I might’ve got the bug….

….the conspiracy bug!

Well, the truth is I do NOT have the conspiracy bug. Not the normal ones, anyway. I do not generally believe in conspiracies simply because they are always too complicated, too long term and such massive undertakings for anyone to even attempt to pull off, let alone dream up in any kind of detailed plan.

Conspiracy theorists assume cooperation, timing, unlimited budgets, a collective unconsciousness of the rest of us and the mutually shared goal of world domination as planned and executed by a global network of uber-rich, evil geniuses. Not bloody likely.

In the real world where most businesses, half the marriages and many, many people simply fail at their own personal-world levels, where governments fail at an even higher rate and where the trains, planes and buses rarely run on time, how can we assume some perfect evil-doing on a large and earth-shattering scale being secretly and expertly undertaken by secret cabals? And why are all the ‘imagined’ evil-doers rich and close to one another? The Queen and Bill Gates together with Jews and Muslims and bankers are all in on a secret, evil pact…..to have sex with children in pizza parlours…???!!

On the other hand…..

….I had a thought last night that puts me in much the same mindset, I suppose. I mean, how crazy is this theory……….?

It all started from the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, and his Attorney General, Ken Paxton, attempting to file lawsuits against Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Wisconsin for allowing mail-in voting. They allege that the crooked Democrats exploited the C-19 virus to change the voting ‘climate’ (mail-in voting) that allowed Biden to win. Pure madness. Politically crazy, legally insane and personally humiliating and – more to the point – virtually impossible to succeed.

But there is the twist – Texas made the filing (or the attempt) at the last hour just before the elections act enacted the Safe Harbour clause – a rule that puts closure on all electoral matters as of a certain date (yesterday). They can’t possibly win at anything regarding the election as of today. They are ‘frustrated’ by the law.

“So, why did they do it?”

And it is that obvious and inevitable futility that got me to thinking…..

……Rudy Guiliani has trekked across the states fulminating over nonsense in fake (GOP only) hearings only to admit having no evidence when he actually got before a court. Various mouthpieces aligned with Trump have done much the same in their own home states. Trump has filed over 50 lawsuits and has failed at every effort. Pennsylvanian Republicans tried to get the Supreme Court to overturn their election – and that ludicrous appeal was denied. And more and more ‘little’ nutcases from Roger Stone to some state governors have shored up those futile efforts with public statements of their own. Basically, all these idiots are painting scarlet letters on themselves and becoming humiliated, ridiculed and vilified for their actions.

Given that all of these people are power-mad, greedy, selfish, ignorant and spiteful to the point of hatred, why would they risk pushing the system to the brink – the one that has enriched them so far? Why would these fools put their ‘status’ at risk now that it is clear that Trump has lost?

I could only come up with one reason and it is, I admit, totally mad. Colour me conspiracy nuts. This is the craziest thing I have ever said: the reason the GOP Trumpists are doing this is because the GOP is fomenting Civil War. I know it sounds insane and it is but why else would liars, cheaters and pigs risk their access to the public purse by pursuing alienating behaviour that has no chance for success?

Answer: because they may have higher seats in the resulting new Confederate States? Because it MAY have a chance for success amongst the army of Kool-Aid drinking Bubbas and the white Supremacists? And there are, it seems, almost 70 million of them. Bubbas do not need evidence, facts, legal process or proof. They don’t need no stinkin’ badges! They BELIEVE. Those folks are ready to rumble and, with enough provocation, they will. They are already overly well-armed, they are mean-spirited, stupid and they are cult followers of Trump. They are an Oxycontin force of OAN and Fox News lie-eaters already marching around with automatic rifles and trying to stir up trouble wherever they go. They are Kyle Rittenhouse in packs and militias. And they wanna fight.

(Arizona GOP official,”Stop the Steal” right-wing activist, who tweeted he was “willing to give up my life for this fight” and added: “Are you?” )

The GOP and the Trumpists are dividing the nation in every way they can. And they have been doing that for decades. Is it a conspiracy theory to imagine that they would go one step further and start a civil war?

It is just a thought…. a paranoid one, I’ll give you that…but just a thought from someone who knows nothing but is interested in human behaviour and who also has an overly vivid imagination…… and, well, it is probably just more bags of crazy for the crazy-making but ……..I was jus’ sayin’…..

24 thoughts on “I might’ve got the bug….

  1. It appears that the Republican Party want to establish an oligarchy. The term bipartisan is often used to characterize co-operation among Republicans and Democrats. The current relationship among the Republicans and Democrats has become very toxic and dysfunctional. It appears that the Republicans want obstruction so that democracy will not work.


  2. It sure appears that way. Obama was thwarted at every turn – even trying to appoint a Supreme Court justice. But, when Trump appointed less-than-perfect judges, the senate bent all the rules and protocols to make that happen. Total bias. But, the question remains, ‘why?’ Do they want a Civil War? Or some kind of re-Confederation for the Red States? If so, that means dissolution of the US of A. Very strange agenda for rah-rah, flag waving, gun-lovin’, military-oriented, money-grubbing, dumb Bubbas, don’t you think? It may NOT be a bad agenda for Russia, tho…..?
    So, you do not think my conspiracy theory is completely mad?


    • If, what they say is true, the obvious beneficiary of the US coming apart is Russia or China with maybe a few other international actors ‘on side’. But, my guts don’t confirm that – not 100%. My gut feeling is that, somehow, some rotten ‘few’ find chaos and disruption a fallow ground for $$ opportunity and that gets just plain weird. On the other hand, there is no question that Trumpism (as abhorrent a concept as one can imagine) is STILL being promulgated and promoted as ‘viable’ and ‘desirable’. Other presidents come and go with little residual and visible slime trailing after them (even if there was a lot of it). They are soon ‘forgotten’ as the new Dick-in-chief takes over. NOT SO MUCH this time. THIS time, Trump is sticking like fecal matter to the mattress of a sick country. THIS time is a mystery to me.


  3. Plato observed that populist views might lead to tyranny. In a number of countries of the world some formerly democratic nations are currently run by oligarchs. It appears that Trump wanted to become an oligarch but was partly frustrated in this by the institutions of the USA and International condemnations. I do not see the will to unconstrained power as emerging from a conspiracy necessarily but from the character defects inherent in some individuals. For some tyrants the redressing of grievances incites them to seek totalitarian powers. Such as crimes against humanity; ethnic cleansing, or religious cleansing or economic hegemony. In the West the dominant economic system is Capitalism but other highly successful systems are seem as competitors. Many people are discontented and want change in the form of a ‘’strongman leader.’’


  4. Well.
    Even if what you surmise is half correct……
    Dont worry about it.
    The anti mask, anti Vacc crowd are predominantly Republican ……

    So. Darwinian evolution will ride with one of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse and deal the “Death” card…….

    OTG , The place to be ! 🙂


    • The World O Meter is quickly reaching 1,000,000 infections PER DAY and the Hospital ICU are FULL everywhere……
      Time to wear a mask and hunker down.


    • The US death rate more than doubled from 1500 per day Monday to 3500 per day today…..and its going to get worse since all the hospitals are full…..everywhere.


  5. My feeling is it is more likely that they are afraid of Trump and his 74 million sheep! My guess is that in two years the number will be greatly reduced since most of these morons have the attention span of a gnat!


    • They do not know NOW? I mean, it has been all over the news for months – Trump lied (again) about C-19 this time and that time and every time. They MUST know. So……’.ooooh baby’ should be happening NOW….no? And waddabout the ‘governor contingent’ of those in the know…they knew! Guiliani knew. Every doctor in the US knows. So does every nurse and the families of 265000 dead – they know. What more does it require?


      • nah, I’m thinking if its 1,000,000 0r 2,000,000 dead in the US…..
        90 % people that went to his mask-less rallies and cheered and cheered him on…
        Or Guiliani dies.

        Then they may realize …he’s nothing more than a talentless Grifter.


      • I must admit to an ugly thought that I have and that you stated; it is: the dumb Bubbas are the anti-vaxxers who won’t wear masks or even bathe regularly and that means that THEY and theirs are going to get sick more than the rest of us….some will die….and I find that somehow just in a non Christian way. I really do not mind if we lose a bunch…say, 35 million? Oh, what the hell….all 74 million!!!.


  6. The USA is embroiled in a tussle to reverse the social changes in human rights. I will not list these areas of contention but the ground work for these reversal lies in right wing majority on the Supreme Court. These changes now in place according many Trump supporters must turn back the clock to the 1950s. The Republicans are the party of “No!”


  7. Look at Hitler, the biggest lie leaves traces in the minds of people…he convinced an entire nation to justify holocaust. And I consider most Germans to be smarter then the average Bubba


  8. With 17 states contesting Biden’s election you may be prescient in suggesting the USA is seemingly slipping towards disorder as democratic traditions are challenged. I saw a rhetorical question posing this proposition, “Would you die for Republican values?”


    • Yeah. What I thought was kinda ‘out there’ as a conspiracy theory got a real reality boost when the 17 Red states signed on the very next day. All those Republicans know that the effort can only sow discord and hatred. They are doing that on purpose. I have a friend in New York who sighed with relief when Biden won. Today he wrote: “Well, I do have a plan B and I am starting to seriously think about implementing it” (he would move his whole family to Italy).


      • Although Italy is very nice, it is definitely NOT the best country as far as political system is concerned (they have fabulous wine and food though). Corruption is widespread, and the deeper south you live, the more powerfull the mafia is. And you could compare Berlusconi with Trump, they would like each other


  9. Friday the USA Supreme Court unanimously rejected the attempt to overturn the election of Biden nine to zero. For now the Democratic will of the American people has been upheld but…trouble waters lie ahead. The effort to establish a Republican oligarchy doubtless will continue unabated with predicable tragic consequences.


    • There is an inherent fear, rage and hate in much of the USA that seems to be rising like Covid. Social media ain’t helping. And, as NonCon suggested, that might be the long-term answer. Let C-19 take ’em out. May as well, voting doesn’t work for them. It DOES seem like the GOP are the most ugly and, thankfully, the least likely to survive C-19 due to their ‘beliefs’ about science, masks and vaccinations. I suggest they all go pray in large groups in small buildings – dressed in camo and armed to the teeth, of course. Sadly, a lot of pleasant, nice, good people will go the same way, tho. It is certainly a mess. In the meantime, China notches up it’s aggression against Hong Kong and Taiwan. We are simply not out of the woods nor can we see any light. In fact, we kinda seem lost beyond hope.


  10. These times might be exposing some of the fragility of democracy which relies on the consent of the voters to function effectively. In the US it might be that 74 million voters are rejecting the outcome of the Presidential election. The exercise of democratic authority faces severe challenges given the meme of “never enough and not good enough.”


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