A bit gutsy, eh?

C’mon!……that last blog?…..taking on the ‘status of women’ as a topic? (Although, I did keep it to a very narrow niche of modern politics – the gender bias in our policing and arresting of females. I am brave, not stupid) Still, to say anything ‘different’? In this day and age? About women? Only an old guy with limited years left living on a remote island might do that! I am not sure but I may have just proven myself to be the bravest guy in BC. Ha!

Editor’s note: The thoughts and statements expressed by this writer do not represent the position or opinion of management. SD

That is not to say that the topic should not be raised, it just suggests that one should only do so when they can’t get at ya. Talking sexual/gender equality with women is like dissing Mike Tyson, spittin’ into the wind, trying to take the mask off the old Lone Ranger and still trying to put your hands on Virginia. You not only cannot win, you really shouldn’t say or even consider doing what you are thinking. Women have taken ownership of sex and gender equality, written the rule book on sexual politics and behaviours and they will not tolerate any talk-back at all! Especially from men!! Hell hath no fury like a woman told to ‘think again’.

Editor’s note: Management is gonna kill him! SD

But this is not a blog about taunting a debate (one that I would lose). Nor about women, even. Indirectly, perhaps, but this blog is about men. White, so-called conservative men. A very recent study* of Republican rioters at the Capitol concluded that the majority of the rambunctious imbeciles were employed, somewhat well-off and from all over the United States. They were married, had kids, owned real estate and were mostly between 30 and 50. They were described as ‘mature’. Some military ‘vets’. These goofs included a state legislator, lawyers, accountants and – the study claimed – CEOs of corporations! And they were 99% white.

Ironically and, despite all the stupid camo garb they wore, only 3% of the 420 studied were actual members of the Proud Boys, the Oathkeepers, the 3%’ers and the various crazy and gun-lovin’ militias that proliferate in the USA. In other words, the rioters were mainstream ‘Mericans!

So, what brought such disparate folks together like this? It seems (from the study) the participants had only one discernible common philosophy (besides Trumpism)…..they believed in the Great Replacement theory, a far-right anti-immigrant movement first arising in France and as postulated by the author Renaud Camus. In the US, that theory was promoted by the KKK’s David Lane and, lately, by such media personalities as Fox’s Tucker Carlson. These dorks believe that there is a conspiracy afoot to replace white guys with brown ones. The French blame the Muslims for displacing them (but they do not blame the Jews) and the KKK-types just blame everyone.

So, here we have a larger world basically blaming white privilege for everything bad save and except when it is mostly just white men being really, really bad. Then we have the white men, themselves, thinking they are being systematically replaced with brown people. Worse, the idiots think the replacements are being aided and supported by rich and powerful conspiracists. (Given that most of the rich and powerful are white men, does it not seem odd that they would conspire to replace all white men with brown ones?). Being blamed for everything when you are losing everything is a bad combination of perceptions, it seems.

Anyway, there is little to understand about this unfounded fear of replacement by brown people except that it may be a bizarre and unintended outcome of recent political movements. No good deed goes unpunished. In the last twenty years we have elevated victimhood to a place of pride, we have also over compensated victims for just about everything (George Floyd’s family was awarded $27M for his wrongful death – how is that supposed to do anything?) and, generally speaking, we have bent over backwards apologizing to everyone for everything. All that may be good and necessary for so-called healing (altho nothing seems healed) but it is falling on deaf, white, Bubba ears. And Bubba slowly got ticked off.

The white-guy persecution feeling is not entirely wrong in my view. While I deplore and find repugnant the past policies laid on Indigenous peoples by old white government guys, I did none of that. While I respect and accept women as equal, I, personally, have treated them as such my whole life and any gross piggishness I may have demonstrated was entirely due my own hormones and should not be blamed on any one else. In other words, blaming today’s white males en masse for everything done in the past is totally unfair. That’s stereotyping. That’s racism. That’s gender bias.

Editor’s note: Cry me a river! SD

But this manifestation of racial fear and prejudice is something more than just a minor error. It grew a tumor. It spawned Trumpism. It killed more than just a few people in riots and protests (and police killings). It has divided communities and even families. White privilege may have unconsciously favoured white people but White fear is looking much worse. It is causing division, violence and insurrection.

“Dave! Why go on? It is just people showing human weakness and it will forever be that way in one form or another.”

You are right, of course. But, at this time, in the USA, there are 70 million Trump supporters. And Trump is the mainstream David Duke. Trump is the fearful white guy. Trump really does represent these people (or the ones at the Capitol, anyway). He was a successful and popular racist (and narcissist) – he won’t quit. Add to that: thirty five million of those supporters think the election was rigged. They also see Ilhan Omar and AOC ascending. They watched in horror as Obama presided. They know Kamela Harris will hurt them in some way. They are seeing those brown replacements!!! And, according to the study, 3% of those folks are advocates for violence as a response.

Those are the ingredients for a Civil War.

Yeah, yeah, I know……….doesn’t mean it is going to happen. (I am sure I have the ingredients for a soufflé, too, but it ain’t gonna happen). Ingredients are not enough. You have to have intention and a heat source as well. And that is the question – is there enough intention? Is there enough heat?

*Robert Pape, professor. The Chicago Project on Security and Threats (CPOST), working with court records, has analyzed the demographics and home county characteristics of the 377 Americans (latest count: 420), from 250 counties in 44 states, arrested or charged in the Capitol attack.

17 thoughts on “A bit gutsy, eh?

  1. An interesting topic and if you want a comment in a similar vein …check out the National Post Opinion piece today by an East Indian man who has never been to Canada but watches and read Canadian media since his sons moved here to go to university.
    A nation of apologists for everything that has happened here over the past 200+years.
    Racist? Sorry
    Sexist? Sorry
    Privileged? Sorry
    Hetero? Sorry
    On and on and on our political “leaders” go….flailing themselves on the Cross of Apology until the public stops listening and they realize no more votes can be garnered from the voters.

    And on a totally subject.
    Southwest (American) airlines have seen a 400% increase in violent incidents on airplanes since Jan 2021.
    The latest?
    A female flight attendant had two teeth knocked out by a female passenger AFTER the plane landed because she had repeatedly asked the passenger to “put her tray in the upright position and tilt her set forward….because they were landing…”
    The FAA has 19 files of assault on an airplane that they have to determine the penalty.
    Lifetime ban from flying AND a fine from anywhere between $9000 US to $52,000 US
    People everywhere are losing their minds…

    I think I’ll wait about 6 months after flights start running in Canuckduh before heading anywhere because it aint just American that have a monopoly on Dumb..


    • I know. It couldn’t be me, could it? And, if it is NOT me, then it has to be the topic….three days ago I ‘stretched’ and opined that some sexism FAVOURS females and especially so in the justice/police world. That stretch was accepted.
      In this blog, I simply described/explained/reported on a study of why Bubba is as stupid as he is…he is afraid! I know these topics (regardless of how careful one is) are ‘hot’ button-pushing topics but one of the reasons for that is no one discusses them rationally. Most people just go nuts. But jerking your knee is NOT the way to gain understanding. These topics need discussion.
      OK, OK …..little to no GREAT understanding will be achieved by commenting on Dave’s blog – I know that. I do not have enough readers. Or people do not want to discuss….or….well, it COULD be me…..?
      “Hey! Look! A squirrel!”


      • Well you never know until you try how far you can push the buttons.

        I find it kind of refreshing that a topic like this even sees the light of day.
        In our politically correct times. not many subjects are tolerated anymore.
        Hell the Canadian govt doesnt need to pass a Law for the internet….
        The sheeple have self censored themselves..


  2. For sure the whole situation is derailing. We have the same issues here in Europe, but more with Islamic people. As the population is growing in each country, they get more and more votes and slowly people start getting elected. We have 1 extreme right party in Belgium, that has grown to 25% and is now the biggest party in Belgium. But, other parties have put a “cordon sanitaire” against them, which means that even if they win the election, all other parties refuse to govern with them. Just this fact alone, has pushed them to being the largest party by far. In my opinion, we should let democracy prevail and let them run the country. I am sure thay will only survive 1 legislation, as they have no real political program, there are “just” against non-white folks. But the fact that we “quarantine” them, only fuels the popularity.
    What’s even bothering me more is the “over” political correctness the last years everywhere. Do you know they even want to ban the animation movies of Disney (like Snowwhite, because they say that she is presenting the dwarfs in a wrong way). This is how crazy our society is these days, like you write, full of excuses for every stupid sentence used. Even “historical” cartoons or festivities are scrutinised for “political correctness”.
    And whenever in Belgium a non-white citizen is stopped by police, they immediately start filming with their phones (dozens of them), yelling that police is racist! The balance surely tipped the wrong way


    • Yes.
      I am actually hoping the Olympics in Japan goes ahead.
      The latest uproar that has been virtually ignored by the politically correct media is the Transgendered weightlifter from New Zealand.
      A former man who is bigger, stronger and is crushing women’s weightlifting competitions.
      Numerous female weightlifters have been told to “keep quiet” about their concerns that this “Trans” competitor isnt a fair representation of their sport.
      Kind of like when I hear that I ( as a white man) have had all the “privilege'” because of my gender and color.
      A real surprise to me growing up as a child of a single parent living hand to mouth with my brother and sister.
      As my black friends received govt allowances to go to school…….
      I’ve had a job earning money when I was 12 while I went to school and as soon as I was able … a full time job for the last 43 years…. not a lot of privileges there I can assure you.
      The whole pc agenda will turn inward upon its self and self destruct …..and in 10 years we will look back at the insanity of it all.
      Either way.
      I, like most people with half a brain…… tune all the sniveling apologist politicians,……. the blame (everyone not BIPOC) culture, pc whining….. out.


      • I had no overt privilege as a kid. I had only poverty and ghettos and tough neighbourhoods. BUT that is just the way I see it – from this side of my eyeballs. Others saw a young man driving a sports car to university and they ‘see’ all sorts of advantages as well as being ‘white enough’ to be able to walk anywhere. At 26. I was running a skid row medical clinic. Wooohooo……big image…..low pay, danger, exhausting hours, constant pressure – and who did we ‘work for’? Mostly drug addicts, First Nations and de-institutionalized crazies.
        Perceptions. Misconceptions. Fantasy. I KNOW that I enjoy white privilege to some extent (my skin is a passport of sorts). But it was no walk-in-the-park. Low-class white ain’t a status to aspire to…..it’s the kissing cousin to trailer park trash*
        *trailer park trash is an illustrative expression that roughly describes people on the lower rung of the economic ladder who like tornadoes and does not apply to any one or even the majority of those who live in Manufactured Home Parks. .


    • I agree, Wim, let Democracy play out. If you don’t, stresses and pressures just get buried and then they foment into an underground and ugly movement of sorts (like Trumpism). I have no problem with any people, brown or turquoise, but there does seem to be some kind of barrier for many if not most people. And, if that is the case, then it has to be dealt with straight up. Education might help. Regardless of the eventual solution we all should arrive at as a species, political correctness, apologizing, affirmative action and all that ‘white man’s burden’ should not be a part of it – that seems only to aggravate the situation.


      • True.
        As Wim has mentioned.
        Right Wing xenophobic political parties are on the rise everywhere in the EU.
        Italy is seeing the rise of the Right with a former party that benito Mussolini was a member.
        France with Marine LePen,
        Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Turkey, Belarus forcing a Plane to land.
        On and on the message is turning to “strong men”.
        Unfortunately it’s partially due to the sad sad sad state of democratic politics in general.
        Politically correct milksops trying to appease everyone while pleasing no one….
        So in marches a Donald Trump spewing his own brand of hate wrapped in money/success/winner!
        Because people are sick and tired of hearing what they are now being blamed for .
        Things are going to get worse before they get better.

        And if anyone thinks a world ruled under the boot heel of Communist China is appealing…. just ask a Uighur how they feel.


  3. I KNOW you aren’t saying it but anyone suggesting that democracy necessarily gets replaced by a communist regime is employing the fear-mongers threat. The reality is that there are plenty of government models that are not as democratic as say Canada and not as authoritarian as China. Those two systems are NOT the only choices we have.
    I think we can design a much better system than we have. The problem is not so much any of the systems but rather the people in power that abuse it. So, for me, I would design a system that had way more checks and balances, recall-made-easy, NO parties at all – just local reps, controlled Capitalism, less government, faster justice, more referendums and a foundation of protecting the planet. And I sure-as-hell would create a penny-pincher-General who had teeth and the ability to stop government waste and corruption. I will pay more in taxes if every dollar is well-spent. At this point in my POV, I do not want to give the bastards a dime. They (politicians) do NOT KNOW how to even work, let alone put the money to good use. Is there a good system running well right now? I do not know of one. Maybe…maybe…New Zealand or Switzerland….. but I am just guessing.


      • Well, Big D is a smidge ruthless and not hesitant to kill anyone he doesn’t deem OK. I may not make the cut. So, NO. NOT Duterte. But maybe a psychopath filter could be imposed by way of the new Constitution – altho that might eliminate too many of the applicants….


  4. We tried something in Belgium (and for sure some other countries did the same). We launched a group that was called G1000, a group of 1000 people picked from smart people from across the country, all religions, colors, beliefs,scientists,scholars, bakers,….were present. But they were chosen based on their expertise in a certain field AND political neutrality. We could do something like that, but of course you need to have 1 responsible (or small group of people) taking the end decisions. Like a shadow government, but a-political. So based on smart and non-political. But as always, the initiative died, because it is not easy to keep a group of smart people motivated when they have no actual influence on things. So maybe we simply should ban all political parties and chose people for their knowledge. I also have a bad feeling about current situation….the vulcano will erupt….sooner rather then later, and we will be in the middle of the eruption (well you both a bit further away, maybe in the fall-out zone?


    • I’ve always like the idea of “Rule by Referendum” and with todays internet technology it would be an immediate vote result on important issues.
      That being said.
      If the US or Britain relied on referendums to use a majority vote to decide whether to enter the unpopular Second World War….we’d all be speaking German right now.
      Churchill hated referendum because he felt the average voter couldn’t grasp all the complicated issues at play.
      I tend to agree with that statement and if anything, our vapid, 10 second video attention span society today, has become even stupider.


      • Well, we could propose a bazillion ideas and have none of them go further than the three of us so I will keep my bubbling grey-cell cauldron to myself for the time being. If I talk and there is no one in the forest to hear me, do I exist? For all intents and purposes: NO. I do not.
        Still, those suggestions above came easily and without much thought or reflection. So I am saying we SHOULD be able to improve the system rather than just feel obliged to take either or (Democracy or Communism). A NO party system would be a good start, I think.


  5. If a group-of-wise was picked because of their degrees, it would be a waste of time. Degrees do not confirm wisdom, at best they confer only academic knowledge and that is simply not enough. Wisdom comes from scars, errors, risks and deep experience. How is an old farmer, an older mechanic and the captain of a sea-going ship ever going to get appointed? Other than that, it would be great to be governed by an old wise council.


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