Trudeau has to go

Trudeau stated yesterday that ‘he/they acted on the best information they had at the time’.  That was said in response to a reporter’s question about our national response to C-19 and it sounded almost reasonable in that phony hesitant and smooth-patois of his.  But, after a minute, I went apoplectic.  That was one of the stupidest statements I had ever heard.

Firstly, we have a sophisticated, educated, modern nation with the people generally accepting governance, accepting rules and regulations, accepting laws and institutions, accepting the ‘ruling class’ (with all their perks and rewards) as a trade-off for ‘keeping us safe’ from all those things that are bigger than we are.  We want to be protected by our military in war, our police against criminals and we put our faith in our Health Care system against dangers to the public health.  We have paid through the nose for these systems and we have, for the most part, put all those systems on a societal pedestal.  Doctors, soldiers, first-responders get our respect.

But I just heard our dear leader was making his best decisions as the information unfolded?  Is that where I want to be when an emergency is set upon us?  Waiting while Trudeau and his staff figure it out?  Haven’t they and the other trough-feeders been in a position to figure it all out well IN ADVANCE?  Shouldn’t all our experts getting all that pay and sitting in all those meetings and consuming vast quantities of resources every year have a reasonably appropriate plan ready to implement from day one?

In every human endeavour from planting a garden to waging a war, the ‘playing field’ changes.  It is never 100% predictable.  Adjustments need to be made.  I know that.  But, despite that, we prepare.  We plan.  We stock up.  We might even ‘revise’ the plan from time to time because we are being RESPONSIBLE and we know that the times and threats can and do change.  We ‘model’ scenarios, we make preparations.  We have 80% of our initial response on the shelf and ready to go.

Not this government, not this time.  

This time our ‘leaders’ left us without proper equipment, proper protocols, proper medical kits, proper civilian responses and grossly inadequate supplies.  Our institutions were overwhelmed within the first week.  Our senior’s homes, for sure.  Many hospitals, too.  Our genius leaders contemplated the mess, their mistakes, their own ineptness and, in their wisdom, decided to throw cash at it.  “Give the poor people some money!  That’s a good plan, right?”

That money is just a band-aid.  It is not a plan, it is not a cure, it is NOT showing any kind of leadership!  It is reactionary and facile.  Am I complaining?  Yes.  I wasn’t complaining before I heard Trudeau speak.  Or Tam.  But then it hit me: “We are dealing with this previously anticipated, previously experienced threat of a similar nature (SARS) from the seat of our pants!”

And that is annoying.

One of my readers is incensed over the ‘throw money at it’ program pointing out that the taxpayer will have to absorb yet another hit.  But it is much worse than that.  Even tho the government is throwing money at it and that seems to be somewhat unreasonable and somewhat reasonable given the circumstances today, it is the CIRCUMSTANCES that they have neglected for so long in the past that required this ‘good money- after-bad’ approach.  Trudeau spending billions today is covering up for the elites spending billions previously (and every year) but NOT GETTING THE JOB DONE!

I admit that if I was the prime minister or even a senior politician, I would not know where we are adequately prepared for ‘all events’ and where we were lacking.  I would likely do what Justin did (I hope he did) and I would ask for updated reports from our military, our health department, our food supplies, fuel supplies and such.  I would ask to see the models they have projected and under what kind of circumstances.  And I would take their advice on updates and revisions.  I might even add a bit of an opinion from my newly acquired grand poobah position as the PM.  But one thing you could be sure of: when the health minister gave his/her report, I’d ask, “How are we for a pandemic?  You know, like SARs or Ebola or Trump Derangement Syndrome?  We expect one, right? Do we know what to do and who is doing it?  Do we have all the equipment we’ll need?  Do we have LOTS of all that stuff?  If not, Health Minister, go get it.  That’s your job.  Your job is to keep our people safe.  Get fully equipped to the best of your ability and let me know when you are fully up to speed so that I can see for myself and not just take some paper report as proof. “

Isn’t that the job?

Shouldn’t it be?

Let me put this another way…….we have people out here (and especially on the other island) that, in their spare time and with no budgets, have fully operational ‘island plans’.  The level of organization out here is beyond my expectations.  It’s inadequate, of course, because us/we cannot plan for the BIG ONE but, damn it…they are even trying to plan for that, too.  They have the bases covered.  We have a food sustainability group.  A ‘troubleshooters’ group.  Many volunteers for many different programs.  We even share a multi-island disaster relief plan out here. This is NOT an unconscious community that would have to operate from the seat of THEIR pants.  We have our little world better under-control than does our Federal group of ninnies have our nation.




13 thoughts on “Trudeau has to go

  1. Health care is a provincial responsibility and each day the provincial ministers of health give up-dates on the C 19 virus spread and death totals. Due to austerity measures some provinces cut health care spending. Many provinces found themselves without adequate medical supplies as a result. Canada is a confederation of provinces with uniques areas of responsibility and the provinces are responsible for health. Now we are entering the meme ‘’would have, could have, should have, if only” then things might possibly have had better outcomes. Were you ready to self isolate in January when the WHO was not calling C 19 a pandemic? Other than the People’s Republic of China name one country advising sheltering in place in January. The answer in none. At the time C 19 was gaining a foothold in Wuhan, over three million Canadians were out of Canada. Would you have banded Canadians from travelling anywhere in the world back in January? Canadians made personal decisions to travel then let them take personal responsibility for the choices they made. I choose to fly to Wuhan to celebrate Chinese New Years and as a result of my decision Canada had to fly me home to fourteen days of quarantine. My bad, my fault, my stupidity and please stop trying to take me off the hook by blaming someone in the government for my dumb choices! For the love of God!


    • Damn, 123. I posted a great response (I think) and it disappeared. Basically it said, ‘you missed the point’. I am NOT blaming them for the virus. I am blaming them for NOT having the supplies. They had ONE job!
      You are responsible for being in Wuhan. You may or may not have to pay a price. You have my sympathies. But the government is PAID WELL (and has been for decades) to plan and act in the interests of our safety. That is why they are there. There is NO excuse for not enough ventilators. NO excuse for not enough PPEs and masks. No REAL excuse for not enough scientists to be ‘on it’ from the get-go except that Harper fired scientists. Did the government also dither? Maybe. Some. Not like Trump but more than Germany, for instance. But a little hesitation is to be expected. Canadian leaders are NOT leaders. They are followers. But NO SUPPLIES? Why am I voting for and paying taxes to people who do not know how to even plan at the most basic level? We had masks on our island. We have supplies. We even have oxygen and defibrillators. We could use some IV crap. Our neighbours are working in concert and planning even more. Why have a ‘Tam’ when she says what any high school graduate can say, ‘keep your distance’ and then retract her advice on masks? I do not hate her. Tough job. But we all knew a pandemic was possible if not likely. Hell, Hollywood knew decades ago. WHO and CDC knew. Isn’t it incumbent on those who take the perks and benefits to AT LEAST DO THEIR JOB?
      YOU can take the blame if you want. I choose to take responsibility. To that end, we have taken a lot of steps in a very short time. Way-too-small-scale to be sure. And not applicable for urbanites. But we did not dither. And we had already stocked up.
      Does the government need to save you from yourself? I agree with you. The basic answer is no. But does the govt. have a responsibility in a national crisis? Abso-bloody-lutely. Did they do it? Abso-bloody-lutely NOT. They failed. And Trump is failing on an epic scale.


  2. You seem to have missed a substantial point: austerity! Cuts, gutting services! In BC blame Crusty for the cuts but remember her justification for cuts is BC voters, voted for it. A made in BC decision. Austerity has meant a failure to invest in health care adequately ! The Ford government came and cut healthcare. Ontario voted for austerity and got it. Ford’s government gave the voters what they wanted! Part of the austerity in healthcare lead to the deep privatization of the care of the elderly.
    C 19 virus spreading in Ontario’s care homes for the elderly, with care workers quitting and many old folks in deplorable conditions. Blame austerity. A very minor point is that while Wuhan was incubating C 19, seemingly unknown Italy and Iran had a big C 19 problem not identified until February! Can you imagine the s**t storm if pilgrims had been blocked from going to Italy or Iran? Stop and consider what tightening would looks like, “Could I see your travel documents?” Canadians are surrendering long assumed rights of citizenship and the justification given is government incompetence. Pleeze! Too many people screwed up so the government must be blamed for personal lack of responsibility. OMG! Hint to future voters, you get the government you voted in. Austerity costs lives and if you uncomfortable watch mother gasping for breath remember you get what you pay for and voted for. Yes I am to blame and everybody beating the austerity drum…look in the mirror.


  3. Anyone uncomfortable the inadequacy of any govts. response to a CONFIRMED covid19 infection in themselves or their loved ones needs to get their doctor on board with the prescribing for them of a 5 day course of: HydroxyChloriquine-200mg. oral, Azithromycin-500mg. oral, and Zinc Gluconate-120mg. oral. ALL these above items must be included DAILY in the 5 day treatment, which in total will cost about $20usd. It can, in most cases if caught early enough, be treated at home with no respirators or ICU monitors or bedside professionals. The doctor could be monitoring treatment remotely daily from over your cell phone or internet connection.

    That we are not hearing of the success of this treatment is thanks to the controlled fake news media, censorship of social media like facebook and youtube, and globalist control standards of your/my nations medical systems. Furthermore, our health systems SHOULD be telling us, All Adults, to take daily supplements of: VIT D, mega doses of VIT C, and chelated ZINC (gluconate, 100mg.). That combination would make most of us far less likely to even becoming infected.

    Bill Gates and the WHO is NOT wanting you to get this information because they want you to NEED a vaccination (that they are spending hundreds of billions $s developing right now for release in another year or so…)

    Further info on this highly effective treatment:


    • Should you and Trump prove right, I will send you two large pizzas and a case of beer. Along with my apologies. You get two so that I do not have to send that to Trump. But….I do NOT accept that as a solution. I just do not. Maybe I should. Maybe I am being close minded. But, still, I think it is ‘junk science’. I think it is classic nut-bar complete with conspiracy theories. Totally unproven. Totally silly.

      OK……if I am wrong….THREE pizzas. But all for you.


  4. My President, Trump, has already arranged for (the USA) the purchase of 29 million doses of the HydroxyChloriquine (an anti-malarial drug used worldwide for like the past 50 years or so….) from India, the nation, a major manufacturer of it.
    How many doses of that medicine is Justin Trudeau arranging to purchase for Canada?


    • My guess (no one calls me for my opinion) would be ‘enough’ to run tests. They would HAVE to. The tests, of course, will take forever. When they complete the tests and if they get positive results, it will then go through all sorts of regulatory procedures.
      But, just for the sake of being open-minded, Kev, what if Trump ordered 29M doses from a company he has an interest in and it does NOT prove effective? Do you dump Trump? Or make an excuse?


  5. He’ll fund the purchase out of the emergency spending already authorized, the 6 trillion or whatever that was. That amount would be chump change (or Trump change..?). Either way, or money is going to be like toilet paper.


    • Your currency is and has been toilet paper starting at Bretton Woods and then hit high gear during Nixon. Then you kiboshed Glass Sfegal and the diarrhea started in earnest. The US does not have a clue how much money they have printed. M1, M2 and so on…..just zeros and empty promises…..
      Kev…the greenback IS toilet paper already.


  6. The President is not claiming the credit for this, if it IS a cure… He has simply been trying to prevent the “Fake News Media”, CDC, FDA, WHO and the UN globalists members who are supposedly on the “team” seeking answers to this problem from SUPPRESSING and CENSORING the public having knowledge of it. That he has planned, in case it does work (which, it looks like it does..) by already having a significantly large supply of it (the HCQ) coming to the States from the factory in India, where it is already being made, is NOT some profiteering scam by and for himself (I’m sorry if that is hard for you to imagine…).

    The real medical credit goes to this doctor in NY area: Dr. Zelenko, and the other health care professionals willing to explore and try alternatives such as this.

    The real villains in this situation are the Globalist’s long-avowed Eugenicists who’s plan was to reduce the planet’s population by using this horrific “patented weapon”, and then hold us, all the world, hostage for our wealth and our freedom begging them for their “patented vaccine cure”!
    I hope this all comes out and is exposed and the “good deeds” of the monsters responsible are rewarded for what they are.


    • It is NOT hard for me to imagine that Trump will not try to MAKE a profit. I know he won’t. He can’t make anything. Especially ‘earn’ a profit. But I suspect that he will steal a portion. Extort someone or cheat someone. That’s what he did with everything so far and the latest was masks bought by Canada. Trump doesn’t make, Kevin, Trump steals.
      So, let me get this right. Zalenko has a genius insight and is ignored by all ‘cept Trump and that known astute character judge, Rudy Giuliano. Cuomo and kind watch 10,000 people die because he is a globalist?
      Sorry….doesn’t pass the street cred test.


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