The F word(s): Freezing and Ferries

Winter is here.  And grabbing us hard by the pipes!  I turned on the heat tape wraps (around the exposed pipes) last night and that kept things flowing but the temperature is dropping and, once again, I rue my decision to having put off more insulation under the house when I had the time.  You know how it is….‘Geez, maybe with global warming….?’

Next year for sure!

Actually, the winter winds had sucked all the heat from the house over the week we were away and heating the place up took much longer than usual as a result.  Still not toasty.  18C.  We are warm but dressed in more layers and the stove is still on full tilt!  It isn’t even December yet!  Typically, November is miserable and wet but not overly cold.  Mind you, typically, Illinois does not issue a decades worth of tornado warnings within a few days either.  So, I guess things are changing…………..

Sal’s off to work at the post office today.  Intrepid worker that she is.  That old saw: ‘…..through rain, hail, snow the postman makes his rounds….’ That reputation has for the post office pretty much gone the same way as the Mounties’ reputation but there are still a few members of both forces who work on the good side and Sal is one of them.  The mail must go through!

It is minus ten for her in the boat I would estimate with the wind chill.  The seas are a bit choppy.  She is in a very small boat.  There will be an empty, cold office to greet her.  Then, a bit later, the plane will come in.  She’ll have gotten the wood stove on in the meantime but will remain bundled up till quitting time and then, in the semi-dark, she will fire up the boat and head home.  Her only link with anything being the running lights on the boat and her VHF radio.  By the time she steps back in the house, she will be cold, it will be dark and me and the dogs will want dinner.

(Yes, I will do both dinners….I was only kidding….) 

Intrepid and community-minded (the only reason she does it) thy name is Sally.

I’ll sit here in the meantime and write and eat bon bons.  No sense both of us getting chilled now is there?

Today’s rant/topic:  BC Ferries is going to cut services, raise fares and install slot machines.  Prediction: watch that slot machine monster grow.

How is it that a transportation company that can’t break even but can break their actual working units (ferries, docks, designs), can’t make a profit but can break the bank with management bonuses, can’t run a system that – when they took it over – wasn’t broke but now is, think they can run a casino afloat?

I already know the answer: it is not BCF.  It will be the Casino lobby connection to Christy running a piece of their business on the ferries.  This is a sop to the corporate crooks the Libs hang with.  They may eventually attempt to install slots in libraries, hospitals and Sky-Train, too……..what’s the diff?  Why not install them in the lobbies of government services including the Liquor stores?

‘Do some shots, play some slots and soon we’ll sell you pots of pot’.   

Well, hell.……… why ask such a stupid question?  If there is another way for the government to screw up and screw the public at the same time, they will do it.  Just remember: This government has been in deficit since they took over.  This government does not sit in the legislature anymore (democratic debate, it seems, is not productive for them).

And this government has lost billions of dollars from ‘paying off’ Basi-Virk (chump change) to the Convention Centre (hundreds of millions dollars over), the Port Mann Bridge (even more over), the giving away of the Fast Ferries (a $500M expenditure sold for $19M of scrap value).  And that ego parade that was the Olympics. This is the government of cutbacks for everyone but BIG industry.  Christy Clark couldn’t manage a Kool-Aid stand and she is our premier.

I wonder who is really pulling the strings?

6 thoughts on “The F word(s): Freezing and Ferries

  1. Should be snow soon. Not the best time of year for you snow birds to fly north. You were in Mexico and now and now it’s brass monkey time. Could you have stayed south longer?


    • Yeah. That coming or going thing again, eh? Never know which is which. Answer: no. Could not. It was a round trip all-in, stay-in-a-group-kinda thing. And, when the group left, we were herded along with ’em. Which was fine but no wriggle room. Still, it’s OK. I’ve had enough of Mexico, really. I like it fine. But Ihave been there and done that. All over. Good but not missed. I only seem to have ‘eyes’ for home these days. Gettin’ old home-body-ish on ya, I guess.


  2. Hello glad you are back, missed your thoughts any thoughts on separating from BC… Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands, Coastal and The Cariboo Chilcotin … Have a Good Day!


    • Thanks, RH. Good to be back pontificating, ranting and preaching the gospel as I see it 😉 But as for separating, I am not so sure. From what? Canada or the geopolitical corporate hydra? Methinks it would be best to try kicking and screaming first and I am still working on that. But if words and well-placed boots don’t do the job, then I am quite sure the words we have would not convince people to separate either. They like their brands. They like their comforts. We sure don’t have any real leaders, that is for sure! In other words: our tools are seemingly inadequate to either task – fixing what is broke or moving on. I know it seems harsh and somewhat mad but people with full bellies and TV don’t even follow politics, let alone do anything about it. Our general comfort serves to insulate us from the reality of bad governments. From evil, actually (I am of the opinion that evil walks in the door that is ignorance and unconsciousness. Well, to be more accurate – I agree with Scott Peck on that). Frankly, I am pretty pessimistic about real change. Greed rules.
      The only viable option for integrity now is to simply say the truth out loud. And hope.
      Or was that more than you wanted to hear?


  3. BC Ferries would sell life preservers on a sinking ship.
    As for the weather, the meandering jet stream allows cold air to go further south and warm air to go further north and for longer periods. The jets are weakened by a warming arctic and less temperature differential from the mid latitudes. In other words, get used to it.


    • The irony to that is that, as a passenger on a sinking ship, I would BUY one. It is never convenient to resist the Borg. And, it seems, it is usually futile. Such is the power of power…….
      So…the jet stream is dipping south, is it? Grand. And here I was planning a banana plantation. Me and the mice, our plans going a’gly.


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