Students to the left of me, students to the right…..

Two new guests today.  S&W.  They, too, were former students who met when here five years ago and subsequently fell in love and married.  So, they came back.  Second honey-moon-ish sorta thing.   It’s kinda romantic, really.

They are here now with four ‘current’ students and the five years of age and life difference is quite marked.  It is so odd to see your own life pass by watching the same process in others.  Especially those who you don’t see for a few years.  Think Dorian Gray.  Or, rather Dorian Wong in this case.

Everyone is off for a big hike up a small mountain but I am exempt.  One of the few privileges extended to those old and heavy.  I claim the exemption privilege, anyway.  I’ll clean up the house and be ‘good’ instead.

I am not so sure how much longer I can keep up this pleasant, polite, considerate and, of course, charming facade.  I am not really as nice in real life as I try to be when we have guests.  And, after a few days, the charade wears thin.  Drinking scotch and mumbling to myself as I amble around the house in my not-quite-closed-enough housecoat is the first sign of a dark side.  Second sign is when Sal starts locking me in our room.

I don’t think I can confess to much more.  I could be reported.  Suffice to say, people start looking sideways at me and scurrying out of the way.  But, it’s OK.  The bulk of them leave tomorrow.

Two more come the next day.

I hope they bring more scotch.

We have ten guests today.  We’ll eventually get down to six over the next few days.  Then, by the end of month we’ll be guest free til August begins…..the next day.  And then………?

………………I’ll probably be incarcerated (or under observation) by then so August should be easy for me.  Sal on the other hand, will have guests and visits to the detention centre to deal with.

Summer isn’t so easy for Sal.

3 thoughts on “Students to the left of me, students to the right…..

  1. As you become better acquainted with your guests, more individual programming starts to appear and “incidents” start to occur. Sal is wise to segregate you before unspoken regulations are broken.


  2. One of her re-occuring refrains is: “I am not responsible for him. We may be married but I am not responsible for anything he does. Interactions are at your own risk.”
    Comforting and supportive, don’t you think?
    With the possible exception of a too-open housecoat and the tendency to leer after a few scotches, I think I am a great guy.


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