Accidental Residents and the New Stormtroopers

Back in early 2017 Sal and I wrote a somewhat prescient novel regarding Trump(post election but pre-inauguration), HomeLand Security, immigrants, old folks and the US border services. As part of the fiction we employed pertinent background ‘facts’ and one of them was the ‘out-of-control’ police actions being done overtly and covertly against our Accidental Fugitives, Charlie and Nancy Moon. We enjoyed writing it and we tried to make it so that a cheap B, shoot-em up movie might come from it. The book tanked. No one bought it. Bummer.

Still, we had fun. And we even had fun being rejected. “Why would you not carry our book?” “Well, it’s political. It’s fiction. And we don’t want to be part of anyone’s dystopia especially when it is not true.” “Fair enough. Good luck with that.”

In effect, they said we were exaggerating to the point of fantasy and being potentially divisive. Those were American rejections. But sadly, that is now the American reality.

The below article introduction and link was in the Guardian today. By the way, the Guardian allows a reprint so long as they are credited properly…..and there is no profit to be derived therefrom which, as any of my readers know, profit is non-existent on my blog. I should be good.

A remarkable and nightmarish scene playing out in Portland should terrify anyone who cares about the US constitution: unmarked vans full of camouflaged and unidentified federal agents are pulling up next to protesters on street corners, then snatching and arresting them with no explanation.

If this were happening in Venezuela or Iran, the US government would be threatening international sanctions. Since it’s happening in the US, Trump’s acting Department of Homeland Security (DHS) secretary is defending the decision and even promising more.

The stories from witnesses and those who have been picked up by the unmarked vans – apparently being operated by Customs and Border Protection (CBP), which is under DHS’s control – are downright terrifying. One victim told the New York Times: “One of the officers said, ‘It’s OK, it’s OK,’ and just grabbed me and threw me into the van. Another officer pulled my beanie down, so I couldn’t see.”

The article by Trevor Timm continues……

As a friend of mine is so fond of saying, “You can’t make this stuff up!”

Well…….we did, actually. We ‘made that stuff up’ and now it is a reality.

When you write a novel, the inevitable question is ‘what happens to the protagonists AFTER the book is done?’ And so, in my mind, I had kinda naturally conjured up a follow-up story. But it was never written because there was no previous audience to the first book. Previous sales of half-a-dozen does not portend well for a sequel. Little did I know that Trump was working on sequels all on his own.

I am considering, ‘ACCIDENTAL REFUGEES’ – why the citizens of the #1 country in the world all migrated away.

6 thoughts on “Accidental Residents and the New Stormtroopers

  1. Years ago (1982?) I went to the first US Festival in California.
    The festival was held in a National park in San Bernadino county east of Los Angeles over 3 days during Labour Day weekend..
    About 250,000 attended on the busiest day. Hot, dusty, crazy…….
    After getting set up in the camp ground next to the concert facilities we went for a walk to check things out.
    We were amazed at all the police agencies vying for “jurisdiction”.
    The San Bernadino Sheriffs Dept. patrolled in jeeps inside and out,
    The California Highway Patrol patrolled on dirt bikes outside the fences.
    The California State police had golf carts inside the grounds
    The US Parks service patrolled on horseback outside the fence.
    The US national Guard flew over in helicopters day and night at tree top level.
    The private security were twice as numerous as the police and also carried guns.

    My friends stared at all the “authorities” in amazement and said, “This is the land of the free?”,


    • I do not think there is a military force in the world with more ‘friendly fire’ fatalities and casualties than the United States. And clearly, back then at the festival, there were more different ‘forces’, all armed and roaming amongst the crazies in the hot, noon-day sun. And they wonder why they kill each other alla time?
      In WW2 my father said, “When the Germans flew over, the allied soldiers ducked. When the Brits flew over, the Germans ducked. But when the US flew over, everyone ducked!!!
      There is no reason for ‘troops’ or forces to be deployed domestically 99.99% of the time (maybe Katrina but I do not think even then). Those folks have some serious societal problems and Covid-19 is not the worst of them.


      • Well,
        I guess any country even remotely thinking of invading the US should take a long hard look at how many people there are there and realize that statistically speaking, every man , woman and child in the USA has the equivalent for about 5 guns each.


      • Whenever I went to 3rd world or Iron Curtain countries (before the wall came down) I was always amazed to find so many soldiers. In Spain I asked Miguel and Miguel (two beach soldiers) why they patrolled the beaches. “Senor, so many people want to invade Spain. We have to protect her from the hoards.” “Unh, Miguels….Spain is nice. You are nice. The beaches are nice……..but, honestly, no one wants to invade Spain. You can relax. You are NOT a destination except for tourism.” They didn’t believe me.
        And, quite frankly, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to take over the USA. Maybe steal the technology? Maybe….but, really? Who the hell wants BubbaNation, a gargantuan military that eats economies for snacks and all the poor, sick, disaffected people – just for starters?


  2. Spain is turning away illegals crossing from North Africa. If the crossers are minors Span must offer the juveniles the protection of the state.


  3. On second thought Dave, You are correct.
    No one will invade and conquer the USA.
    They’d then have to feed the prisoners………


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