Culture shock!!

As you all well know, we’re cool.  We’re hip.  We’re happenin’….. in a backwoods, hill-billy kind-of-way.  Which is to say: not much.  Not much at all, really.

But we are cool with that.

Until yesterday, anyway.  OMYGAWD!  Are we hicks or what?  Pulled into our new digs in West Van and were greeted nicely by my friend who, in passing, said, “Oh, yeah…got you a new, smart TV…nice.  Got it hooked up an all…..gets internet and stuff…neat..stuff….I think….”

Can you work it?”

“Well, Yeah.  Kinda.  No………not really.  Mine isn’t as smart as yours and I kinda know mine and, well, yours is programmed and everything….never mind…let me show you something else..”

So, we unpacked, went out for dinner and then came home.  I tried to turn on the smart TV.  Couldn’t do it.  Too stupid.  But that’s OK……we’re cool with that.  So, today we went shopping for some household junk.  Downtown Vancouver.

“So, are you feeling what I am feeling?”

You mean kinda like a hick?  Kinda like Rip Van Winkle?”

“Zactly!  Vancouver seems so…I dunno….different….so new…shiny…. It is like we have been ‘out of it’ for so long, it feels weird!”

“Miss it?”

“Not yet.  New digs are kinda fun, tho.  But some kid handed me a pamphlet offering senior’s services.  So, I looked around the store and, sure enough, we were easily ten years older than anyone else.  Up in our community we are amongst the younger group of oldsters.  Here, I didn’t see any!  Starting to feel a smidge out of place, ya know?”

“What kind of services?”

“Never you mind!  We don’t need no stinkin’ services.  Not yet, anyway.  Pizza delivery doesn’t count, though, right?”

Sal and I are in the big smoke for a month, give or take and, even tho we no longer need or want much of what the city has to offer (‘cept friends and and a bit of work stuff)  there is no question that it is taking on the stuff of adventure.  I know that sounds crazy but so much that we see seems new to us that it feels well, adventuresome…… kinda.  Like visiting a new city but with the confusion part missing.

We do know the basic city, after all.  But there are new restaurants to try and people to see…..and, well, we are seeing and being seen with new eyes.  It’s different.  Really.

I know, I know….‘we really should get out more…..’

Anyway…….we are here. We’ll have fun.

I think we have to buy a new car, tho.  Sheesh.  A ’96 Pathfinder is a relic at the best of times but in West Van, it is like a cop-magnet.  People avert their eyes.  ‘Cept the cops and our new neighbours. Junkyards crush better cars.  Even the junkies have better cars!  Well, maybe we’ll start by washing it.  No sense puttin’ on airs, eh?

Gonna get me a banjo, tho….fer sure.


2 thoughts on “Culture shock!!

    • No. It won’t. We are already spending a lifetime’s worth of time in traffic and parking lots. But I do like the smart TV. Pretty! Gotta pull myself away from the ‘junk’, tho. And it is all mostly ‘junk’. But hypnotizing after such a long withdrawl. Seriously – it is NO competition for our place. Just different and thus kinda interesting for awhile.


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