The end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI) may be upon us. And I admit, I am a bit surprised.

It sure as hell doesn’t look apocalyptic nor does it look ‘Hollywood-zombie-disaster-alien-invasion’ kinda thing. It is not the End of Days I envisioned.
It all kinda looks much the same still. In many ways, it will even remain much the same. But I do not think it will be the same. In fact, if you really look, it is already changing.

And it is NOT really C-19 that did it. We did it by decades of mismanaging. Decades of complacency. Decades of same ‘ol, same ol’. We got lazy, corrupt and stupid. We set ourselves up for this fall. Covid was just the catalyst.

Worse, much of what was the same and will sadly continue on in the same way, will also continue to erode us. We will continue our work in the direction of achieving the ‘End Times’, I am sure.


Because we are so completely invested in the institutions, infrastructure, habits, beliefs and motivations we took so long to develop. We believe in what we believe. Or, better put: we believe in what we have been believing for some considerable time. We are as ignorant as were the religious in the Middle Ages and Dark ages. Like those three blind mice, we have no other point of view than the one we are already committed to.

The operating thesis is: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Problem: it is broken but we may be able to patch it up with some duct tape. Might be a chance to re-think some things, tho…..?

That is not easy. Ya gotta shatter some big constructs a lot of rich people are getting rich with. Winners in games don’t like the game to end.

Worse, we have only the same box of tools, the same bag of tricks and we can’t seem to really think outside the box. We will hold the same elections. We will select from the same corrupt parties. We will maintain bad, inefficient systems, invest in petroleum, promote greed and competition over cooperation and we will continue to rape and plunder the planet. And KILL everything. We will divide to conquer, promote inequality, ignore social issues of growing magnitude and focus on the vulgar, primal and ugly. We will enrich the bad guys, exploit the poor and reward the shallow. We are not only creatures, we are creatures of basic and ignorant habit.

We will also continue to wonder why we are not happy.

I do not think this somewhat timely catalyst is a big enough kick in the pants to get us to change. Too bad. It seems big. Ironic, really….we NEED to change but the kick-in-the-catalyst needed to make that happen may be almost too much for us to survive it.

We’d rather suffer another ‘moderate’ global incident so that we can carry on carrying on. Indeed, our current goal is to ‘get back to normal’ even when it is the ‘normal’ that is actually the problem!

Don’t misunderstand me, ‘normal’ didn’t cause C-19. Like I said before, a bat did. Or a pig or a bird…whatever….the disease is NOT the big problem. But it was a catalyst or wake-up call. And it may come to be regarded as the BIG catalyst (if we act on it). But C-19 is NOT the bigger problem. The big problems have been accruing for decades and are mentioned above. Our system is flawed and flawed mortally.

Change or die!

Put simply and as an example: Inequality breeds poverty. Poverty begets poor health. Poor health is a ripe opportunity for viruses and pandemics. Health and economic systems based on inequality leave even more people vulnerable and the corrupt system and the disease feeds on itself til everything is dead.

The old ways just don’t work very well anymore in the global age. They are the problem. We need to re-imagine, re-invent and re-invigorate our systems. We really need to change things up.

You can accept that or not (“Dave, competition and inequality are good for progress! The earth is meant to be plundered. Democracy is the only way to go. Capitalism works! Oil is good. Pray to Mecca! Who cares about the ocean?). But, if we do not change, the next BIG one may be too much to bounce back from. And then….

….we shall see what changes are IMPOSED on us by the next catalyst. That one could be much, much bigger.

2 thoughts on “TEOTWAWKI

  1. It might be the beginning of the world as you know it OTG. At this point most of the world doesn’t have the standard of living enjoyed in Canadian cities. You seem to be envisioning something like an apocalypse film but look no further than any slum anywhere in the world. If widespread poverty is your vision of the end of the world then it is here now. The new path is as near as ending inequality, feeding, the impoverished, and housing them. Renewables, plant based oils, sustainable land use will go a long way towards recalibrating how people live on the Earth.


    • As I have written before, I was/am not a true prepper. I did not have an apocalyptic fear. However, I did think the world was headed for some kind of ‘shake-up’ that could, in some circumstances dance on the edge of chaos and even apocalypse. Like a monetary collapse. But my deep sense was more of a massive change than roaming gangs of zombies. Of course, change can be scary but it also has an element of ‘good change’ as equally as possible. That is where I sat in my confused, ever-fluid attitude of the world. Hopeful, fearful and confused. So, to address that, I threw in Off-the-grid as the point of view I wanted as a now uninvolved bystander.
      I am glad I did. A little distance gives great rewards. Especially if ravens and whales go by now and then.


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