Odd couple


Sally went kayaking today.  Every year, she and two neighbours go on a day long paddle around some remote, desolate location and then come back.  They do about 15 miles.  Give or take.  Usually requires eight hours or so.  They might stop once or twice.  Lunch, pee break or two.  Maybe tea.  Then home.

Today is sunny, bright, windy, what one might describe as blustery.  Seas are a bit choppy.  Nice day for a sail.  Kayaking?  Not so much.  But they don’t care.  They just paddle.  And paddle.  And paddle.  And then come home.

“So, how was your day?”



“Paddled, Silly.  That’s what kayaking is.  Paddling!”

“Sssooo…….you left home a paddlin’ and then paddled around until it was time to paddle home?”

“Yeah.  It’s called kayaking.  Kayakers do it.  What’s your point?”

“No point (which is my point, actually).  Glad you’re home.  Glad it was good.”

I don’t have a point to make in conversation.  Not with her.  Not really.  No common ground there.  Not for establishing points, that’s for sure.  She’s from Venus.  I am from Mars. She paddles.  I don’t.

But we don’t have to understand each other to be together.  Obviously!  You’d think it would help but I think  – now that I muse on it – that complete understanding would be dull.  I might know what she is going to do next!  As it is, I have no clue. I still don’t get paddling.  You know……like….just for paddling?

There may be a clue in hiking.  Another activity I don’t get.  Maybe if I understood hiking just for hiking I might understand kayaking……..?  Sal can hike and hike and hike and then come back and call it a great day.

We’re a mystery, we are.

“What’d you do?” she’ll say.

“Not much.  Thought.  Planned.  Wrote.  Read.  Measured a few things.  Ate my sandwich.  Thanks, by the way.  It was good.”

“Wadja plan and think about?”

“The new beach ramp.  Went and measured it again.  Planned it out again.  Walked around.  Looked at the rocks.  Checked materials.  Made a change or two…in my head……you know……jus’ kinda gettin’ the feel of it…?”

“Doncha jus’ get it, drag it up and that’s that?”

“No.  Pretty complicated this is.  Smidge of rocket science involved.  Winches, ropes, concrete, drilling bolt-holes……that kinda thing…..needs some planning, it does.”

“Didn’t John just drag his up and that was it?”

“Well, yeah…………….but……..

“So, want some tea?”

“……yeah………tea would be good.

There is a kind of love and acceptance in that whole conversation.  If it qualifies as conversation at all.  She paddles.  I think.  Then we have tea together.  It’s weird.  But nice.  And it works for us.

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