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Living OTG requires some adjustments – to be sure – but, for the most part, the adjusting was about learning and it was all interesting and entertaining.  NOT hardship.  Of course, learning requires curiosity and research as well and, I confess, that You-Tube (YT) has become a significant source of lessons and examples for me. 

I am not so sure that YT is a great source for political info so much because that which is political is partisan/subjective whereas so much in construction, repairs and OTG skill-building is factual, practical and down to earth – objective if you will. OTG stuff is simpler. There is basically just the one right way to fix a sink, not several alt-right ways. 

On the other hand, some YT presenters are clearly better than others.  I have a few favourites.  Politically, I like Beau of the Fifth Column although, to be fair, Beau’s main strength is simply common sense coupled with ethics and morals.  There is no question….Beau has similar politics to me and so, even tho he is a favourite, he could be seen as a ‘subjective’ choice.  I might be a bit biased.

The real genius of the list is Max Egorov.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRc7ZDRcgrQ&t=27s. Or: Laying Extra-Thick Logs Solo https://youtu.be/Cot3y87cvvk via @YouTube. This Russian guy builds a rustic-as-hell log cabin 300 miles outside of outside of St. Petersburg and, from what I can gather, does not even live OTG there full time.  He’s a retired lawyer living back in St Pete’s.  Makes no difference – this guy is the best OTG’er I have seen to date.  His YT channel is titled, ‘Advoko Makes’ and he does make – he really does.  He just made a wire wrapper/clamper/thingy that I and his regular readers all now heavily lust for.  Oh, My God!  I want a wire wrapper/clamper/thingy.  And, do not fool yourself; you will want one, too.

Most of the YT-ers on OTG are either good, eccentric or pretty bad.  Mostly bad.  I have trouble listening to Starry H but it’s her speaking style, not the content.  She and her husband do a good job ‘homesteading’.  They know stuff.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETDrYTxtEUE&list=RDCMUCqTGYxXH21MTYnMoOZGvX6A&start_radio=1&t=0

Jake and Nicole drew me in for a bit but mostly because they were OTG’ing around here somewhere. And Jake always starts (or includes) film shots of Nicole topless.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVJgocEWT3u49_4GtulGHnQ. Nicole is a pretty and curvy young woman and Jake only shows her topless from the back but she often strikes sultry poses (even backwards she can be sultry) or sometimes she acts in a quasi ‘kittenish’ kind of way.   Kinda silly…..but sex still sells even in the forest! 

At first, a pretty girl in the wilderness was a nice-surprise bit of eye-candy but, after awhile (two episodes), it was clearly ‘exploitative’ of her and manipulative of me.  She was 100% pure click-bait.  Still, they are young, healthy and feeling their ‘energy’ and doing good work building an OTG home.  It’s all good.  And, if you disregard the ‘bait’ strategy employed to get your attention, they are fairly plucky and they started from absolute scratch.  Commendable. And they are relatively quick getting things done. They are a good team doing a good job (in my opinion – which is the opinion of an old guy who generally does poor work and as little of it as possible. I am easily impressed).

There are others, of course, some good, most not so good.  But the setting, the lifestyle and the work is not to blame.  The part that makes them not-so-good is production values.  Gawd!  What a spoiled brat comment to make, eh?  Here they are doing OTG films in the wilderness using their I-phone and here I am complaining about their production values!  But that is the truth of it.  Poor or non-existent editing, bad scripts, bad voice-pitch/tone…..hard to follow….damn!  I am soooooo spoiled.  I like my YTs in 5 minute segments that are, in fact, heavily edited three or four-hour ‘shoots’ pared lean and to the point.

The reality, tho, is that more and more of the amateur’s are getting better and better.  Beau is rarely over five minutes and always well-scripted.  Sal likes his voice, too.  Nicole and Jake can go on and on and on…..so can Starry…but even they are getting better.  Max is the best, tho.  Max is some kind of genius. 

I am kinda thinking of doing some YTs, myself.  But Sal won’t go topless so it falls to me to be the eye-candy.  And neither my top half nor my bottom half is any kind of attractive so we thought I’d best present both halves naked.  Nicole will have some competition! 

13 thoughts on “OTG Exposure

  1. Jake and Nicole have many fine qualities which you have highlighted- and correctly in my humble view. They have a discipline and energy which is commendable.
    However, why anyone would turn their spouse into a sex object- or have them function as click bait is beyond me. I wonder about their power dynamic —
    I suppose many OTG You Tubes are there for revenue generating purposes primarily. Though with all the hours required in editing……….the cost benefit ratio seems on the wane for all who have less than 100,000 subscribers- and waning number of views as time goes on.
    You Tube is entertainment—-no checks and balances – as to the truth- reality – of what is being presented. It is theater mostly- for the camera is the greatest trickster as is the narration – often.
    So, I turn to blogs- like yours- there is a line of reasoning- and ongoing storyline- by someone who let CBC into their world and wrote a couple of books — on the record.
    Thus, its both entertaining and informative. And yes, it’s free. Often the best things are free.


    • When it is free, no one feels cheated. When people comment, I feel rewarded. So this system works for me. Jake and Nicole are just young….and a saucy peek now and then is just life….but it does seem like click bait even if it is something else. And their actual story is enough for most of the audience. Thank God my Russian doesn’t employ a model.


  2. Advoko MAKES?
    I believe so. And the clamper thingy looks like it ROCKS!
    You don’t watch any of Shawn James? Rasberry Rock? Wranglerstar? He’s gotta be right up your alleyway! Just kidding. He has fair gotten away from the good stuff. For them all it is interesting to watch as all that YT dosh starts to flow in.$$$$$
    Never change (too much) David!


    • I’d love to change…..and Sal has made more than a few suggestions but, well, I’m a work in progress but the crew have downed tools and walked off the job…..I sit unfinished…..


  3. I also watch Jake and Nicole from time to time…nice story and nice click bait. But I don’t think I would ever use my wife as click bait. But first time I found you (more then 1 year ago), I REALLY like your YT video’s….they are much nicer then any Jake and Nicole video’s and so much more real life. Mind you, if you would make a video of Sal doing a grocery run in a storm (like you described recently), that for sure would give you some extra followers and big fans of Sal! In my opinion, just keep doing what you are doing, although a new video from you and Sal from time to time would be nice….imagine we actually saw when you fired up that old genset and we would all enjoy that big smile on your face :-). And “Masterpieces” are always a work in progress, so there is still hope 🙂


  4. I am, dog woke me up because he’s hungry….we had to put him on a bit of a diet because he is slightly overweight, so now he wakes me up soooo early because he’s hungry! I just watched the russian’s first video when he makes the wire clamper, will definitely make me one of those! And have trouble sleeping lately….too much stress at work and too many things on my mind….like…how do I get the hell out of this rat race !!!


    • Wow! You have to deal with the dog AND the rats!! It’s a jungle over there! Getting out is always a challenge. There are so many umbilical cords, strings, cobwebs and sticky-tapes in our lives from cable subscriptions to our phone numbers, from work to friends and family, from favourite places and activities to social obligations and the expectations of others. It’s difficult to get out. Very. I have no suggestions but maybe this one: pick a ‘best before date’ and stick to it. Say, June 2022….aim for that. Just having a target helps…even if you have to change that target now and again. I really wish you luck on this – C-19 has also confused the issue. Maybe by June of 2022? Maybe June 2023?


      • Well, you have been there and done that…so you know best how difficult it is. I think my mind is already set and the get out gene is still very active and looking for all possible escape routes….my wife is a different story, her mind is not set yet as her cords and webs are way stronger then mine (or at least she feels that way). But maybe one day she will also have enough (like Sal if I remember correctlyà, and then she might also take the leap…but we are NOT getting any younger!


      • I can’t speak to your wife’s position but I can speak to ‘most women’ who live in the larger society…..they are reluctant. She will likely never be ‘keen’ to leave. She will be like dragging a dead hippo up a flight of stairs until you actually get on site and start building. Very, very common. True for Sal, too. But most women, once they get here, make a few friends, feel the benefits of nature and remote living, convert to a born-again pretty quickly. Today, Sal is much more committed to living OTG than even I am…why? She has a new network of friends and women and has come to love the lifestyle. Sal has never been happier.


  5. I have to agree I was sucked into the click bait of Jake and Nicole but I lasted about 5 minutes and left.
    Obvious, nothing new, annoying.
    Like me….
    I’ll have to check out the Russian link.
    Hopefully the Russian internet bots wont suck my computer’s life and soul back to some cryptolab in Mockba…..


  6. I used to make YouTube videos, but haven’t in a long time. They took me a long time to put together for minimal views, even when posted on the blog. Now that I write less frequently my readership is quite low. But still I keep after it. I write more for me than my readers I guess. – Margy


    • Me, too, but, for me the effort is like a car. For the want of a wheel the vehicle can’t move. For the want of some readers, my writing is limited. Almost stalled. I can and will write but maybe I should just do a book…? It is way more fun when people chime in. I love my regulars and I am really pleased to see a new commentator. I suppose its just ego but it feels like affirmation, support, friendship. I like my peeps…..


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