, Kev?


  5. Too many numb-nuts everywhere if you ask me. Not looking forward to the upcoming US election. The hate ads are already going up despite the crisis right now. – Margy


    • Yeah…someone somewhere should try to figure out why so many people seem to embrace ignorance, bigotry and greed to the extent that they revere a crook like Trump. Maybe start with: Why do guys where their hats backward? Why do they wear those stupid hats in the first place? Why do they hate people of colour, fear them, loathe them and discriminate against them. What is the motivation for the Bubba Doctrine?


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