Where in the World is Dave?

I guess it is time to make some changes in our lives. It feels as if we should. Minor changes, to be sure, but some changes nevertheless.

We are well into Fall and winter feels close-on-it’s-heels (we’ve even been setting a morning fire this past week). A feeling of routine is settling in. Normally, after a busy season, that feels comforting. This is usually the time of year when we ‘plan’ our winter. We will be doing Xmas off-island, of course, so that part of the plan is in place – but it is less than a week.

Then we usually go away somewhere sunny and warm for a bit and then we come back and then we do Spring set-up chores, plant gardens, gather logs for later chopping and then there is the summer season…and, well, summer is a whole new-kind-of-busy and so it goes. Every year, mostly; same but different. Even tho it is all an adventure, it is a predictable, seasonally based adventure…..for the most part.

But this year feels a bit different. This year is kind of a deja vu – a watch it all over again kind of year. By Xmas, this past year will be Covid year #2. No travel. No change. Two years of lock-down. Mostly. I mean, admittedly it is kinda hard to tell a lockdown with us. We are living OTG and are semi-isolated anyway. Throw in a restrictive pandemic and we have been ‘out of it’ for some time. We are no longer in any loops. No longer hip! And my sociability index has been waning for some time, too. Diagnosis: long-GOMs. Extended grouchy old man syndrome coupled with a pandemic and a world gone mad.

I love people, ‘specially my chosen peeps, but, well, I can love ’em from a distance, too. Email is also good. I just kinda feel like I gotta get away, right now. Go, go, go. I feel like going somewhere different, somewhere foreign….. I feel like gettin’ out of Dodge. ‘Cept for one very basic thing: I really do not feel like traveling.

It is hard to go somewhere without moving. That little mental conflict presents quite a conundrum, don’t you think? Of course, I know that I cannot go somewhere without moving so which is it? Do I go or do I stay? Why is that even a question? Shouldn’t I know whether to go or stay? Have I lost my ability to make executive decisions?

Or is this just another manifestation of that pervasive ‘state of confusion’ I have been talkin’ about? It is NOT ambivalence. I still have feelings. I just have the opposite ones, too. I still have wants…I just don’t know what they are, currently. I feel the pressure to move but I have not decided where to go. It’s a crazy state of being. What does it all mean? Is it just the aforementioned long-Covid mixed with Long Goms in a-state-of-flux world? Or is it all just in my head and everyone else is focused and ‘going forward’ (as they say ad infinitum)?

Let me summarize this drawn-out angst: The economy does not seem to know whether it is coming or going; the Canadian electorate just erased the purpose of an election by voting to not change a thing (in a world needing huge change); the Covid-virus is still the BIG story and seems to be planning a whole new season of fun and games all ’round the world; a lot of people have stopped working but do not have the money to do so; school is in…then out….then back in…well, who knows where the school-thing is these days? House prices? Food prices? Aging? Tic tock, tick tock?

And millions still support Trump, anti-vaxxing and all sorts of incredibly stupid Bubba crap. How does any of this make any sense? I am open to hearing a logical outcome…..

7 thoughts on “Where in the World is Dave?

  1. I wish I could! Actually, actuarily I have less to be concerned about than you. And you are double blessed as there’s only one of me to two of you.
    I’m afraid logical outcomes escape me, but as I acknowledged, you are two and I but one, so i expect you to put twice the effort forth.,


    • Well, that seems fair. Mind you, I am trying to get a handle on all this madness. But I am failing I really do not get why millions see Trump as anything but pure sh** on a shingle. I do not understand why, in the face of a pandemic, we abandon the system we built to deal with it. I do not understand how people can worry about jobs and purchasing when the planet on which we live is deteriorating. I just do not get it, JA. Two brains are at work here…no answers.


      • I have not given up on YOU but the rest of humanity seem to be sorely wanting. And, now that I think about it, long term speaking, your sperm count is likely suspect…..still, if I had to take only 500 people into an orbiting biosphere, you would be one of them. “Why?” A sense of humour is more important than a high sperm count. And, anyway, I have enough sperm for all our collective needs in a biosphere…orbiting…with only 500 people…..one of which is you. Hmmmm….I am now dedicating at least 100 spots to supermodels….just in case.


    • Share the scotch, too!?? You mean I do not get all the scotch and all the supermodels in my own biosphere??!! Fair enough. I get that. But that means we need more supermodels and a bigger biosphere – one with a huge dedicated scotch holding cistern. And, now that I think about it, maybe a gentle restraining room with quilting supplies for Sal. She may not look too kindly on all the young models….you know….hmmmm….maybe two cisterns…..


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