Lemming Face-plant

I never subscribed to Facebook. From the get-go, it seemed a dysfunctional thing for me to do. It just never appealed. To be fair, the initial description I received when querying was something like, “Oooh, it’s great! I sent all my friends pics of me having breakfast!” ……..and that didn’t seem like a really fascinating pastime to me, either as a sender or a receiver. I never signed up. Call me anti-social.

But my resistance to peer-group pressure was not absolute. In a moment of weakness, I joined Linked In and, in a quickly dawning awareness, immediately dropped out of it within hours. But, once in, it is not easy to get out. I still get L-In crap and I have never participated in it save for rarely contacting a few friends who, like me, never use it either.

I came to this slightly suspicious feeling of joining social gatherings/groups honestly enough. One day in the 60’s, I passed a storefront featuring a pair of tin cans attached to what looked like a lie-detector sitting alongside a few toy frogs and an assortment of books. Some guy named Ron Hubbard, it seemed, was selling science…..something to do with frogs…and tin cans. I went in to find out. Got a Scientologist sales pitch and left. I received Scientology crap for twenty years!

Despite my anathema to joining and cults, social media is here to stay and the fact that Facebook (likely) got hacked today is some kind of harbinger. Something is up. And that something will continue, escalate, erode, corrupt, pollute or otherwise add more rot to the already eroding system. And make no mistake, Facebook is a huge system within a huge system. Lives are engaged in, involved with, dependent on and vulnerable to social media and especially Facebook. Politics, business, communication and even countries are reliant on Facebook for a lot of their activities. Mark Zuckerberg is worth billions and it is all because of exploiting the human need to ‘belong’.

Fact: belonging to Facebook is NOT really belonging to anything (possible exception: Team Lemming). We have a ‘fake’ membership in a ‘fake’ community and there are a bazillion bad people with weird agendas trying to take a pot-shot at you and your ‘friends’. Why would anyone see that as a good idea?

I understand, of course, that it has it’s appeal. It’s kinda like being able to lightly and quickly chat with dozens of ‘friends‘ who ‘like you‘ but well, I have sheds to build, oysters to chase and logs to chop. Facebook is an illusion of community. Key word: illusion.

And my community is smaller now that I am feral and it has even shrunk somewhat more lately. Covid kinda did that. I certainly have fewer and fewer friends nearby who like me (I think Wim is the closest and he’s in Belgium)! I have also kinda rejected ‘chatting’, too, now that I think about it. Chit chat in any form is basically a waste of time to my way of thinking. But remember: my way of thinking is in it’s twilight. I am old. I have less time to waste and now I have fewer people on whom to waste it.

Nature has a way……

OMG, the time I wasted as a high-school teen listening to ditzy girls saying giggly-gibberish just on the remote chance of maybe having sex with them someday makes my head spin! I have wasted way too much time. And I no longer have it to waste.

Long way of sayin’: Facebook ain’t my thing and I am glad I stayed away. I think more and more trouble will ensue from social media and I think Facebook being hacked is just proof that there is something to be immorally gained at the expense of the ‘membership’. Be careful out there, guys. It feels like the Matrix is heatin’ up.

5 thoughts on “Lemming Face-plant

  1. If it wasn’t for FB Marketplace, it would not be worthwhile to belong. But, Marketplace is much better than Craigslist.


    • Thank you for that. I didn’t know. I thought it was essentially silly stuff but a better Craigslist is somewhat worthwhile, altho…not so much for us…..given our remoteness. Every time we want to buy or maybe sell, the schlep for a pig-in-a-poke is too much of a risk for us and the same dilemma for a possible buyer. Living OTG is a limiter when it comes to some of the more material acquisitions processes (shopping, Craigslisting, garage sales, etc.). But good to know. Thanks, GV.


  2. I probably should get out of it since I never use it any more. Figured if I had something to say, I would say it on my own website rather than share someone else’s viewpoint. But, it is useful for updates from small businesses that don’t advertise elsewhere.


  3. Well, just “try” to get out…it is virtually impossible (even if you are dead, your family will spend months trying to remove your profile! And for advertising, I have a nice story! I started using fb to advertise for my small cider making business. I even used some paying advertisements to promote my business. To do that, you need to couple your Visa card to your account. Works fine, untill they hack your Visa card (I lost 1000€ but fortunately could recuperate it through my insurance). BUT….then your problems start, because your fb account is linked to your VISA card (hich has been blocked because of the fraude case). So now I have to link my new VISA card to the fb account…I will spare you the details, but it took me nearly 2 months to do that. Because the only way to log a complaint with fb is by “automatic systems” that just keep sending you silly and unusefull replies (like please link your old card again….can’t do that stupid system, it is blocked!!!). I was in that loop for about 6 weeks. I “screamed”and threatened that I would take them to court and that I wanted to speak with a rela help desk operator, which they finally did after 6 weeks and dozens of messages from my side. My point….stay away from social media if you can, but once they have hooked you, it is nearly impossible to “erase” your presence from social media. And as JD sys, the MAtrix is heating up, and they are doing everything in their power to get the hook even deeper in our throats


    • Sheesh. That automated reply as a service response really sucks and they know it….so, of course, they will eventually upgrade to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and then things will really go wonky. There is really no debate: social media has a role and a worthy one. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have glitches, problems, vulnerabilities and is also inviting to the creative crook to steal and do mayhem. Methinks social media is about to go through some major growing pains.


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