The madness continues…………

I am re-learning how to drive in Vancouver: aggressive, fast and leave the car filthy.  An old guy in an old, dented Pathfinder covered in mud and going Hell-bent is, apparently, somewhat intimidating to the clean-car crowd and we are getting about rather well as a result.  Kinda fun.

Our poor ol’ car reminds me of ‘Pigpen’ in the Charlie Brown cartoon.  If we park at the Whole Foods store in Park Royal, the other cars and drivers shun us.  And that is before we get out of the car!

We can easily find our car in a crowded lot because there is a little ‘dull spot’ with dust all around it.

Sal suggested we wash the car sometime but I am sure you understand my reluctance…………?

Still, there may be a municipal bylaw concerning that.  Probably is.  West Van got some doozies.  Seems, for instance, you are not allowed to sell lumber in West Van.  It is a bylaw. ‘No dirty, 2×4’s wanted ’round here!’  And the trades aren’t allowed to work after 5:30 pm nor are they allowed to even ‘be here’ on Sunday.  So, given that we look dirtier and drive worse vehicles than the lowly trades, you can imagine our paranoia if we are caught ‘out’ after 5:30!  And Sunday?  We stay home.

Honest, officer, we are OK.  Just house guests of friends with low standards and high levels of tolerance for the unsightly.  No.  I don’t believe I have to provide you with their names!  I think you are going to have to impound my car and take me to the station and run my prints before we do that.  Gotta protect the innocent, you know?  Want me to go home and shower first?  Oh, sorry.  You meant the car!?”

Oh well……..adventures come in different ways……….and, so far, this is just fun.  We are enjoying it.





4 thoughts on “The madness continues…………

    • No, no smoke, no rattles, a smidge of rust if you look close (I don’t look). Really, it is a good car. Mostly. Only 180K. Does everything we ask of it and more. Reliable. And we usually only use it for about 200 km a month. More lately, of course. And clean? When half your usual commute is on another island’s logging road, staying clean is difficult. But we’ll do it for the neighbours. Sometime. Soon…..probably….


  1. Real people amid the fake middle class pretension that is Vancouver. Your car is obviously paid for and you don’t really fit in if you’re not making payments on a shiny new Kia. Heathens.


    • Got a ride in my friend’s new Dodge crew. Cummins. All ‘tricked out’. A real beauty. Humungous! $100K for a pick-up truck!!?? So high off the ground, I almost fell over when I got out. Clean, tho. No dirt. No rust. TV. Cameras. Robot voices. Backup camera. Leather. Lotsa chrome. I liked it (in a macho, silly kind of way). At 10% of that price, I would get one (so at least I am still 10% silly and macho….maybe just 20% silly?). But there was no peer pressure, either. No real envy. No strong feeling of ‘gotta save up and get me one someday!’ I’ll spring for a carwash instead, I guess.


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