Liar, liar, tanks on fire

That Putin lies is an accepted truth (ironic, eh?). And that Western MSM spews false and ‘Merica-slanted news is also now a widely held belief. We get the propaganda, too. Throw in the mad participants of social media (and I suppose this blog qualifies) and the truth is more than elusive, it is impossible to find. And I think most people feel that way.

But maybe we can still believe our liars more than their liars? I mean, almost everything I have ever known firsthand that made it to the MS media was wrong. Virtually everything had a twist, emphasized the wrong thing, had errors and, in some cases, reported bald-faced lies. Journalists have personal biases, deadlines, editors, advertisers and their own mortgages to worry about and getting the real facts out about Skid Row or my Refugee work or my live-aboard days or even my time with delinquent youth was just NOT that important to them. And, in a way, they were right.. no one remembered the article or interview three days later anyway.

But I am inclined to believe our guys a bit more than their guys. Call me a dupe, but I do. I know that they are sloppy, they adhere to tight schedules, small facts are NOT that crucial to the story and all the excuses they may have but I KNOW they do report on topical events that I know happened. I mean, the western media is mostly based on some kind of reality. I mean: January 6th really happened. The Dumb Convoy really happened. Russia, China and many others just make crap up to suit them. And they kill anyone who disputes it. That has to say something for the veracity of our media. No?

Anyway, the upshot of all that is most people just shrug now and say, “Aww, it’s all BS. Them. Us. All lies!” and, because of that, they do not have to give it another thought. It is weirdly counter-intuitive to think that a large part of lying is not so much the actual dissembling of any one event or fact but rather the more subtle effect of making people disengage from seeking the truth.

So much BS spewed from Trump that, at one point, I just shrugged and mumbled ‘same ol’, same ol’ and went about my business. The guy’s lies had the unexpected affect on me of just NOT paying attention anymore. I became enured to Trump. Habituated. And, in that way, accepting. And, in that way too, he just dug a bit deeper into the collective psyche.

More succinctly put: the errors and even the lies are not as vulnerable-making as the ambivalence, boredom and fatigue it all generates. The real evil is apathy and that is what fake news (whether it is extreme like Putin or ‘normal’ like CBC and friends). It’s all like a disease, really. It is hard to stay healthy and engaged when you finally conclude that you know nothing and and can do nothing. Apathy spreads. And, in that way, Putin and Trump win.

I have a lot of Chinese friends. I read some Asian news sources. I hear stuff, see the pictures, read the articles. Sometimes those stories concern me so I contact my friends. “Oh, Dave, do not worry. Mother China is great, doing a really good job. There is nothing of concern here. You are reading ‘westernized’ Asian news. They lie. It’s all good here.”

Which seems harmless enough….until they add: “It really ticks me off how the world hates China and the USA wants to go to war with us. Why would they want that? Why do gweilo hate Asian people? The Hong Kong Democracy movement was because of all US-based infiltrators.”

And so Chinese propaganda managed to make ‘irritation-with-the-west’ out of that student-led demonstration. They blamed the ‘Merican CIA. I dunno….maybe…but, honestly? To my mind that was a home-grown movement and blaming the CIA is a huge stretch. Sadly, the secondary effect is also there: “I never watch western news anymore. All anti-China lies!”

Apathy, disengagement……

And so it goes. So, what have I concluded? Basically the same as everyone else but as soon as I noticed that the secondary effect was affecting me, too, and that I was reading less and believing less, I realized that I was thinking less and falling victim a second time. I have to keep at it. I have to read everything I can. I need to talk and think about it. I want folks who live in other countries to tell me what they think (and what they are TOLD to think). To do otherwise is to set yourself up for the slaughter.

14 thoughts on “Liar, liar, tanks on fire

  1. This feeling of yours is spreading, I started the day with walking Sadie and added a bike ride so she could get a good run. Then had breakfast and coffee. went to the beach and cut another 8 rounds to finish off the woodshed. Then sat for the rest of the day in a state of melencholy, maybe because of the news of the day is starting to get to me. Trump admires Putin as he can/will kill anyone he wants!!!! , and 49% of our neighbour love him!!! (Trump), over 60,000 outsiders have gone to Ukraine to help, I feel I should go but at 67 i’m useless. So many Canadians have gone that they have their own unit! Started reading Feona Hills “There is nothing for you here” and realized as she watched her part of Britain die as the coal, related steel disappeared I was buying my first house in Calgary at 26, falling in love and nothing could go wrong.
    My generation of Canadians has never seen war, never suffered, I feel guilty??
    If the world continues to get desensitized to the antics that Trump has shown to the worlds leaders what you can get away with, I feel we are getting very close to real doom as In world scale. there is nothing I can do but learn to accept and try to be happy. I live in Paradise, it should be so easy. I find myself agreeing with Senator Lindsey that Putin should be assasinated. Does that make me a killer in waiting?, my entire life has been live and let live but times are a changing.


    • Thanks. You helped make my point. We are undermined by lies. Good people are depressed. Sane people are confused. Experienced people feel they know nothing. THIS is what pervasive lying does. It is NOT just Ukraine. It is a sneaky, insidious disease, a virus that spreads even to our very own paradise amongst the good and decent and ‘even those of us protected’. We are not sullied and stained by this particular evil, we are sullied and stained by the international cloud of lies, propaganda and manipulated data. We can’t trust anymore.
      An old guy walking his dog in the forest should NOT feel guilty! An old guy walking his (rescue) dog and being a good man, doing real work (wood getting, etc.) and helping others (like me) should not feel doubt and guilt. THAT is what we should be about……….YOU are doing the ‘right thing’! Maybe you are no longer in the majority……?
      Put more succinctly, mankind has seemingly outgrown it’s britches. We have created a form of evil we can’t seem to understand. We did this with with the assistance of the internet but, to be fair, the ‘net; is like nuclear power. It can aid us or destroy us. Or both. We seem to be in over our heads in all sorts of things. AI, internet, robots, genetics, chemicals… is all bigger than we are, like trying to get a bunch of genies back in the lamp or Pandora back in the box.
      What I am saying is that we created a bunch of tools. That may have been GOOD. But, right now, until we get ourselves together, those tools are destroying us.
      NOT YOU, SD. You are one of the good dog-walkers. Let that be your label. And stick to it (unless someone needs your plumbing expertise).


      • Sadie realized my elevated stress and demanded I retire to the double recliner where she promptly placed her head on my lap, I find it impossible to not pat, rub, pull her fur while feeling much better. Also put my waterboys collection on as diversion. Sorry to display my growing weakness but it helped me.
        Thanks my friend


  2. The path to global anarchy as was predicted by those looking at the implications of worsening anthropgenic climate change is not smooth. Perhaps we need a nuclear winter to wipe out a lot of the population. It would increase the demand for oil and for command and control leadership. Those solar panels won’t work if the sun aint shining.
    I’m being facetious, but it is easy to see how speculation and spin can allow fear to take hold. Honestly, I feel like I’m standing on shifting sand or in the middle of a Jumangi game board. It is not necessary for facts and reality to be proven and broadly accepted because lies create their own reality. Even investigative techniques that have become homilies, like “follow the money”, “do your own research”,


    • “Lies create their own reality” is accurate and a lie about any one thing is not the new reality creator, it is the accumulated burden of way, way too many lies that forms that dark cloud of doubt and a ‘false’ reality of distrust and apathy. That we understand how that works so that we can resist it may be of some help. Sheesh.


  3. I agree, we are getting numb by all the news available, fake or not. It becomes almost impossible to discern truth from lies, even it you read and watch a lot. And more and more people just seem to lie down and roll over and just “beaten numb” accept what is happening. Price of fuel went up yesterday 0.20€ in 1 day!!!! NEVER happened before, we pay now 2.2€/liter for gasoline. And still, there is not that much reaction from the people (even after electricity tripled in price and gas is 5x what we paid a year ago. This is definitely NOT a good reaction from our side, but more and more people just don’t know what to do anymore but just be pessimistic , even close to depression. Fortunately, we have our own “Sadie” (called Bo), who puts his head on my lap (he also feels if I am stressed), and in those moments I feel happy, relaxed and free of all the worries


    • In all the world, I could not be in a better place with a better partner but I must admit that the addition of Gus and Daisy to the family has been a real plus, a real bonus. They are wonderful. They, too, aid in the daily requirements for happiness and joy.


  4. if you want to watch 45 minutes of Russian/Ukraine modern history.

    Check out this interview with Julia Ioffe with PBS Frontline.

    The interview is with the Director of Frontline and Ms Ioffe to determine what the March 15, 2022 Frontline show will cover.
    She is essentially giving them ideas of where they should look for their hour long show..
    Unbelievably informative.

    Her final comments on Putin are chilling.


    • Good interview. Real. I believed her. Smart, informed, open, experienced. And she thinks nukes are NOT unlikely. As you know, I am a pinko Greenie. The stereotype of that suggests ‘peacenik’ but my upbringing, neighbourhoods, life experience is actually quite different. I am not a peace-at-all costs kinda guy. If I were Biden, I would use every tool at my disposal to find the place that Putin hides and then blow him off the planet. Hopefully, I’d blow his cadre to bits as well. Sometimes you just gotta punch people in the face. I think this is one of them. I thought so the minute he invaded Ukraine. Still think it.
      If I was Biden, I would appoint Trump to talk to Putin…you know, like a diplomat? Buddy to buddy? Before he actually departed tho, I’d insert tracking nano-bots or whatever the hell they have and when we know he was close to Putin, I’d launch a few codes. Take the whole bunch out. If they don’t, nukes will fly.


      • I had never heard of this gal before this interview.
        Born in Russia, her parents immigrated to the US when she was 10.
        She’s spent her life immersed in both cultures with friends on both sides.
        She’s a reporter and an author.
        No bs. and very very smart.
        Her observations and predictions of Putin and his thug friends are bang on.

        The only way this will end is with Putin dead by his own people.
        Hopefully without taking hundreds of millions of people with him in a nuclear holocaust


        • I liked her. I’d like to know how deep she went in. She seemed more than just a journalist.
          I think taking Putin out one-on-one would be hard because he is so paranoid. Hard to get close enough for a sure-shot. I think that is more likely than a nuclear holocaust but both scenarios are still on the table.


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