Adrift in place

This blog is supposed to be mostly about OTG’ing and what is currently of interest to me on the odd other topic. I occasionally go off on some hormonal rant but my excuse for that is easily explained: whatever the rant topic is, I am currently interested in it! But today’s topic is a weird one: there is little-to-nothing of major interest for me right now. I am somewhat adrift in place.

Do not misunderstand me. I am not bored. Not in the least. There are topics a’flying and all hold some interest. It is just that none of them warrants much of a blog. They are just ‘life’ issues, for the most part. When that has happened in the past, I went to an omni-blog, a collection of topics lightly dealt with. And, I suppose, that should be today’s type of blog.

But then there is Trump. OMG! How a monstrous buffoon has taken centre stage and kept it! It is like a very bad Broadway play that never ends. It is a political soap opera and the cast of characters are almost too fantastical to be believed. But, like all soap operas, I do get bored and I am totally bored of Trump despite the magnificence of his debauchery and treachery. In fact, I am totally bored of the United States. What a gong show!

Climate Change is looming larger. A LOT larger. We are just shy of the 1.5C threshold for the tipping point. But it feels as if we have already tipped over the edge to me. I think those who are still preaching solution are now in denial. We should be preaching survival… in pockets of human survival in a world that is trying to kill us all. I may be over-reacting. We’ll see.

Democracy has always been a sacred cow for me. My vote counted. Mind you, I was programmed to think that way by those who benefitted by the charade of it all. I still think ‘the people’ should rule the people but there is considerable evidence that the system we have deployed is the wrong one and that a benevolent King or Queen is a better model. Preferably one with a 3 digit IQ. Mind you, the number of benevolent, intelligent monarchs has been historically low. Maybe we are just all like cats – impossible to manage. But one thing is for sure, a corrupt democracy is not better than a corrupt dictator and, at least the corrupt dictators are fewer than a Congress or Parliament of slime-balls.

Our fauna is suffering. Fewer everything. Fewer birds, fewer fish, fewer mammals. Do I count them? Of course not. This is inferred from casual observation. Not scientific at all except that the scientists are saying the same thing. Mind you, the last two days has had us watching big ol’ Humpback whales slowly meandering past our front door but still…..

I left the island for a day last week. I owed a bunch of guys a beer and some chicken wings. So we all went and did ‘old guy stuff (drinking beer, trading insults, lies and fantastical stories). It was fun. But we are pretty old. Average age: 70+. Eight septuagenarians with their wife’s permission drank beer for 90 minutes and then went home for a nap…..I dunno…

The dogs are getting easier to live with. They are sleeping to our hours, starting to swim, slowing their growth, learning how to be ‘good dogs’. But they are still growing some. Gus is humongous. When they both jump on Sal to greet her, she disappears. Literally. It’s pretty funny….all you can see is Sal’s legs flailing, her arms in the air and a lot of dog tongues a’licking all to the shrieking sounds of Sal’s laughter.

On a more sober note, some of my contemporaries are not doing so well….a bit of Parkinson’s here, a bit of heart trouble there, here a limp, there a disease, everywhere a litany of physical ailments. It is NOT good. No one is headed for the farm just yet but there are shades of lingering and demise where there were dreams and energies before. That is not so good. It may even be infectious…..

The boat is coming along. I installed an inverter the other day. That means I can use the batteries to power the tools I need to finish some things off. Of course, the first chore after the inverter is the installation of the solar panels needed to keep the batteries up so that is job ONE for today and the next day until system is installed.

Sal and I have some dock work to do as well. Another anchor line to add, some deck repairs, some additional floats to install, some cleats to install. A wharfinger and his wife’s work is never done.

Ooooh…one more thing: The liquor distribution arm of the provincial government is on strike. Booze is drying up. A friend was in town and asked us for a list. She bought everything she could under the limits imposed. It was still a lot. We have more scotch than Edinburgh right now. I have 5 Laphroaigs!

Just another blog in the chronicle of our life OTG with a bit of eclectic observation thrown in for fun.

10 thoughts on “Adrift in place

  1. If scotch supply is drying up, this must really be the “end of days”!
    And sorry to disappoint you, but I am not so fond of all the peaty scotches…so I’ll bring a bottle of a less peaty scotch (like Bruichladdich).
    But you knwo what they say in Latin : de coloribus et gustibus….


  2. End of Days.
    Now that the dogs are becoming docile…..
    You need home raised CHICKENS!
    And one Rooster….
    Nothing like one too many 4am crowings to have a rooster in the pot and no guilt at being a carnivore.
    Its either that or cannibalism.
    Start with the unpopular neighbors first.


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