A bit of slack, please…..

C’mon! I have not written a blog on politics for a long, long time. Gimme some luv….I understand how unpleasant it is for you, but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do, ya know? Anyway…this political blog is really lame….nothing to it, really…just a question….mostly……(small rant at the end).

Is Trump done? On the face of it, he has to be. I mean, he is facing courtrooms for a decade at the very least, lawsuit judgments against him and his family and company very likely, criminal charges extremely likely and probably at least one conviction for tax fraud (how could they miss on that?). I would prefer he gets nailed to even more crosses (treason would be nice) but that is not the point. The point is that bloated pig is 74 and has easily ten years of ongoing legal and civil persecution in his future. All that adds up to being ‘done’ and virtually buried, does it not?

And yet, my news feed still pumps Trump at me at least once a day. Trump or someone close to him. It is confusing, to say the least……shouldn’t we be ignoring the bastard now?

Trump will go down. Either by way of process, hemorrhaging all his money, gradual erosion of influence, natural death or possibly even homicide (face it, the powerful, corrupt and criminal have less and less use for him).

Personally, I think his only way out is to go give in to his already well entrenched dementia and be labelled officially insane.

I raise that topical question for a reason. Sexism. Yeah, I know…“how the hell do you get to sexism from that?” Well, the answer should not be shocking: rich women rarely go to jail. If they do, it is for a very short time. And beautiful, rich women rarely even get charged. Trump will get charged. With him will fall his lieutenants such as Weisselberg, Cohen, Flynn and Kushner. With some luck, they’ll also get the fan club such as Hannity and Bannon and McCarthy. The men will take the punishment if there is any ladled out.

But Ivanka will walk. Melania will walk. Those two knew of everything. Those two have benefitted from everything. Those two participated in a lot. They will walk away rich. But those two are accessories and abettors. They aided the Donald in everything and participated in a lot of lying and cheating and fraud. But, but, but, they are beautiful women and they will be seen largely as eye-candy, arm dressing, charming accessories. Accoutrements. And, if asked about anything, they will smile demurely and say, “I had no idea.”

We tend to light our hair on fire regarding sexism and all the other isms but that is because the ‘sexism’ complainers are largely women complaining about not being treated as they would like to be treated (justifiably most of the time). But does that mean that those same women would not use feminine wiles or charm to avoid their own responsibility and/or culpability? Of course not. They will lie. They will cheat. They will definitely ‘play dumb’. Worse, they might even believe their own lies! But how can they complain and persecute men for being piggy when they, themselves, dodge their own responsibilities in crimes and indiscretions by USING their own gender traits for their own benefit?

Oh….and one more favour, if you please: I am not inserting caveats and disclaimers all the time in this blog to assure the reader I am not a misogynist. I am not one but I assume that you know that by now. In fact, this is an equal opportunity post – just opposite to the usual application of ‘equal opportunity’.

Do I really care whether only the ugly crooks go to jail and the pretty ones do not? No, not really. And I will likely be satisfied that DJT and a few other corrupt, lying pigs go down hard. But, honestly….does anyone really think that the women were NOT their equal? Of course they were. All women are our equal. Just look at the carnage they can inflict when they get annoyed or insulted. In fact, we are being told lately that they are superior (I am partly to blame for that because Sal actually IS superior)…but most are not. Women can be equally bad, too. Nature did not make one sex inferior to the other* or else reproduction would falter. The vast majority are equal. Same but different. And Ivanka and Melania are, for all intents and purposes, at the very least equal to a Michael Cohen and, in my opinion, they are the worst of the bunch with only DJT, DTjr and Jared worse than them. If only one goes down, it should be Donald. If six go down, Ivanka and Melania should be in that group.

Bottom line: Ivanka and Melania are NOT innocent.

*OK….the Black Widow spider eats her husband after coupling so that might make her worse…..

13 thoughts on “A bit of slack, please…..

    • Martha Stewart.
      Convicted of insider trading.
      Most rich, famous men would receive 10 years minimum to Life.
      She got 2 years, was out in half that.


      • Well, I disagree with ol’ Martha. She was not a trader. She took her broker’s advice. Just about every trader I have even known is a crook of some proportion. If a stock is going down and they have some of it, they sell theirs first. You lose. Not them. Most traders are pumper-dumpers. Like realtors, higher prices mean more commissions. So, they promote. They do not ‘take care of you’. Gazillions have done worse than Martha. Mind you, if they get too big, they get taken down and it is not all that hard ’cause they all cheat like hell. I did not use Karla because she was such a egregious case it was like using Hitler in an argument.


    • To be fair, the best answer was the one in which I said, “If they are let off by the police then they do not ever GET on anyone’s radar”. Which is the point, really. One of the studies showed that 44% of the time, the police were dispatched to deal with a ‘bad’ woman but only 3% of the time were they arrested. The other 56% of the time resulted in 30-something % male arrests. That proves nothing, I know. But even the researchers said it suggested that bias was showing and it was gender based. I guess what I am also saying without at first recognizing it, but I, too, have a beauty bias. If I see a beautiful woman, I immediately assume that she is NOT ALL BAD. That doesn’t apply to men or homely women. I am not a cop but I think I could be ‘played’. Mind you, what is passing for beautiful these days does not appeal much to me. My ‘beauty appreciation meter’ only starts when the woman wears little to no make-up. Those ‘painted’ women do not appeal. How can it? It’s PAINT!


  1. Felicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin are famous recently but, of course, the answer to your question is impossible – if they got off, you would not (or I would not) know of them. My contention mainly stems from my work with ‘street people’, gang members and the like. The police would attend a gathering and arrest a few guys. The girls were always told to ‘just go home’. This was especially blatant with drug mules and female ‘leaders’ in gangs. Made no difference their role in the scene, their eyes would widen and they would play innocent and it always worked (maybe NOT always but I never saw a young woman arrested). I am also commenting on the drama of the Trumps – all the Trump’s men are facing intense scrutiny and yet, I have not read a single word about that focus being laid on Melania or Ivanka and that statement is based on a recent incident where Ivanka lied (eyes wide open of course) under oath. Naturally, there are women who have been arrested and convicted – even some beautiful rich ones – but their crimes had to accumulate to quite an extent to even get noticed. Wealth and beauty is a shield. Is this a 100% true fact? Probably not. Is there a general bias towards seeing pretty women as innocent? I think so. And is there a serious bias in favour of the rich? Abso-bloody-lutely.


      • Fascinating…..I kept looking deeper and found more support in other studies but, of course, those studies also indicated even more profound biases than just gender and appearance – and some of them worked against women. I.e. a British study found that women were often categorized as good or bad based on the gender-stereotype nature of their crime. If they were charged with assault and battery but claimed protecting their children, they got off scott-free. If they were charged with assault and battery on a person for other reasons like anger or theft, they were charged even more harshly than men. The study proposed the Chauvinistic theory to explain it. A woman in a woman’s role is deemed good (even if it was bad), a woman in a man’s role is extra bad.
        But I do not want to be side-tracked by that larger topic. It was not a blog about the imbalance (both ways) of gender bias so much as it was that same bias applying to Ivanka and Melania. The rich and the beautiful. Which, of course, has yet to play out and I may be jumping the gun assuming they walk away clean and unbothered. Still, Ivanka lied under oath and walked away without the lie even being called out (except by the News folks). That was taken by me – perhaps prematurely – as a portent of things to come. I hope I am wrong. For the record, I believe Martha Stewart was unfairly prosecuted and she was prosecuted primarily because she was such a horrible person to work with (they said) rather than the official crime of insider trading. She acted like a bad man (and male stock players often get off with a slap on insider trading) and she did so in a manner that was unlady-like. She was a bad woman. Sexism overshadowed the crime. Chauvinist theory again.


  2. Beautiful Women Murderers.
    The serial killer Karla Homolka and her husband Paul Bernardo kidnapped, assaulted, tortured and killed numerous young teenage girls ( including her sister) before they chopped them up , encased them in concrete and tossed the body parts in lakes all over Ontario.
    Totally without an ounce of compassion for anyone..
    She worked a deal with Crown Prosecutors and turned on hubby to testify
    He’s rotting in jail for the rest of his miserable life.
    She’s out.
    Changed her name.
    Married a prison Guard.
    Had kids.
    Moved to Brazil.


  3. Thanks for that info, Dave. Very interesting and good point, especially if Ms Trump is already being creative under oath. I hope the investigation is very thorough and the evidence overwhelming. I confess to having little faith in the judicial system otherwise.


  4. Good point. I have little faith in it as well. As the old saying goes, ‘The law equally forbids both a rich man and a poor one from sleeping under a bridge.’ I am less inclined to suspect sexist/racist bias than I am to ‘establishment’ or ‘class’ bias by judges. I think that judges are lazy and apathetic – plus they are paid big bucks and time is never the essence for them. Put a fancy lawyer in front of them and they both speak the same language, cut a deal and make a judgment. A poor person with no lawyer or a public defender does not enjoy the benefit of that professional comradery and so a judgment comes down without full consideration. Is it intentional bias? I doubt it. But I have seen it in action.


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