A day in the life…

Yesterday Sal and I finished the interior of the little ‘overflow’ shed we built to accommodate the tools and materials that we don’t use very often. The @real workshop got too crowded and so ‘little shed’ was born.

Little shed is, well, little and only 8’x12′ with all the walls sporting shelves. It is, in effect, a closet. And, as anyone with any sense has guessed, it is already chock full and building another little shed is looming large in my plans. How dopey is that?

Part of the reason for keeping it small was the site chosen – just off the main deck. It could have been twice as large, I suppose, but this shed was undertaken when lumber prices were at historic highs and Sally’s willingness to assist was at an all-time low. Under such gloomy conditions, it seemed best to keep it small. But that was still dopey. Now it is small and full.

Bottom line: if you ever build a shed, build it three times larger than you think. Maybe four. The more stuff you do, the more stuff you have. The more stuff you have, the more room you need in which to store it. That is really quite a simple and straight forward concept that seems to keep eluding me. I will likely pass on without enough space in which to store my dead body.

Which reminds me….weirdly, ghoulishly, a macabre idea has recently slipped into my ‘little grey cells’……probably as a result of needing and building small sheds, I hope. I am thinking of building my own coffin. Calm down. It is not like there is a rush on it. I am still fine, thank you. But, I know that coffins cost a lot of money for basically glitzy crap-on-particle board. I think I can do as good a job as that done by Imperial Casket (the biggy in the wood-box business). OK, I can do it a few times until I get the hang of it (so to speak) and THEN I can do as good a job, I am sure. You know, save everyone having to shop later, kinda thing?

I was thinking about it the other day and wondering about the cost of materials and so I thought to make a smaller one first…..“Hey, Sal! Mind if I measure you up for a coffin?”

Really……I should have brought her along more slowly but, instead, I just blurted it out. I really wish I could describe the look she gave me. Sally’s willingness to assist me with anything plummeted to a deeper low. I may have to do this on my own. It did not help that I added as a retort to that ‘look’, “Hey! I already know how tall you are and I know how much you weigh. I was just thinking custom-fit, ya know?

Given all that, it is much more sensible that I build my own first. There is likely more of a personal need now.

17 thoughts on “A day in the life…

  1. I figured you for a “burial at sea ” type of guy…
    Slide you off the back of the Wasabi wrapped in canvas with some rocks to make sure you dont come back.

    Or better yet a Viking funeral pyre on the Wasabi!
    Toss some rubber tires in with some gas and let er rip.
    The fibreglass should make for an impressive “flame on”!

    You’d make the News one last time!


    • Funny you should say that…that is EXACTLY as I planned. I was gonna do the rocks-and-me-in-a-net bag until I pictured the flaming runabout drifting down the channel. I figure that is the easiest way for Sal. Roll me on to the funicular…funicular to the sea…roll me in to a runabout and set it adrift and alight. You seem to know me so well, DC.


    • …….with even FEWER readers!!! Woohooo! The irony is that even if I bonus up the quantity to 25% MORE words, that will just translate into even fewer readers (a casual study of readership revealed that anything over 750 words was a repellant). But adding ‘Booze’ ‘Boobs’ and/or ‘Guns’ increased readership. Putting Trudeau in the title also guaranteed fewer. Hmmm….I wonder what a title like ‘Puttin’ on the Putin’ would draw? Or waddya think of ‘Sex and Septuagenarians’…. that pique your interest at all? If so, I’ll do some research on the topic.


  2. We’ve already decided to be cremated and our ashes scattered at the float cabin. At least now I don’t have to worry that John will throw the down in the outhouse like he threatened. It was torn down three years ago to keep our water lease. Your project reminds me of the large wooden box used to bring home the coffin of someone named DeMilo from Vietnam war. It became a catch-all at the stable where I kept my horse in the 60’s. It was a bit surreal. – Margy


  3. I’m good with the ” burial at sea”, but why waste a perfectly good boat? As I’m 9% younger than you I might still be around and will build a flimsy wood float and set you out with flames ablazing. Will there be Scotch served?
    And just incase you outlast me I ask the same from you, Scotch is in the secret place.


    • Zat you, DW? Sixty-five years old and more worried about the stash of scotch than much else? Mind you, now that I think about it, only the age is a clue (signature was anonymous)…most of my friends would ‘Bogart’ the scotch, my friend. And THEN hit on Sal. What a motley crew!


  4. That’s what friends are for, to drink your stash of scotch and take care of Sal! There would be a few tears however when you drift of in flames 😉
    I hope we can postpone this still for a few decades


  5. The start of a new business. Think of the rest of the islanders needing the same inexpensive coffin. Although I really like the Viking way. I guess slack tide would be the time for that. We are turning somewhere in the mid seventies I think?


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