Someone asked…

…about health care out here.  “What do you do?”

The first thing to admit to is that we do what most people do; we go to the doctor and they cut something off or put some drugs in to us like they always do.  Sometimes both.  We blindly accept what health care has become because, well, we didn’t think of the alternatives so much.  Of course, we have taken vitamins, increased our vegetable-intake and we watch our cholesterol and all that crap – just like they say we should.  And we have visited the health food store a few times just to see………

But, honestly?  Because we are basically healthy, we just went along with the normal process and consulted infrequently and very briefly with overpaid, ADD-addled, degree holding, drug pushers in germ-filled offices –  like everyone else. If we were really sick (which was often the case after visiting the first doctor’s office) we would be referred to a second group of specialists a year or so later (whenever convenient for them) or sent to the hospital where we were then exposed to the new strain of germs that can resist everything and some of them can even eat your leg!  I consider this Health Care by Fire.  Kinda survival of the fittest but with billing.  

In other words, we didn’t think about it much and what we thought wasn’t always good.

But, over the years out here, I have noticed a new pattern emerging.  We tend to address our ailments ourselves much more often.  Any cut of six inches or less is handled at home.  Any burns we treat ourselves.  Basic stomach problems are treated with wormwood or suffered through til it passes (all things pass).

We attend the doctor much less often.  And we are sick a great deal less, if at all.  In fact, with the exception of my cataract surgery which went well (thank God!) and which is NOT sickness or illness, per se, we have been relatively illness free for the last ten years.  NOT swimming amongst schools of people and students in cities helps a great deal, of course.  AND spending a great deal more time outside and being physical probably helps as well.  AND not being stressed by the now abnormal demands of modern living, I suspect, also helps. Simply put: we live more healthily.

So, generally speaking we are just plain healthier and less inclined to ask for help even when we might have otherwise.  I guess we are a smidge more independent of yet another system.  We have a foot, anyway, off the health care grid.

Having said all that, we are still on it.  We have Care Cards.  We occasionally see the doctor still.  But here’s the best part: our local doctor is kind of an OTGér herself.  She hates the office, too.  So she has taken it on herself to come out here.  She does an ‘outpost clinic’ every two weeks.  So here we are….out in the back of beyond…..with almost ‘house call’ service.  And, when she gets here, she is in no hurry to get to the next room or rooms full of patients.  Billing is NOT her primary concern.  More amazing…’Doc’ seems to care!

I dunno…… is a different world out here.  Doctors caring about patients more than schedules and billing hours?  Service?  Care?  It’s weird.  But I am adjusting.  I may just need a pill for it, tho.  I have already asked for a referral to a counselor.  I think I am am suffering from a rare form of Health Care dissonance.

2 thoughts on “Someone asked…

  1. I think most of the time people are simply suffering from the stress of media induced anxiety. Fear and anxiety, carefully cultivated to sell stuff or manufacture public consent to do things, bad things. The body deteriorates, then you die, get over it. A good doctor can help ease the process. Mind your own business, ignore the chattering class. Vitamin D. Enjoy.


    • Well, DJ, we are amongst the lucky ones who can ignore much of it, I guess. But I do not take my generally good health for granted. And, to be fair, I have a few complaints that I think most 65 year old resumes would include. I got stuff and worse, I am still doing things that incur self damage. But none of them are show-stopping. And, for that, I am truly grateful.


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