I blog, therefor I am…….

Existential angst…‘to blog or not to blog’…that is the question……

Firstly, I like to write about current affairs/events/circumstances and then add my own self-indulgent philosophical perspective. I think you know that. And, in that sense, Trump was a gift. A gift that kept on giving…not unlike an STD, actually. He still does (spread the disease, I mean).

And, c’mon, face it….Donald Jr., Jared, Eric, Ivanka, Rudy and various higher-profile Deplorables keep bubbling up now and then, if for no other reason than to prompt the collective gag reflex. This is an ugly train-wreck of a group of people but, with better writers, is likely more suited to a Schitt’s Creek kind of sitcom than anything else. Or jail. (I prefer the latter but that won’t happen).

And, in a way, so was Covid equally as short-lived in our collective interest. Here was a pandemic with mysterious origins, political overtones, great potential and ACTUAL harm and disruption and we think it kinda hit a bit too close to home when Sal had her knee op back in February. But, well, we are now bored of it. Admit it. We have Trump fatigue and we have disease fatigue.

Trump and Covid, OTG and nature, projects and fixes, the changing of the seasons, local politics….it seemed at first as if the buffet table was full and the dishes just kept coming.

But not really. Our collective attention span and interest began to wane before Covid and Trump even got warmed up. In fact, Covid and Trump got a smidge boring at around the same time as they both ramped up their intensity and impact on us. Each new ‘breaking news’ story was, of course, outrageous, shocking and fear-inducing (which is good for news-writing) but we also got tired of it….like it was a guest over-staying their welcome too long. Several of my readers wrote to say, “Not another Trump rant!” Or “I’ve had it up to here with Covid!”

Is it just a naturally limited appetite or tolerance for fear, shock and awe? Is it that there is more to life than just more and more sordid ugliness? Is it fatalism and we all just know deep in our bones that ‘this, too, shall pass’ and that, in the meantime, we should just ‘hunker down’ and watch Netflix?

I don’t know. Mentally, this is a weird space methinks. Everything ‘feels off’……whatever that means….

So, in an effort to get back in the mood, I kinda went back to my roots. OTG first. And then I explored the mundane, ordinary and boring to try and find some sparks of interest. Engine repair. Wood-gathering. That kind of thing. You would think that living the winter OTG as a Septuagenarian in the time of a pandemic with an orange lunatic at the political helm would be fodder for ‘entertaining’ blogs….but it has not – not for me. Nor have I found much of anything interesting in my searches. It is as if the world has shut down (or the news feeds have) and everyone is bored of everything (or am I projecting?).

Honestly, the various news feeds I subscribe to are all Covid/Trump all the time now. Well, there is NFL football, the odd obituary and, of course, Kardashian’s butt, but but, but….there is not much else being marketed to the masses these days.

To move my consciousness, I sometimes read the ‘others’. Rex Murphy used to be right-wing sane but seems to occasionally overdo the Kool-Aid now and then…sort of getting kind of Rudy-like these days. Conrad Black has always been a crook and a moral deviant but he usually wrote well. The Conservative ‘opposition’ has always been WRONG but Jason Kenney and Doug Ford are plumbing new depths of wrong these days. But so is Trudeau, the invisible Prime Minister. Disfunction and incompetence is usually a topic when the idiots DO something stupid but, when they DO nothing or drop all the balls, that is pedestrian at best, boring after awhile and of no interest whatsoever six months later.

I want more. But Biden won’t provide it. He’s gonna be busy cleaning house for awhile. Rearranging the furniture. Restoring the ‘facade’ that has been despoiled probably beyond repair. Will anyone ‘see’ the White House in the same way again?

Honestly? I think the White House would make a great ‘set’ for a brothel. Keep Melania and Ivanka and, in the spirit of inclusiveness, Jared and a few pretty-boys. Hope Hicks and Kayleigh, of course. It is kind of the American way, isn’t it? Make a buck off of tragedy and misfortune?

That is kind of silly I suppose but I think a cross between Schitt’s Creek, Trump’s family, some colourful deplorables (Kelly-Anne Conway, Bannon, Cohen, Hannity, Ingraham) and a White House-as-brothel theme would make a great sit-com series. I can see no other use for them.

13 thoughts on “I blog, therefor I am…….

  1. You do have a proven ability to communicate and a body of works that supports this. You have many readers interested in your writings. Yes, please continue your writing and I will continue reading you and the responses of your readers. Beyond having readers of your blogs and books and readers cf the comments of your contributors who add their two cents worth; what are your expectations?


    • I confess to having had a regular readership of 200+ (I humbly refer to them as my ‘half dozen’) for a long time. I hit a 300+ a few times and I think 400 once……(boobs, guns and booze). But I am currently at 100 with no sign of growth. That is a smidge defeating. Slow gain encourages expression but slow loss discourages it. I think that is a normal reaction, don’t you? It may also be a smidge whiny and but I love the comments (even John from Alberta, remember?) but the fewer readers, the fewer comments. So, to answer your question…my expectation is 200 regulars slowly growing to one million rabid fans over the next few years. I am aiming high.


    • Not really. Some people like political blogs, others hate ’em. Most like OTG blogs but that makes sense given the heading/name of the blog. I get good responses on economics but not if I get ‘off the beaten path’. No one wants to hear about the Moneyless Manifesto, for instance. But that makes sense, too. Money/currency/corruption/greed/dreams and aspirations of someday getting rich are too well embedded in our society/world. No revolution there. No one wants preaching on the environment…I get that. Most readers like to hear of the adventures and exploits of our intrepid gal, Sal. And I love adding to her legend. That’s always fun. So, to answer your question….no, I have no idea except maybe I violate the OTG mandate too much…maybe the topics are too eclectic….maybe people are just on to other things…? Hard to tell. Doesn’t matter too much – I have to write. It’s cathartic. It’s therapeutic. But I realize that it is also somewhat dependent on someone reading it. You know…? Like if a tree (falls in the forest) writes a story but no one reads (hears it), did the tree really exist? Or some kind of bad metaphor…ya know?


      • “I have no idea…” You also write, “No one wants… “and go on to list some topics that some readers find to be repellent. You have your answer why some readers stop reading you. Some of your blog topics are for some “hot buttons” and piss off some of your readers and they leave. Is your raison d’être to be an agent provocateur? Step on toes and twist tails?


      • Well….’provocateur’ is too strong a word. And I am not the tail twisting type. But I do ‘come from’ a perspective that believes or thinks that too many issues in society are treated as sacred cows (especially in a PC world) and I do NOT believe in sacred cows in the least. I think we have to look at things squarely and stand up and get counted when standing is required.
        You are generally supportive of institutions. So am I. But you are NOT critical of them. I am. I think I see the yin and the yang of them. But the difference is degrees, not positions. We know each other well enough (50 years) and we know each other is different….and yet there is acceptance. The acceptance is really another word for respect. Clearly, you are different from me but I accept that and want to hear your difference. I may NOT accept your opinion on say, the sanctity of institutions (especially Education), but I know that you KNOW me well enough that I can express my opinion. In that sense, yes. I am a provocateur. But I do not thinks so. Honestly….? I would call it something else….debating? Sharing? Educating? Communicating? Being real?


  2. I noticed that Biden commented to a reporter that he feels Trump should attend the Inauguration.
    He feels that its important to show the world that the change of leadership is a smooth process.
    He personally doesnt care if Trump shows his face or not but he thinks it would be good for the country if he did.

    Hopefully Trump will have a bit more class than the invading British soldiers in 1812 after looting the empty White House( The President and his entourage had fled, his wife saved some priceless American documents, paintings , etc)
    The Brits drank all the booze, ate all the food and then crapped on the dining room table for good measure….as they lit the place on fire.


    • Expecting Trump to show some class is like waiting for him to tell the truth – ain’t gonna happen. I feel as if he has personally defiled the White House on the same level as the 1812 soldiers…at ‘defecating-on-the-dining-room-table’ level. The best use of that ruined place now would be as a ‘set’ for a Schitt’s Creek kinda sitcom based on the Trumps, the Deplorables and a ‘running-a-brothel’ theme. Gotta keep Melania and Ivanka and Kayleigh, of course. Hope Hicks, too. But, in the interests of diversity, Jared and Eric and DJTjr. Lots of rich Republicans would like access to that set – easy sponsor money. Rudy plays the drunk old lawyer, Scott Atlas plays the doctor, the Trumps already know their roles well from living the life, they will do anything for money and Don Sr. gets to play the mafia don/boss. It’s a natural. Opening scene? Mitch McConnel is found dead in Ivanka’s bedroom…..and it all goes downhill from there.


      • hahahaha.
        You’re a script writer dave!
        I’m more of a meat and potato’s kinda guy.
        Trump will pardon a ton of family and friends….resign a few days before the inauguration.
        Pence will become President and pardon Trump….
        Biden will become the new President.
        And once again Trumps disgusting grifter mindset will destroy what was once a unique, generous gift from a retiring President…….”Presidential Pardons”…..that were usually used for releasing innocent prisoners ….or people that were considered harmless.
        The general public will be so outraged at Trump’s abuse of the archaic rules for “Presidential Pardons” …..it will be revoked.
        The sooner that man is replaced ….the better.


  3. I am a reader and sometime commenter and I felt compelled to break up the tete a tete between you and Sid before the two of you used up all the Comment section. (Good for you noncom, to assist)
    Meanwhile, not to change the subject, or as Harvey would say “stay on topic” ( I don’t go there any longer since BMCQ returned) our ‘summer’ continues. No measurable precip since I bought a new snow blower three weeks ago! I’ve been cautioned NOT to return it but I guess its like money in the bank – just sitting there. gaining no interest.
    It’s a strange world out there. We didn’t have 3 rainless DAYS in a row during July and August.
    Makes one wonder what Ma Nature has in store for us next!


    • We, on the other hand, have hardly had three days in a row without rain. Sheesh. But today is another beautiful day and so I am happy. Got some more logs. Cut up some steel for welding. Found some new recipes (sent them to Sal) and we will soon be rebuilding a ramp…..it is all good. Cauli-girl said she’s likely too old (67) but then, sorta inaudibly, she asked, “Where is this old coot, anyway?” I was gonna say ‘the Chilcotins’ but I really do not know.


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