Island Time

When I first came here and couldn’t really do much of anything OTG very well, I kinda compensated for that by working hard and doing as much as I could as fast as I could even if it wasn’t all that good in workmanship or even function.

The theory behind such madness was this: “I am not very good at this so I will at least be quick. And we will at least have something to shelter under….then, probably, it will stand for awhile, later to droop, tip and eventually fall over. By then, I might have learned enough to fix it properly.”

Planned obsolescence? Basic rationalization? Realism? I dunno….But one thing is clear: starting stupid is not a good plan. I did not know what I was doing back then and I am no expert now. And now I am a lot slower.

Turns out the magic is in the pace…….

About four months ago, I was stumbling around my workshop and wondering why everything was so messy and I could hardly move. (Part of the reason is that Sal is a bit of a neat freak and anything she deems unsightly gets put in my workshop). That is nowhere near the entire truth or reason, however. The bulk of my excuse lies in my tendency to work until I am tired and then, when I go to clean up, I am too tired to do it right and things are just piled up on the bench….and then I have to pile some of it on random shelves or open spaces and then….maybe the floor and…then…well, I begin stumbling…..

It is kinda pathetic.

Anyway, one of those stumbles prompted me to declare the need for another building in which to store some of the larger items currently stored in the workshop. Of course, it had to look like it was part of our other buildings, the construction ‘family’, and so board and batten was going to be the style. It would be small (8 x 8) because it was just for storage (hard to fix stupid) and it should not take too much time. That declaration was four months ago. We still ain’t done. But we are so close, it is ‘close enough’ to warrant a blog.

This one is mostly just pictures.

Every day I add another few hooks, a shelf, clean up some tools, lube a few things, organize some more, put stuff away…you know…the usual…..but, at the rate I am putzing and fiddling, I have a good week ahead of me before I am done. Just sharpening saw blades takes forever. Some things surprise me, tho….like I have 3 containers of chainsaw bar oil, I have two and have containers of jack oil (for jacks) and more cans of weird stuff than I ever realized. And oh, man, do I have glues and adhesives!

Sal is somewhat amused by my ‘process’. She tells others that, “Oh, he is just outside, walking around, staring at space and thinking up what to put there. Then he goes to look at what he has. Then he thinks. Then he comes in for tea”.

The nicest thing about Island Time is that their is a huge time and space allowance…I just may be able to get something done…..

9 thoughts on “Island Time

  1. The old workshop looks very tidy to me. The new workshop is very nice in its bucolic setting. I could live there. Maybe you could set it up as a summer B&B? All you need to add is a long drop and an outdoor shower!

    I loved Sal’s comment, Dave. When I’m thinking (gazing off into inner space) about my next project, my family has had to physically move me a few feet so that they can get past me. I’ve been “planning” an ensuite to the house for years now as my children are still living at home. The older I get, the more urgent the problem becomes.


      • Skill up, bear up, muscle up and adopt a monk-like attitude. Then get comfortable hardly ever showering or changing your clothes. Hair becomes one with the forest. You will seem to have a lot of friends that buzz and bite around you and your dog always stands up wind. Then, and only then, can you start your rugged, bear-woman training. First lesson: kill a squirrel or two, make a fire, stick squirrel on stick and cook. Extra points for skipping the cooking part.


  2. Impressive and well done! I think you have gathered some expertise these past 20 years! But keeping things tidy now will be the biggest challenge!


    • Oh, staying tidy is just NOT part of my plan. Unless I stop doing stuff…..then, maybe. I still have lots to do. And everything I do creates a mess. And then, after a reasonable amount of time, Sal cleans up…..whether I am done or not!


  3. Nice!
    Looks great. Never enough room for “stuff” .
    For half a second I saw the picture with the two identical sheds and thought….
    Outhouses! With lots of room!


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